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Warnings indicate when the status of a JIRA issue doesn't reflect related development activity. For example: an issue marked complete that has an open pull request should be marked as still being in progress.

Unreviewed Code

These issues have been marked complete but the commits are not part of a pull request or review.

BlockerTaskWW-1767Struts 2.0.7 omnibus ticketTed HustedClosed10 commits
CriticalBugWW-1711select tag: current option is not selected if actual value to check is no String (aka: nameValue resolves to type other than String)Rainer HermannsClosed10 commits
CriticalBugWW-1733Evaluating EL statements not working consistentlyTom SchneiderClosed2 commits
MajorBugWW-1526Error with handling static resources under WebSphere 6Ted HustedClosed2 commits
MajorNew FeatureWW-1678Port cookie interceptor from WW 2.2.5Ted HustedClosed2 commits
MajorBugWW-1710Ajaxed form tag throws js exceptionmusachyClosed1 commit
MajorBugWW-1747select tag doesn't work with "multiple" if list keys are not stringsRene GielenClosed8 commits
MajorImprovementWW-1768Make <s:set> tag evaluate the bodyRene GielenClosed2 commits
MajorTaskWW-1781Default DevMode to false in example applications Ted HustedClosed3 commits
MajorBugWW-1786using session-token interceptor generates FreeMarker template errorTom SchneiderClosed2 commits
MajorBugWW-1803ScopeIntercaptor null references on session serializationUnassignedClosed2 commits
MajorBugWW-1814Default TypeConverters always created with default ObjectFactoryTed HustedClosed2 commits
MajorBugWW-1823rename getAutocompleterModel to getAutocompleter in StrutsModelsmusachyClosed2 commits
MinorBugWW-1589Linked autocompleter reset on page reloadmusachyClosed2 commits
MinorBugWW-1619URL component and URLHelper class do not handle multiple request parameters with the same name correctly when includeParams="get"Ted HustedClosed2 commits
MinorImprovementWW-1659Update autocompleter to accept JSON generated using the JSON pluginmusachyClosed2 commits
MinorImprovementWW-1707Apply consistent naming for the interceptors in struts-default.xmlRene GielenClosed9 commits
MinorBugWW-1750HTML <script> tags in templates use deprecated language attribute; break W3C validationRene GielenClosed3 commits
MinorBugWW-1754The current struts-default.xml prevents TypeConverter wiringUnassignedClosed2 commits
MinorBugWW-1756radiomap.ftl does not test name parameter (optional) for null value before referencing it Rene GielenClosed2 commits
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