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Dmitry Volodin <> committed 2a0a9e6656bac7a82e6594a5a12f889834d6f2b6 (36 files)
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CAMEL-11333: Create a new camel-thrift RPC component

camel-git master
Dmitry Volodin <> committed 362a8943f9a12ab4cf5b99dfebf4ac51a777f58f (38 files)
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CAMEL-11332: Create a new camel-thrift data format

camel-git master
Steve Varnau <> committed e49325c83008bf39f3cbd10ab6b2029835489f1d (12 files)
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[TRAFODION-1522] Consolidate HBase build dependencies
Centralized a few variables in for version number of dependencies
(Hive, Thrift, HBase). These are items pulled in as shared libraries and also
as jars (via maven). We want to make sure these are consistent.

Each flavor of hbase-trx depends on distro-specific HBase for compatibility.
Other components (SQL, TM, hbase_utilities) have general dependency, so
we choose one hbase and hbase-trx to build against. We specify this in single
location ( for consistency.

Also removed two pom.xml files no longer used.

Minor changes to setupdir target to clarify what is happening.

Tested both methods of building: with and without install_local_hadoop prior
to build.

Roberta Marton <> committed 476b2189152502967eee686fdc1dd57cdd5fe2d6 (2 files)
Reviews: none

Trafodion-1560 -- Improve script that sets up tools needed for Trafodion build
Fixed to be more robust.

All stdout and stderr messages are logged and the requester only sees the
progress of the operation. If a tool fails to install, the script terminates
and details of the failure can be found in the log. Once the problem is fixed,
the script can be re-run. Upon rerun, tools already installed are skipped.
Failures may occur after the tools is partially installed, for example, failure
occurred during the make step after the tar file was downloaded. Upon rerun,
the tool will pickup where it left off and continue. In this case, the file
will not be downloaded again because it already exists.

Here is an example of the output: some tools have already been installed, some
have not been installed, and some are in various states of installation:

INFO: Starting tools build on Fri Oct 23 20:51:53 UTC 2015
INFO: Tar download location: /home/centos
INFO: Tool install directory location: /home/centos/tools
INFO: LogFile location: /home/centos/traf_tools_setup.log

INFO: Installing MPI on Fri Oct 23 20:51:53 UTC 2015
INFO: downloaded tar file: mpich-3.0.4.tar.gz
INFO: configure complete
INFO: make completed
INFO: make install complete, files placed in /home/centos/tools
INFO: MPI installation complete

INFO: Installing Bison on Fri Oct 23 20:53:46 UTC 2015
INFO: downloaded tar file: bison-3.0.tar.gz
INFO: configure complete
INFO: make completed
INFO: make install complete, files placed in /home/centos/tools
INFO: Bison installation complete

INFO: Installing UDIS on Fri Oct 23 20:54:32 UTC 2015
INFO: UDIS is already installed, skipping to next tool
INFO: UDIS installation complete

INFO: Installing LLVM on Fri Oct 23 20:54:32 UTC 2015
INFO: LLVM is already installed, skipping to next step
INFO: LLVM installation complete

INFO: Installing ICU on Fri Oct 23 20:54:32 UTC 2015
INFO: ICU is already installed, skipping to next tool
INFO: ICU installation complete

INFO: Installing ZooKeeper on Fri Oct 23 20:54:32 UTC 2015
INFO: tar file already downloaded, step skipped
INFO: source tree already exists
INFO: configure complete
INFO: make completed
INFO: make install complete, files placed in /home/centos/tools
INFO: ZooKeeper installation complete

INFO: Installing Thrift on Fri Oct 23 20:54:41 UTC 2015
INFO: Thrift is already installed, skipping to next tool
INFO: Thrift installation complete

INFO: Installing Maven on Fri Oct 23 20:54:41 UTC 2015
INFO: downloaded tar file: apache-maven-3.3.3-bin.tar.gz
INFO: Maven installation complete

INFO: Completed tools build on Fri Oct 23 20:54:49 UTC 2015
INFO: List of tools directory:


tedyu <> committed 7593456a989e73fa4415636857010cad54487344 (2 files)
tedyu <> committed 7fc673561402771695445210fa0b80ec1b18a052 (1 file)
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BUG-43590 HBASE_THRIFT not deployed on HBase-Slider

Trafodion Jenkins <> committed bac2f1377046bcc20c1f08458d96f87e69c97ca9 (0 files)
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Merge "Remove code and cqds related to Thrift interface" <> committed 7004f670e402356e176e78ff9096894f8784ff71 (20 files)
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Remove code and cqds related to Thrift interface
ExpHbaseInterface_Thrift class was removed a few months ago. Completing
that cleanup work. exp/Hbase_types.{cpp,h} still remain. These are Thrift
generated files but we use the structs/classes generated for JNI access.

Change-Id: I7bc2ead6cc8d6025fb38f86fbdf7ed452807c445

tedyu <> committed 72983bb0513910cce6de86241c7ae01c9645bab3 (2 files)
tedyu <> committed 8609f16aacf69ac4463299a194c335669e2fb207 (2 files)
tedyu <> committed 7777ad53a761a5d4ca6dd12ca905bbe35988f4da (2 files)
Trafodion Jenkins <> committed 6a2605685c260ed46022eb1ffa972e2ae7262485 (0 files)
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Merge "Removing Thrift Interface"

Selvaganesan <> committed 54de2ec143b83cda3623ac5c81916fcbb214beee (7 files)
Reviews: none

Removing Thrift Interface
a) Removed ExpHbaseInterface_Thrift class since Trafodion no longer supports
   thrift interface to HBase.
b) Removed references to TRowResult completely to improve performance by
   reducing the path length
c) RowID and Column Name buffers are now reused instead of allocating for every
   row and column while projecting the rows via Trafodion from HBase layer.
d) The hbase table name is now stored in the JNI side too
   getTableName is now changed to return as const char *
However, Thrift libraries need to be linked with Trafodion engine since it still
uses classes/methods from these libraries.

Change-Id: I49043c56f19fc668edddd1a21130afb3fbaba5a7

Selvaganesan <> committed 0794c6e54359091b9ab876af5ba7e8b2fa35cd20 (9 files)
Reviews: none

Changes to improve IUD statement performance
Change Owner: Selvaganesan Govindarajan
Reviewer: Mike Hanlon
Summary of change:
Avoids intermediate Thrift objects for IUD statements to improve its
Changed the default max heap size for java objects to be 512mb

Change-Id: Ib50734f82afcf54c1dec6c182c2f936c3de1c18a

Zuul <> committed 1efd0a69dacc5641e655e937f5316484d8a2f39f (0 files)
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Merge "Removed drizzle and part of thrift."

Chris Sheedy <> committed 28e05a2c3e042b5ebed6e4438d67d0cb8ded34de (18 files)
Reviews: none

Removed drizzle and part of thrift.
Change made on behalf of Hans Zeller.

When this is merged by zuul into the master branch, the "Lib Drizzle"
section should be removed from wiki entry Additional_Build_Tool.

Change-Id: Ibc9b449e40d9b6471b60b9746fa393f6aae11d55

Steven Phillips <> committed 41dcf20499ad62601b84cce16baf39e8887b7194 (1 file)
Reviews: none

DRILL-481: libthrift-0.8.0 causes drillbit to fail while querying Hive tables
exclude lib thrift in hbase pom

Nicolas Spiegelberg <> committed fd79d6d4be2dfc85dad67341626c033a6cbc274b (3 files)