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Li Lu <> committed 0b5d96abb5c3c1831489588ed81e15f9bf18bbe5 (2 files)
Reviews: none

YARN-5436. Race in AsyncDispatcher can cause random test failures in Tez (probably YARN also). (Zhiyuan Yang via gtcarrera9)
(cherry picked from commit 7086fc72eebc41fd174d91839ed703c014aac920)

Li Lu <> committed 7086fc72eebc41fd174d91839ed703c014aac920 (2 files)
Siddharth Seth <> committed ed2576ac0d0639f780dd5d4af4f2f0fe6bd6ec39 (3 files)
Noriyuki Torii committed 850542 (1 file)
Reviews: none

Japanese translation updates.

Before a log for this revision, there is an additional log for r10418;
that first revision of ja.po was reviewed by Tez Kamihira
<>, a Subversion-jp list <>
administrator, and its translations were improved in many respects
thanks to comments from him.

* subversion/po/ja.po: Work on many fuzzy/untranslated entries, review
  and correct many translations, and make translations stay within 80
  columns by running 'make locale-gnu-po-update'. Also add many
  translated messages supplied by Clifford Caoile <>
  and correct many translations thanks to comments from Kouhei Yanagita
  <> and KAMIYA Satosi <>, who
  are Subversion-jp list members.
  Now ja.po has 890 translated messages and 16 untranslated messages at
  r10434 (Emacs PO-mode status: "891t+16u+1o").

mbk committed 848106 (1 file)
Reviews: none

Fix some typos in the book's sample code.

Patch by: Tez Kamihira <>

kraai committed 845540 (2 files)
Reviews: none

Fix WebDAV RFC number. Noted by Tez Kamihira.

* doc/book/book/ch07.xml: Change "RFC 3256" to "RFC 3253."

* notes/webdav-general-summary: Likewise.