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MajorBugRANGER-1495Good coding practices recommendation by static code analysisRamesh ManiResolved
MajorBugRANGER-1513Add Support for S3 authorization in Ranger Hive PluginRamesh ManiResolved
MajorBugRANGER-1561Good coding practice in Ranger recommended by static code analysisRamesh ManiResolved
MajorBugRANGER-1578Ranger plugins should use default service-def when it fails to obtain from Ranger Admin or cacheAbhay KulkarniResolved
MajorBugRANGER-1665Ranger needs to provide a way to get list of policies associated with given resourceAbhay KulkarniResolved
MajorBugRANGER-1678In different places to achieve the same function using repeat codes, new issue is perhaps generated when these functions are modified.peng.jianhuaResolved
MajorBugRANGER-1695Optimize Ranger code for authorization of HDFS 'getContentSummary' and 'delete' commandsAbhay KulkarniResolved
MajorBugRANGER-1696Request to get all policies for hive or hbase service-type does not include policies that apply to specific child resource(such as table in hive/column family in hbase)Abhay KulkarniResolved
MajorBugRANGER-1705Good coding practice in Ranger recommended by static code analysisAnkita SinhaResolved
MajorBugRANGER-1736Good coding practice in Ranger recommended by static code analysisFatima Amjad KhanResolved
MajorBugRANGER-1744Similar to RANGER-1541, the assignment logic is inconsistent for the value of the RANGER_ADMIN_HOME variable in and It will cause a serious failure.Qiang ZhangResolved
MajorBugRANGER-1755hbase system tablename is old version in ranger-hbase-plugin peng.jianhuaResolved
MajorBugRANGER-1759Ranger KMS and Ranger Admin startup failed at credentialapi.buildks with java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError: org/codehaus/stax2/XMLInputFactory2Ankita SinhaResolved
MajorImprovementRANGER-1760test_resourcematcher_default.json is invalidDeepak SharmaPatch Available
MajorBugRANGER-1795Service should not be renamed if tagged service resources exist for itAbhay KulkarniResolved
MajorBugRANGER-1806Good coding practice in Ranger recommended by static code analysisFatima Amjad KhanResolved
MajorBugRANGER-1817Audit to Solr fails to log when the number of columns are in large numberFatima Amjad KhanResolved
MajorBugRANGER-1833Update Ranger to use 0.8.1 Atlas versionAbhay KulkarniPatch Available
MajorBugRANGER-1836LOG class is imported error for RangerServiceService classQiang ZhangResolved
MinorBugRANGER-1512Ranger installer fails if hostname contains upper case letter UnassignedPatch Available
MinorBugRANGER-1552Ranger usersync or ranger kms not able to communicate to ranger admin and no exception or error seen in the ranger user sync or kms logs.Madhavi AmirneniPatch Available
MinorBugRANGER-1746The prompt message is incorrect when test hdfs connection and check 'dfs.ha.namenodes.[nameservice ID]' to be mandatory.peng.jianhuaResolved
MinorBugRANGER-1751The and will throw an exception when the JAVA_HOME is equal to null.peng.jianhuaResolved
MinorBugRANGER-1752When "dfs.nameservices" configures multiple nameservice id and then test hdfs connection, verifying "dfs.client.failover.proxy.provider.[dfs.nameservices]" is incorrectpeng.jianhuaResolved
MinorBugRANGER-1763The logic of the expansion button in the Edit Policy page is error. The user must click twice to collapse Conditions.peng.jianhuaResolved
MinorBugRANGER-1769The should exit the loop to improve execution efficiency once the attribute value is set.peng.jianhuaResolved
MinorBugRANGER-1782When the drop-down box is switched, more than one symbol is displayed each time in ranger-web-hivedev peng.jianhuaResolved
MinorBugRANGER-1790From the ease of use point of view, Select / Deselect All and other checkbox should be associated in add/edit permissions pop window.peng.jianhuaResolved
MinorBugRANGER-1798 Here is a error in getTableList() when get table-list info for HiveClient classQiang ZhangResolved
MinorBugRANGER-1802Here is a error in getStatusResponse() when post data exception for AtlasClient classpeng.jianhuaResolved
MinorBugRANGER-1813The drop-down box name "database" is not showing full when edit hive policyQiang ZhangResolved
MinorBugRANGER-1815Fix invalid code and error logic for the BaseDao classpeng.jianhuaResolved
MinorBugRANGER-1835The installer of the security admin should not repeatedly add a user to the same group.peng.jianhuaResolved
TrivialBugRANGER-1739build_ranger_using_docker script cannot download jdk8Don Bosco DuraiResolved
TrivialBugRANGER-1753Fix error message spelling mistake in XKeyREST.javaUnassignedResolved should print exception info in try-catch{}WangYuanResolved
TrivialBugRANGER-1816When the error occurs, the system does not record the error messageQiang ZhangResolved
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