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Start: 08/Feb/17

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Release 1.0.0 (first release started after TLP)Show more
CriticalBugRANGER-1385UnixAuthenticationService may fails in Widows as the "/" is different from "\"Qiang ZhangClosed
CriticalBugRANGER-1412Start hadoop failed after enabling ranger HDFS pluginsQiang ZhangResolved
CriticalBugRANGER-1446Ranger Solr Plugin does not work when the collection list in the request is emptyYanResolved
CriticalBugRANGER-1476External users not editable through Ranger UINitin GalaveResolved
CriticalBugRANGER-1500Add support to exclude/disable SSL protocols.bhavik patelResolved
CriticalNew FeatureRANGER-1508The browser returns garbled when we login ranger security admin in non-English environment. We need support the internationalization function to solve this problem.peng.jianhuaClosed
CriticalBugRANGER-1620Fix script to not throw error when it is sourced from bashGautam BoradResolved
CriticalBugRANGER-1666Ranger UI should consider "recursiveSupported" attribute value at each resource level to Store the PolicyNitin GalaveResolved
CriticalBugRANGER-1698Write audit log to solr failure.peng.jianhuaResolved
MajorImprovementRANGER-689For Solr plugin, use resources folders for adding Ranger propertiesColm O hEigeartaighPatch Available
MajorBugRANGER-813Script to install Solr for Ranger Audits doesn't work in SuseDon Bosco DuraiResolved
MajorTaskRANGER-1157Handle the review suggestions from Josh Elser - during IPMC vote for ranger-0.6.1 (incubating) release Colm O hEigeartaighPatch Available
MajorBugRANGER-1252Policy lookup does not honor the case sensitivity flag of resourcesYanPatch Available
MajorBugRANGER-1289Error occured in Ranger KMS functionQiang ZhangResolved
MajorImprovementRANGER-1318Consolidate XML configuration parsingColm O hEigeartaighResolved
MajorBugRANGER-1321Provide a mechanism to create service-specific default policiesAbhay KulkarniResolved
MajorBugRANGER-1326Fix remaining licensing issuesUnassignedOpen
MajorBugRANGER-1348Atlas Autocompletion not working properlyQiang ZhangClosed
MajorBugRANGER-1354Error on Atlas plugin installColm O hEigeartaighResolved
MajorBugRANGER-1364MySQLPLRunner take wrong start index when traverse the resultSet metadataUnassignedResolved
MajorBugRANGER-1369There is invalid group error when install Solr for Ranger AuditsQiang ZhangResolved
MajorImprovementRANGER-1370createdByUserId is stored in public static fieldZsombor GegesyResolved
MajorImprovementRANGER-1371No need to write field initializers for default values, and types where the diamond operator could sufficeZsombor GegesyResolved
MajorBugRANGER-1372There are some errors when I used 'sudo ranger-usersync start' command to run the Ranger UserSync Process in ubuntu 16.04.Qiang ZhangResolved
MajorImprovementRANGER-1376Several different jersey/jackson library is usedZsombor GegesyResolved
MajorImprovementRANGER-1377Improve codestyle, java api usageZsombor GegesyResolved
MajorBugRANGER-1381Add hadoop-common.jar as dependency to ranger-hive-utils package to avoid build failure Ramesh ManiResolved
MajorBugRANGER-1383Support for using resource-matcher for filtering policies within a service if service-resource is provided in the filterAbhay KulkarniResolved
MajorImprovementRANGER-1384Replace old asm versionColm O hEigeartaighResolved
MajorBugRANGER-1386ranger hdfs-plugin function not revoked after execute which cause hadoop-hdfs authorization failed.Qiang ZhangResolved
MajorBugRANGER-1392Hive test connection is failing even if jdbc.url configured is correct in Ranger 0.7.0Sailaja PolavarapuResolved
MajorBugRANGER-1395LDAP group sync fails with InvalidNameExceptionUnassignedPatch Available
MajorBugRANGER-1398Missing the settings for 'ranger.usersync.unix.minGroupId' in ranger usersync moduleQiang ZhangOpen
MajorBugRANGER-1400Enabling Ranger HDFS Plugins failed when hadoop program and Ranger HDFS Plugin are not in the same path.Qiang ZhangResolved
MajorBugRANGER-1401Add consolidated db schema script for SQLServer DB flavorPradeep AgrawalResolved
MajorBugRANGER-1404Few HIVERangerAuthorizerTest UT fails with Permission denied intermittentlyQiang ZhangResolved
MajorBugRANGER-1405groups are not shown if exact user name is passed in search filterMehul ParikhResolved
MajorBugRANGER-1411Permissions tab pages display are not reasonableHaihui XuResolved
MajorBugRANGER-1414Ranger Hive Authorizer API for row-filtering and column-masking need only return those tables that need masking/filteringAbhay KulkarniResolved
MajorBugRANGER-1416SunX509 is the hardcoded Algorithm for SSLColm O hEigeartaighResolved
MajorBugRANGER-1420Some error log information in ranger policy moduleQiang ZhangResolved
MajorTestRANGER-1421Add tag based authorization tests for the supported componentsColm O hEigeartaighResolved
MajorBugRANGER-1425Remove some duplicate codesQiang ZhangClosed
MajorImprovementRANGER-1426Change return type of RangerBaseService.validateConfigColm O hEigeartaighResolved
MajorBugRANGER-1427Remove dead code from XResourceServiceZsombor GegesyResolved
MajorBugRANGER-1432Do some code improvement in UserMgr.javaQiang ZhangResolved
MajorBugRANGER-1434Enable Group Search First causes issues when "Enable Group Sync" is disabledSailaja PolavarapuResolved
MajorBugRANGER-1435Allow different files to be specified for unix based usersyncSailaja PolavarapuResolved
MajorImprovementRANGER-1436Turn Ranger deny policy & except condition blocks ON by defaultAbhay KulkarniResolved
MajorBugRANGER-1444Do some code improvement in security admin moduleQiang ZhangResolved
MajorBugRANGER-1445Incorrect error message for searching in Audit page Qiang ZhangResolved
MajorBugRANGER-1447Enable ranger-hbase-plugin failed after execute enable-hbase-plugin.shQiang ZhangResolved
MajorImprovementRANGER-1450Avoid path traversal attacks when reading XML filesColm O hEigeartaighResolved
MajorBugRANGER-1451Incorrect error message for hadoop security authenticationQiang ZhangResolved
MajorBugRANGER-1455Incorrect conf dir in scripts for HadoopColm O hEigeartaighResolved
MajorBugRANGER-1456Fix the spelling error in HDFS pluginQiang ZhangResolved
MajorBugRANGER-1458Starting Yarn failed after installing Ranger Yarn PluginColm O hEigeartaighResolved
MajorBugRANGER-1460Hdfs authorizer uses hadoop-acls to allow access with one allowing tag policy and no resource policyAbhay KulkarniResolved
MajorBugRANGER-1462Fix the spelling error in Solr AuthorizationQiang ZhangResolved
MajorBugRANGER-1465Parse properties file error for kmspeng.jianhuaResolved
MajorBugRANGER-1470The logic of the solr_for_audit_setup installer parsing the properites file is inconsistent with the other installers. It treated these attributes as environment variable. There are security risks in the solr_for_audit_setup installer.peng.jianhuaResolved
MajorImprovementRANGER-1471Remember filters on all tabs of Ranger Audits pagebhavik patelResolved
MajorBugRANGER-1472tag downloads fail with error "XXServiceResourceElement.findTaggedResourcesInServiceId"Abhay KulkarniResolved
MajorBugRANGER-1474On SP12, hive policy page opens up with UDF as default under resources, rather than table.Nitin GalaveResolved
MajorBugRANGER-1475some users missed to be sync if they are syncd from openldap If deltasync is enabledDeepak SharmaResolved
MajorBugRANGER-1477'show databases' fails with access-denied when user doesn't have access to some of the databasesAbhay KulkarniResolved
MajorBugRANGER-1479Plugins couldnt load settings xml files from the classpath, if they are inside a jarZsombor GegesyResolved
MajorNew FeatureRANGER-1480Implement plugin for DruidZsombor GegesyIn Progress
MajorBugRANGER-1481Capture cluster name in ranger audit infobhavik patelResolved
MajorBugRANGER-1482'Ranger KMS' repo is not getting created in manual installationAbhay KulkarniResolved
MajorBugRANGER-1484RangerUI: Escape of policy condition text entered in the policy form.Nitin GalaveResolved
MajorBugRANGER-1490Increase size of sort_order column of x_policy_resource_mapPradeep AgrawalResolved
MajorSub-taskRANGER-1492UI updates to support tag-based masking policiesNitin GalaveResolved
MajorSub-taskRANGER-1493Policy engine updates to support tag-based masking policiesAbhay KulkarniResolved
MajorSub-taskRANGER-1494Tag service-def updates to support masking policiesAbhay KulkarniResolved
MajorImprovementRANGER-1497Improvement of unit test coverage for ranger Deepak SharmaResolved
MajorTestRANGER-1498Remove unnecessary mockito stubsColm O hEigeartaighResolved
MajorBugRANGER-1499Upgrade Tomcat versionbhavik patelResolved
MajorBugRANGER-1501Audit Flush to HDFS does not actually cause the audit logs to be flushed to HDFS YanPatch Available
MajorBugRANGER-1502Solr shutdown does not cause the audit log file to be flushed and closed.YanPatch Available
MajorImprovementRANGER-1503Add tips to make jdbc.url parameter easy for users to use when create hive-plugin serviceQiang ZhangResolved
MajorImprovementRANGER-1505Remove KeyProtector code in KMSColm O hEigeartaighResolved
MajorImprovementRANGER-1507Do some code improvement in UserSyncQiang ZhangClosed
MajorBugRANGER-1509Add version number to ldapconfigcheck.jarSailaja PolavarapuResolved
MajorBugRANGER-1511Different global variable saved the same configuration file path in unixauthservice. The code logic is inconsistent.Qiang ZhangResolved
MajorImprovementRANGER-1514Remove EasyMock dependencyColm O hEigeartaighResolved
MajorBugRANGER-1515Run and to update policy mgr password failed.peng.jianhuaResolved
MajorImprovementRANGER-1516Remove remaining *-plugin-install.propertiesColm O hEigeartaighResolved
MajorBugRANGER-1519Error occurred after execute enable-hive-plugin.shQiang ZhangResolved
MajorBugRANGER-1522Update consolidated db schema script for SQLServer DB flavor to reduce execution timePradeep AgrawalResolved
MajorNew FeatureRANGER-1523Add AtlasResourceMapper implementation for Apache StormColm O hEigeartaighResolved
MajorTestRANGER-1524Add tag based authorization tests for Apache StormColm O hEigeartaighResolved
MajorNew FeatureRANGER-1525Some users hope that the execute programs and install configuration file of the Ranger Admin can be deployed separately when they integrate Ranger into the big data platform or business systems to uniform install Ranger.peng.jianhuaResolved
MajorImprovementRANGER-1527Make curator dependencies consistentColm O hEigeartaighResolved
MajorImprovementRANGER-1528Update Maven jar pluginColm O hEigeartaighResolved
MajorImprovementRANGER-1529Remove tez dependency from Hive/HDFS pluginsColm O hEigeartaighResolved
MajorBugRANGER-1530NPE in HadoopConfigHolderColm O hEigeartaighResolved
MajorBugRANGER-1531Good coding practice while parsing XML documents in RangerSailaja PolavarapuResolved
MajorBugRANGER-1535Add tag attributes to audit log recordAbhay KulkarniResolved
MajorBugRANGER-1538Duplicated code,in AtlasClient class for client = Client.create();Qiang ZhangResolved
MajorNew FeatureRANGER-1540Log is very important for big data platform. The main purpose of log analysis is that we need to know who is running the service, in which machine running service, which service out of the problem. The ranger security admin should support the feature.peng.jianhuaResolved
MajorBugRANGER-1541The assignment logic is inconsistent for the value of the RANGER_ADMIN_HOME variable in Ranger Admin. It will cause a serious failure.Qiang ZhangResolved
MajorBugRANGER-1542Exceptions occured when I test connection during create a new service for atlas-pluginQiang ZhangResolved
MajorImprovementRANGER-1546Code Improvement To Follow Best Practicesbhavik patelResolved
MajorImprovementRANGER-1549Add COMPONENT_INSTALL_DIR_NAME to the Storm install.propertiesColm O hEigeartaighResolved
MajorBugRANGER-1550HDFS test connection and resource lookup failingPradeep AgrawalResolved
MajorBugRANGER-1553Audit log record for 'show databases' hive command contains all tagsAbhay KulkarniResolved
MajorBugRANGER-1554Ranger AD search filter is not get honored when logging into admin UISailaja PolavarapuResolved
MajorBugRANGER-1555Ranger UI : Audit Menu-> Admin tab diff view pop-up does not come up.Nitin GalaveResolved
MajorBugRANGER-1556Provide keyadmin user with privileges to read ranger kms auditsAnkita SinhaResolved
MajorBugRANGER-1557Add Nifi as default in supported component listPradeep AgrawalResolved
MajorBugRANGER-1560Code Improvement To Follow Best PracticesAnkita SinhaResolved
MajorBugRANGER-1562HDFS test connection is failing due to null pointer exceptionAnkita SinhaResolved
MajorImprovementRANGER-1566Ranger User Guide on Wiki has outdated informationAnna ShaverdianOpen
MajorBugRANGER-1567Base on RANGER-1540, we should provide the appropriate documentaion when the new version is released.peng.jianhuaOpen
MajorNew FeatureRANGER-1568Similar to RANGER-1540, the Ranger UserSync should also support the same new feature.peng.jianhuaResolved
MajorImprovementRANGER-1570Finish cleaning up Mockito stubsColm O hEigeartaighResolved
MajorBugRANGER-1571Code Improvement To Follow Best Practicesbhavik patelResolved
MajorBugRANGER-1576Show attribute values to tags column in audit logGautam BoradResolved
MajorBugRANGER-1577Update Ranger-WASB servicedefinition to remove Execute permission and disallow policies with a trailing slashRamesh ManiResolved
MajorBugRANGER-1579WASB policy edit page is not openingNitin GalaveResolved
MajorTestRANGER-1580Update Kafka tests to work with O hEigeartaighResolved
MajorBugRANGER-1581Ranger plugins need to support additional date formats for tag attribute valuesAbhay KulkarniResolved
MajorBugRANGER-1582Support KNOX SSO Token based authentication on Ranger REST API callsAnkita SinhaResolved
MajorBugRANGER-1583Test connections are failing for plugins after upgradebhavik patelResolved
MajorImprovementRANGER-1587Cleanup Ranger KMS service dependenciesColm O hEigeartaighResolved
MajorTestRANGER-1588Simplify Storm Test configColm O hEigeartaighResolved
MajorImprovementRANGER-1590Modify code for the error logs in ranger\knox-agent\src\main\java\org\apache\ranger\services\knox\client\KnoxClient.javapeng.jianhuaResolved
MajorTestRANGER-1594Fix HBase tests to work with HBase 1.2.xColm O hEigeartaighResolved
MajorBugRANGER-1600In, I configured the testusr user and the testgroup groups that not exist in system. The error “chown: invalid user: testusr:testgroup” occured during installed the hbase plugin.peng.jianhuaResolved
MajorBugRANGER-1602Include / Exclude toggle not working for same level resourcesNitin GalaveResolved
MajorBugRANGER-1603Code improvement as recommended by good coding practicesAbhay KulkarniResolved
MajorBugRANGER-1607Ranger service check failed on SLES11.3 cluster with sslv3 alert handshake failureAnkita SinhaResolved
MajorBugRANGER-1608SOLR resource lookup fails with basic authColm O hEigeartaighResolved
MajorBugRANGER-1611The init_logfiles function had been removed in RANGER-1599. The segment code that calls the init_logfiles function should also be removed in for Ranger Admin.peng.jianhuaResolved
MajorBugRANGER-1612When servicedef is accessed, one of the properties "enableDenyAndExceptionsInPolicies" is returned as "false" if there is no value set for it.Pradeep AgrawalResolved
MajorBugRANGER-1613There is one defect in start script for ranger-usersync processQiang ZhangResolved
MajorImprovementRANGER-1616Upgrade to Mockito 2Colm O hEigeartaighResolved
MajorBugRANGER-1617The Ranger build failure in windows environmentpeng.jianhuaResolved
MajorBugRANGER-1618PasswordUtil is not thread-safeZsombor GegesyResolved
MajorBugRANGER-1619Ranger Hive Plugin fails to check the URI when the location doesn't existMadhan NeethirajResolved
MajorBugRANGER-1622Error installing Knox plugin using KNOX_HOMEColm O hEigeartaighResolved
MajorBugRANGER-1625Upgrade SOLR dependency to 5.5.4Colm O hEigeartaighResolved
MajorBugRANGER-1628Good coding practice suggested by static code analysisAbhay KulkarniResolved
MajorBugRANGER-1630StormClient doesn't decrypt passwordColm O hEigeartaighResolved
MajorBugRANGER-1631create temp function failing with permission issuesRamesh ManiResolved
MajorBugRANGER-1632Users are not sync'd when sAMAccountName is different than CN associated with groupsSailaja PolavarapuPatch Available
MajorTestRANGER-1637Address coverity errors in the admin testsColm O hEigeartaighResolved
MajorBugRANGER-1638Improve the password validation from Ranger APIAnkita SinhaResolved
MajorBugRANGER-1639Ranger KMS should validate key name before importing into DBAnkita SinhaResolved
MajorBugRANGER-1640HBase Test Connection does not work when creating a serviceColm O hEigeartaighResolved
MajorBugRANGER-1641Like security admin and usersync, the kms installer should chech whether the user group exists before creating the user group.Qiang ZhangResolved
MajorBugRANGER-1642Policies listed on 2nd page and onwards of Policy Landing page don't reflect any edits on themNitin GalaveResolved
MajorBugRANGER-1646Error messages in RangerRESTClient aren't helpfulZsombor GegesyResolved
MajorNew FeatureRANGER-1647Allow Ranger policy conditions to use tag attributes and values in RangerSailaja PolavarapuResolved
MajorBugRANGER-1648Ranger Kafka Plugin now should use the Short name from Kafka Session ObjectRamesh ManiResolved
MajorBugRANGER-1649Ranger Solr Plugin fails to refresh policy due to failure in ticket renewal mechanismRamesh ManiOpen
MajorBugRANGER-1651Improve Ranger and Ranger KMS REST Api documentationMehul ParikhResolved
MajorBugRANGER-1653Proxying Ranger UI does not work with Ranger-KnoxSSOAnkita SinhaResolved
MajorTestRANGER-1656Add kerberos tests for the Kafka pluginColm O hEigeartaighResolved
MajorBugRANGER-1657Like ranger admin and usersync, the password should be set after the user is created by installer during installing kms.Qiang ZhangResolved
MajorBugRANGER-1658Solr gives NPE while printing the AuthorizationContext in INFO and DEBUG logRamesh ManiResolved
MajorBugRANGER-1661Default policy for KMS audits is pointing to incorrect locationUnassignedOpen
MajorBugRANGER-1671The admin service can't audit to Solr using Basic AuthenticationColm O hEigeartaighResolved
MajorBugRANGER-1679Export Policy not working when Knox proxy is EnabledNitin GalaveResolved
MajorBugRANGER-1688The version file did not exist in ranger-1.0.0-SNAPSHOT-kms.tar.gz. The result was that the VERSION variable can only get a fixed 0.5.0 value when installed ranger kms.peng.jianhuaResolved
MajorBugRANGER-1689Add support for defining recursive policies for WASB service defUnassignedResolved
MajorBugRANGER-1690Ranger usersync created error users. Ranger usersync got System Virtual User Group Name instead of real group name when built the unix user list. peng.jianhuaReopened
MajorBugRANGER-1693The pidf's assignment logic in ranger-kms-initd should be consistent with the pidf's assignment logic in ranger-kmspeng.jianhuaResolved
MajorBugRANGER-1696Request to get all policies for hive or hbase service-type does not include policies that apply to specific child resource(such as table in hive/column family in hbase)Abhay KulkarniResolved
MajorBugRANGER-1707Traverse check in RangerHdfsAuthorizer works incorrectlyZsombor GegesyOpen
MajorBugRANGER-1708Remove tag services from service type and service name filters under Access Audit.Nitin GalaveIn Progress
MinorBugRANGER-1374When exceptions occur during using ChangePasswordUtil tool to update admin password, the program doesn't record error messages.Qiang ZhangResolved
MinorBugRANGER-1387Remove unused SQL_CONNECTOR_JAR in of ranger pluginQiang ZhangResolved
MinorImprovementRANGER-1388Improve error messages in AtlasKafkaResourceMapperColm O hEigeartaighResolved
MinorImprovementRANGER-1393RangerAuditFields generic type is incorrectly specifiedZsombor GegesyResolved
MinorImprovementRANGER-1399Do some code improvement in Java method SolrUtil.searchResourcesQiang ZhangResolved
MinorBugRANGER-1402NPE if there is a problem with the HiveClient driverClassNameColm O hEigeartaighResolved
MinorBugRANGER-1403There is a problem in buildks class when delete invalid keystore file.Qiang ZhangResolved
MinorBugRANGER-1415The ranger can be opened when the user enters http://localhost:6080/ in the browser address bar. But request policy from hadoop to ranger will failed after installing hdfs plugin if we set POLICY_MGR_URL equal to http://localhost:6080/.Qiang ZhangResolved
MinorImprovementRANGER-1419Do some code improvement in Java method XTrxLogService.searchXTrxLogsQiang ZhangResolved
MinorBugRANGER-1424Log should be changed to info levelQiang ZhangResolved
MinorBugRANGER-1430There are some duplicate keys in some js filesQiang ZhangResolved
MinorBugRANGER-1431Do some code improvement in Java method AuthSessionService.mapEntityToViewBeanQiang ZhangResolved
MinorImprovementRANGER-1433Enabled secure processing featureColm O hEigeartaighResolved
MinorBugRANGER-1437Disable optimization for tag download to include only tags that have policiesAbhay KulkarniResolved
MinorBugRANGER-1438Useless configuration in unixauthservice pom.xml lead to project compiler error in eclipse Qiang ZhangResolved
MinorBugRANGER-1439Spelling error for "fileStats" in the hdfs-agent\src\main\java\org\apache\ranger\services\hdfs\client\ "fileStatus" instead of "fileStats".Qiang ZhangResolved
MinorBugRANGER-1449There is logical inconsistency for RANGER_PID_DIR_PATH in security adminpeng.jianhuaResolved
MinorBugRANGER-1452The install program used SOLR_RANGER_COLLECTION attribute value in Install and Configure Solr for Ranger Audits. But there is no corresponding setting in So the user can only used fixed value during installing.UnassignedResolved
MinorImprovementRANGER-1457Move COMPONENT_INSTALL_DIR_NAME to for Yarn pluginColm O hEigeartaighResolved
MinorBugRANGER-1461The printing error of callback in ConsolePromptCallbackHandlerQiang ZhangResolved
MinorBugRANGER-1463Good coding practices per static code analysisAbhay KulkarniResolved
MinorBugRANGER-1467The password is not set after the user is created by install program during installing Ranger Policy Admin. We should set password like db user.peng.jianhuaResolved
MinorImprovementRANGER-1468To make the search tips of Plugin-Status consistent with othersQiang ZhangResolved
MinorBugRANGER-1473There is invalid clause in the installer for Install and Configure Solr for Ranger Audits peng.jianhuaResolved
MinorImprovementRANGER-1478Refactor RangerPolicyEngineOptions, RangerConfiguration is looked up too many timesZsombor GegesyResolved
MinorBugRANGER-1489Solr plugin fails to get client addressYanResolved
MinorBugRANGER-1496Excel/csv exported file should have complete details of the policyUnassignedOpen
MinorBugRANGER-1506Some directorys were created repeatedly in code segment that all ownership is given to $SOLR_USER.Qiang ZhangResolved
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