Version 0.7.0


Start: 25/Apr/16

Released: 27/Feb/17

Release Notes

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BlockerBugRANGER-1143tagsync - needs additional cred lib support for running in HTTPS modeUnassignedResolved
BlockerTaskRANGER-1394Ranger Release of 0.7.0Selvamohan NeethirajResolved
CriticalBugRANGER-1099keyadmin user is not able to create service/repo using public apisAnkita SinhaResolved
CriticalBugRANGER-1101jceks keystore is not created successfully after enabling ssl for atlas ranger pluginMehul ParikhResolved
CriticalBugRANGER-1106issue after upgrade on ranger hive policy pageMehul ParikhResolved
CriticalBugRANGER-1114Nimbus, Storm UI server stopped after disabling ranger pluginsMehul ParikhResolved
CriticalBugRANGER-1120Need a java patch to handle upgrade of hive servicedef Mehul ParikhResolved
CriticalBugRANGER-1121resources doesnt shows up on ranger UISailaja PolavarapuResolved
CriticalBugRANGER-1123keyadmin user is not able to make getservice call using rest api service/public/v2/api/service/nameAnkita SinhaResolved
CriticalBugRANGER-1125Update Ranger tagsync should handle entity status field in Atlas notificationsAbhay KulkarniResolved
CriticalBugRANGER-1141Null pointer exception while retrieving the key during copy fileAnkita SinhaResolved
CriticalBugRANGER-1189Enhance and provide APIs to getAllpolicies with different filter optionsRamesh ManiResolved
CriticalBugRANGER-1191if ranger admin is down and users are not syncd then there is no retry for those usersSailaja PolavarapuResolved
CriticalBugRANGER-1237Ranger permissions do not load when there are bulk usersPradeep AgrawalResolved
CriticalBugRANGER-1248for Knox policy activation time is 0Abhay KulkarniResolved
CriticalBugRANGER-1251when there is not tag based service associated with a reosurce based service then also it shows active and downloaded tag timestampAbhay KulkarniResolved
CriticalBugRANGER-1291export the polcies is failing due to 401 ERRORMehul ParikhResolved
CriticalBugRANGER-1292issue with downloading the policies for non admin userMehul ParikhResolved
CriticalBugRANGER-1361RangerHDFSPlugin audits for Ancestor, Sub level and parent access doesn't have the correct accessTypeRamesh ManiResolved
CriticalBugRANGER-1365Modify Ranger Hbase Plugin ColumnIterator to use Cell instead of KeyValue (to avoid ClassCastException in certain cases)Abhay KulkarniResolved
CriticalBugRANGER-1380not able to delete group that is having special character from ranger adminMehul ParikhResolved
MajorBugRANGER-655Review DB schema for max key length restrictions - MySQLPradeep AgrawalResolved
MajorImprovementRANGER-696Option to use custom "admin" usernameShi WangResolved
MajorImprovementRANGER-698Ranger policy should support variables like $userAbhay KulkarniResolved
MajorBugRANGER-916Please delete old releases from mirroring systemSelvamohan NeethirajResolved
MajorImprovementRANGER-1044Keystore/Truststore SSL password configuration options do not workColm O hEigeartaighResolved
MajorBugRANGER-1090Revoke command with grant option does not disable delegated admin permission for users/groups in the corresponding policyPradeep AgrawalResolved
MajorBugRANGER-1094One way SSL (when Kerberos is enabled) for Ranger and its pluginsAnkita SinhaResolved
MajorBugRANGER-1095Invert authorization logic in RangerSolrAuthorizerColm O hEigeartaighResolved
MajorBugRANGER-1096Revert to jceks scheme for credential store related operations Mehul ParikhResolved
MajorBugRANGER-1097Ranger KMS Plugin should not fails to download policy when UGI ticket expiresRamesh ManiResolved
MajorBugRANGER-1100Hive authorizer does not block update when row-filter/column-mask is specified on the table for the userMadhan NeethirajResolved
MajorBugRANGER-1103Build fails due to missing "security/pam_appl.h"Selvamohan NeethirajResolved
MajorBugRANGER-1104Ranger PolicyRefresher failed to refresh policies causing AccessDeniedException in HBaseSailaja PolavarapuResolved
MajorBugRANGER-1105Ranger should provide configuration to do hdfs audit file roll over at absolute timeRamesh ManiResolved
MajorBugRANGER-1107Performance trace to measure policy download performance in pluginsAbhay KulkarniResolved
MajorBugRANGER-1109Address IPMC feedback raised during Ranger 0.6.0 releaseSelvamohan NeethirajResolved
MajorBugRANGER-1111Enhancements to the db admin setup scripts.Pradeep AgrawalResolved
MajorImprovementRANGER-1112Remove "Empty" PMD restrictionsColm O hEigeartaighResolved
MajorBugRANGER-1113Ranger Hive authorizer update to get query string from HiveConfMadhan NeethirajResolved
MajorBugRANGER-1115URLEncode and URLDecode methods are mismatch on usersync and adminPradeep AgrawalResolved
MajorBugRANGER-1116Ranger HivePluginUnitTest fails due to Hive Metastore version checkRamesh ManiResolved
MajorBugRANGER-1119Exclude test jars from ranger-admin plugin folder as dependencyRamesh ManiResolved
MajorImprovementRANGER-1122Remove ranger_solrj moduleColm O hEigeartaighResolved
MajorBugRANGER-1124Good coding practices in Ranger recommended by static code analysisMehul ParikhResolved
MajorBugRANGER-1126Authorization checks for non existent file/directory should not be recursive in Ranger Hive authorizerRamesh ManiResolved
MajorBugRANGER-1128Data Masking label changes for ranger policiesMehul ParikhResolved
MajorBugRANGER-1129Ability to specify 'audit all accesses' via Ranger admin configurationAbhay KulkarniResolved
MajorBugRANGER-1131Add trace message if audit event is failed to log. Dongying JiaoClosed
MajorBugRANGER-1132Ranger Storm Plugin should include commons-codec jar as a dependencyRamesh ManiResolved
MajorTestRANGER-1133Add tests for the Storm pluginColm O hEigeartaighResolved
MajorBugRANGER-1134Audit to Secure solr fails in case of Ranger Knox Plugin due to MDC context issueRamesh ManiResolved
MajorBugRANGER-1135secure api is not used to download the policies for knoxAnkita SinhaResolved
MajorBugRANGER-1136Ranger audit to HDFS fails with TGT errors in Ranger HiveServer2 plugin when UGI -TGT expires in audit threadRamesh ManiResolved
MajorBugRANGER-1139Ranger Kafka Plugin should include commons-codec jar as a dependencyRamesh ManiResolved
MajorBugRANGER-1145Policy engine optimization: convert wildcard matches into prefix and suffix matchAbhay KulkarniResolved
MajorBugRANGER-1146Policy engine optimization: dynamic reordering of policy evaluation orderAbhay KulkarniResolved
MajorBugRANGER-1147Knox repository test connection is failingPradeep AgrawalResolved
MajorBugRANGER-1148Ranger needs to map Storm ACL- debug, setLogConfig , getLogConfig to getTopologyInfoRamesh ManiResolved
MajorBugRANGER-1152Improver performance of ranger audit login while audit event-id creationRamesh ManiResolved
MajorBugRANGER-1153Ranger HivePluginUnitTest improvements to avoid build failureRamesh ManiResolved
MajorBugRANGER-1156Audit migration script from DB to Solr cloud failingPradeep AgrawalResolved
MajorTaskRANGER-1159fix Apache v2 license in the NOTICE file - based on suggestions from Justin McLean during IPMC review of 0.6.1 release ...Selvamohan NeethirajResolved
MajorBugRANGER-1160Ranger installation is failing for MSSQL db flavorPradeep AgrawalResolved
MajorBugRANGER-1161Policy engine optimization: use prefix filter to reduce number of policies evaluatedMadhan NeethirajResolved
MajorBugRANGER-1162Tag lookup optimization: use prefix lookup to reduce number of evaluators attemptedMadhan NeethirajResolved
MajorImprovementRANGER-1163Remove some of the "basic" PMD restrictionsColm O hEigeartaighResolved
MajorImprovementRANGER-1164Remove PMD "unused" restrictionsColm O hEigeartaighResolved
MajorBugRANGER-1166Auto complete wait time needs to be increased on Ranger UIMehul ParikhResolved
MajorBugRANGER-1167Ranger admin UI loading issues in Internet ExplorerMehul ParikhResolved
MajorBugRANGER-1170Improvement of Unit Test coverage in RangerAnkita SinhaResolved
MajorBugRANGER-1171Invert authorization logic in RangerKafkaAuthorizerColm O hEigeartaighResolved
MajorImprovementRANGER-1172Update Storm to 1.0.2 + re-enable the testsColm O hEigeartaighResolved
MajorBugRANGER-1173Improve Ranger database schema import logic and make it more robustPradeep AgrawalResolved
MajorTestRANGER-1174Add tests for KMS Service and pluginColm O hEigeartaighResolved
MajorBugRANGER-1175Create policy fails for updated servicedefMehul ParikhResolved
MajorNew FeatureRANGER-1177Ranger tagsync to support Atlas notification for HDFS pathMadhan NeethirajResolved
MajorTestRANGER-1180Add HBase Authorization testsColm O hEigeartaighResolved
MajorBugRANGER-1181HDFS Plugin does not allow removal of a non-empty directory if the directory is allowed to be removed by HDFS, but the file inside the directory is allowed to be removed by RangerAbhay KulkarniResolved
MajorBugRANGER-1185If cred.jceks is of zero length it should be rebuiltPradeep AgrawalResolved
MajorTestRANGER-1188Create tests for the Kafka pluginColm O hEigeartaighResolved
MajorBugRANGER-1190User has access to a database via tag-based policy - but 'show databases' does not include the databaseAbhay KulkarniResolved
MajorBugRANGER-1192Ranger PID file not being read if a custom location is providedMehul ParikhResolved
MajorImprovementRANGER-1195Ranger should allow for "Show Columns" and "describe" on tables where user access is limited to a subset of columns.Ramesh ManiResolved
MajorImprovementRANGER-1197Provide API to get policyVersion in use by Ranger pluginsAbhay KulkarniResolved
MajorImprovementRANGER-1199Optimize tag-download to include only tags that have policiesAbhay KulkarniResolved
MajorNew FeatureRANGER-1200Ranger policies should support notion of OWNER userAbhay KulkarniResolved
MajorBugRANGER-1206Modifications to install scripts to skip checking of DB and java patches in each install Pradeep AgrawalResolved
MajorImprovementRANGER-1208Optimize tag enricher for requests containing empty resourceAbhay KulkarniResolved
MajorImprovementRANGER-1211 Improve Ranger Usersync to sync AD/LDAP users and/or groups incrementally.Sailaja PolavarapuResolved
MajorBugRANGER-1214Export/Import of policies in RangerMehul ParikhResolved
MajorBugRANGER-1215Add joda-time library to list of libraries packaged with tagsyncAbhay KulkarniResolved
MajorBugRANGER-1216Ranger Audit framework fails to audit to kerberized + SSL enabled Solr Ramesh ManiResolved
MajorBugRANGER-1218Allow numeric value in name fields of Ranger usersMehul ParikhResolved
MajorBugRANGER-1222Unit test failure in TestDefaultPolicyResourceMatcher (Java 8)Abhay KulkarniClosed
MajorBugRANGER-1224Ranger UI: DN as UsernameNicholas HughesResolved
MajorBugRANGER-1225Unit tests for Ranger Hive Policies Mehul ParikhResolved
MajorImprovementRANGER-1227UI hints for Audit search for Ranger Audit Logs & Policy Search on Policy Listing PageMehul ParikhResolved
MajorBugRANGER-1229RangerResourceMatcher for Hdfs and Yarn resources does not correctly handle policy containing only one resource whose value is "*"Abhay KulkarniResolved
MajorImprovementRANGER-1230Policy versions in use for each Ranger pluginGautam BoradResolved
MajorImprovementRANGER-1233TagSync to support Atlas notifications for HBase, Kafka entitiesAbhay KulkarniResolved
MajorBugRANGER-1238Update library versions in tagsync to keep in-sync with AtlasAbhay KulkarniResolved
MajorBugRANGER-1239hbase policy created as a result of hbase grant request does not allow dropping the namespace for the grantee userAbhay KulkarniResolved
MajorBugRANGER-1241PID file generation improvement Mehul ParikhResolved
MajorBugRANGER-1243One failed embedded ServiceDef creating prevent any service from being created in RangerVelmurugan PeriasamyResolved
MajorBugRANGER-1245Ranger UI group name limitation (32 characters in UI)Mehul ParikhResolved
MajorBugRANGER-1246Update UI hints for wildcards in search filtersGautam BoradResolved
MajorBugRANGER-1249Ranger admin service should run with 'UTC' default timezonePradeep AgrawalResolved
MajorBugRANGER-1250If non-existing access-permissions are added through curl then permission module shows loading icon.Pradeep AgrawalResolved
MajorBugRANGER-1253UI error when a special character is entered for a username in the admin webappColm O hEigeartaighResolved
MajorBugRANGER-1254HiveAuthorizer should deny access to URI operations if there are any exceptions Ramesh ManiResolved
MajorBugRANGER-1255Policy engine initialization must be resilient to invalid values in the downloaded policies JSONAbhay KulkarniResolved
MajorBugRANGER-1256Ranger Plugin Status does not display IP address of plugin if Ranger is in HA modeAbhay KulkarniResolved
MajorBugRANGER-1259 Improve ChangePassword utility and make it idempotent for default password change requestPradeep AgrawalResolved
MajorBugRANGER-1261Fix path matching inconsistencies and wildcard treatmentAbhay KulkarniResolved
MajorBugRANGER-1270IndexOutOfBoundsException when test connection in Ranger-Solr-PluginQiang ZhangResolved
MajorNew FeatureRANGER-1271RANGER-ATLAS testConnection featureQiang ZhangClosed
MajorBugRANGER-1272The program doesn't check the RANGER_PID_DIR_PATH variables corresponding to the path in file. The "echo $VALUE_OF_PID > ${pidf}" failed when the path doesn't exist. Qiang ZhangResolved
MajorTestRANGER-1273Add tests for Kafka + SASL_SSL + PLAINColm O hEigeartaighResolved
MajorBugRANGER-1275At the beginning of the security-admin/scripts/ file there are three logical errors.Qiang ZhangResolved
MajorBugRANGER-1276User/Group search is failing due to encoding issuesPradeep AgrawalResolved
MajorBugRANGER-1278Allow LDAP authentication without configuring group informationColm O hEigeartaighResolved
MajorBugRANGER-1279Make static variable RangerCSRFPreventionFilter.IS_CSRF_ENABLED privateColm O hEigeartaighResolved
MajorBugRANGER-1280Currently the ranger-admin will be aborted and couldn't find any error messages in log file when the exception occured. We should get the default value instead of aborted and record the error log.Qiang ZhangResolved
MajorBugRANGER-1281Provide option to filter KMS audits in Access TabGautam BoradResolved
MajorBugRANGER-1282Good coding practice in Ranger recommended by static code analysisRamesh ManiResolved
MajorBugRANGER-1284Comment lines have not been filtered out when the populate_global_dict function parsed in security-admin/scripts/ Qiang ZhangResolved
MajorImprovementRANGER-1288Add SSL enabled MySQL support in Ranger AdminPradeep AgrawalResolved
MajorBugRANGER-1295Add-ons to support WASB in Ranger Authorization ModelRamesh ManiResolved
MajorBugRANGER-1297Provide correct Ranger HiveAccessControlException message for DESCRIBE <TABLE> when authorization fails due to lack of SELECT on all columnsRamesh ManiResolved
MajorImprovementRANGER-1302Support FILENAME and BASE_FILENAME tokens for HDFS pluginAbhay KulkarniResolved
MajorBugRANGER-1303Ranger Knox lookup for service fails with null resultRamesh ManiResolved
MajorBugRANGER-1304Analytics Metric for Ranger usageAnkita SinhaResolved
MajorBugRANGER-1305If servicedef has blank configs : UI doesn't allow to add any configs to services of that servicedefMehul ParikhResolved
MajorBugRANGER-1307Enable Deny and Exclusions conditions in Ranger Policies for WASB service-defRamesh ManiResolved
MajorBugRANGER-1308Remove DEFAULT CHARSET 'latin1' from ranger db schema script to enable support of unicode or any other charset Pradeep AgrawalResolved
MajorBugRANGER-1310Ranger Audit framework enhancement to provide an option to allow audit records to be spooled to local disk first before sending it to destinationsRamesh ManiResolved
MajorBugRANGER-1311Ranger UI changes to support non-US characters in username related fieldsMehul ParikhResolved
MajorImprovementRANGER-1314Ranger enhancement to support authorization of namespace operationsAbhay KulkarniResolved
MajorBugRANGER-1315[export/import] if input file content is not valid for import then it does not give proper error, it gives null pointer exception in logsMehul ParikhResolved
MajorBugRANGER-1317There are two defects in install scripts for ranger usersync processQiang ZhangResolved
MajorBugRANGER-1319inconsistency in adding user to the DB tableSailaja PolavarapuResolved
MajorBugRANGER-1320Ranger Hive Plugin Exception message correctionRamesh ManiResolved
MajorBugRANGER-1324Analytics Metric for Ranger KMS usageAnkita SinhaResolved
MajorImprovementRANGER-1327Print details of any exception thrown when instantiating a custom Ranger condition evaluatorAbhay KulkarniResolved
MajorBugRANGER-1329Update Ranger plugin handling of service-not-found errorAbhay KulkarniResolved
MajorBugRANGER-1330When report exported in CSV format we get one random data in ID fieldMehul ParikhResolved
MajorTaskRANGER-1332Ranger TLP : Source Code / Script changesSelvamohan NeethirajResolved
MajorBugRANGER-1333Enable Incremental Sync by default when sync source is ldap for fresh install of ranger usersyncSailaja PolavarapuResolved
MajorBugRANGER-1334Good coding practices in Ranger Usersync Sailaja PolavarapuResolved
MajorBugRANGER-1335Solr for Audit Setup breaks Solr versions 5.5 and abovePaul OttoResolved
MajorBugRANGER-1336audit based policy that has no policy item are not exported in CSV fileUnassignedResolved
MajorBugRANGER-1338Ranger Plugin failed to download policy when JaasConfig alone is used to set the UGI instead of Principal/KeytabRamesh ManiResolved
MajorBugRANGER-1341Use credential provider files to store passwords rather storing them in config file in clear text formatPradeep AgrawalResolved
MajorBugRANGER-1342Hive test connection is not workingUnassignedResolved
MajorBugRANGER-1343in Action type filter EXPORT/IMPORT related actions are not available eg. EXPORT_JSON,IMPORT_JSONUnassignedResolved
MajorBugRANGER-1344The default sync interval is not enforced correctly for ranger usersync when sync source is AD/LDAPUnassignedResolved
MajorBugRANGER-1345User group memberships are not updated properly in Ranger with Incremental LDAP/AD syncSailaja PolavarapuResolved
MajorImprovementRANGER-1347The AtlasClient should fall back to the plain password if the password decryption failsColm O hEigeartaighResolved
MajorBugRANGER-1349Code block was iterated four times, in fact it should only be executed once during initializing InitD for ranger usersync processQiang ZhangResolved
MajorImprovementRANGER-1350Generic types are not used correctlyZsombor GegesyResolved
MajorBugRANGER-1352few cases where even if JSON is invalid then also message appears IMPORTED SUCCSSFULLYAnkita SinhaResolved
MajorBugRANGER-1353NameRules should be set to the default value in Kerberized EnvironmentQiang ZhangResolved
MajorBugRANGER-1355Ranger HiveAuthorizer should check for ALTER permission for MSCK command while authorizing.Ramesh ManiResolved
MajorBugRANGER-1357tag objects are not removed when attempting a full sync with Atlas tagsAbhay KulkarniResolved
MajorBugRANGER-1363BadCredentialsException when loginQiang ZhangResolved
MajorBugRANGER-1366Plugin-status page shows incorrect last-update timeAbhay KulkarniResolved
MajorBugRANGER-1375HIVERangerAuthorizerTest UT fails intermittentlySailaja PolavarapuResolved
MajorBugRANGER-1379Good coding practice for concurrent modificationAnkita SinhaResolved
MajorBugRANGER-1381Add hadoop-common.jar as dependency to ranger-hive-utils package to avoid build failure Ramesh ManiResolved
MajorBugRANGER-1382Good coding practice in Ranger recommended by static code analysisRamesh ManiResolved
MajorBugRANGER-1383Support for using resource-matcher for filtering policies within a service if service-resource is provided in the filterAbhay KulkarniResolved
MajorBugRANGER-1389ranger tagsync doesn't start when you create a truststore for itAbhay KulkarniResolved
MajorBugRANGER-1391Error occurred when use EndDate as Search Filter in Audit Access WebPageQiang ZhangResolved
MajorBugRANGER-1392Hive test connection is failing even if jdbc.url configured is correct in Ranger 0.7.0Sailaja PolavarapuResolved
MinorBugRANGER-381Not able to create group with dot characterHanish BansalResolved
MinorImprovementRANGER-1118Consolidate on a single Hadoop versionColm O hEigeartaighResolved
MinorBugRANGER-1149Label spelling correctionMehul ParikhResolved
MinorBugRANGER-1150Optimize comments in install.propertiesHaihui XuResolved
MinorBugRANGER-1155Good coding practices in Ranger : Potential performance/correctness issues uncovered by static code analysisAbhay KulkarniResolved
MinorBugRANGER-1169 The global audit settings specified by Ranger configuration parameter values should always be honored by the plug-ins.Abhay KulkarniResolved
MinorImprovementRANGER-1182remove code duplication from PrivilegedAction handlingZsombor GegesyResolved
MinorImprovementRANGER-1183The code in the file has variable naming errorsQiang ZhangResolved
MinorBugRANGER-1184Ranger compiler failed under WindowsQiang ZhangClosed
MinorBugRANGER-1187In pamCredValidator.c, pam_end() is not called if authentication fails.Qiang ZhangResolved
MinorBugRANGER-1196Wrong method name in the printed error messageQiang ZhangResolved
MinorNew FeatureRANGER-1201Ranger admin support yarn HA, support standby yarn rest url configuration when creating yarn service. Qiang ZhangResolved
MinorBugRANGER-1207Good coding practices as recommended by static code analysisAbhay KulkarniResolved
MinorBugRANGER-1209Good coding practices as recommended by static code analysisAbhay KulkarniResolved
MinorBugRANGER-1210Ranger Hive Plugin does not throw an exception when an INSERT/DELETE grant is issued from beelineUnassignedResolved
MinorBugRANGER-1213No check for wrong ROLEs set on a userPradeep AgrawalResolved
MinorBugRANGER-1223Ranger doesn't have the correct error message when audit configuration file is not presentRamesh ManiResolved
MinorTaskRANGER-1228Remove unused TagFileStore, ServiceFileStore and ServiceRESTStore classes and unused Store APIs from Ranger codebaseAbhay KulkarniResolved
MinorBugRANGER-1232Spelling error for StromTopologyName, should be StormTopologyNameQiang ZhangResolved
MinorBugRANGER-1242Create storm service with error configurations, test connection should not be successful.Qiang ZhangResolved
MinorBugRANGER-1257Spelling error for "redireting" in the knox-agent/src/main/java/org/apache/ranger/authorization/knox/ "redirecting" instead of "redireting".Qiang ZhangResolved
MinorBugRANGER-1258Spelling error for "Storm" in the knox-agent/src/main/java/org/apache/ranger/authorization/knox/ "Knox" instead of "Storm".Qiang ZhangResolved
MinorImprovementRANGER-1262Setting up database on MacOS is not workingZsombor GegesyResolved
MinorBugRANGER-1263Spelling error for "RangerHdfsPluing" in the ranger-hbase-plugin-shim/src/main/java/org/apache/ranger/authorization/hbase/ "RangerHbasePlugin" instead of "RangerHdfsPluing".Qiang ZhangResolved
MinorBugRANGER-1264Spelling error for "Pluing" in the agents-common/src/main/java/org/apache/ranger/authorization/hadoop/config/ "Plugin" instead of "Pluing".Qiang ZhangResolved
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