Version 0.6.0


Start: 10/Jun/15

Released: 18/Jul/16

Release Notes

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BlockerBugRANGER-575Allow KMS policies to be assigned to all usersGautam BoradResolved
BlockerBugRANGER-736Apache license headers missing in files from recent commitSelvamohan NeethirajResolved
BlockerBugRANGER-751Ranger admin setup fails with TypeErrorVelmurugan PeriasamyResolved
BlockerBugRANGER-872Patch validation executed upon submission of a patch - seems failing due to common usage of /tmp folderSelvamohan NeethirajResolved
CriticalBugRANGER-541Address 0.5 release packaging feedbackUnassignedResolved
CriticalWishRANGER-626Hdfs use in not showing in ranger consoleUnassignedResolved
CriticalBugRANGER-632Policy validation error messages produced by the server are not seen by the userGautam BoradResolved
CriticalBugRANGER-633Service validation error messages produced by the server are not seen by the userPradeep AgrawalResolved
CriticalBugRANGER-634Service-def validation error messages produced by the server are not seen by the userGautam BoradResolved
CriticalBugRANGER-661Plugin receives empty policy list though the service has policiesMadhan NeethirajResolved
CriticalBugRANGER-662Policy create/update failures leave partial policy in the databaseAlok LalResolved
CriticalBugRANGER-663Race condition during policy update causes policy to get in an bad stateMadhan NeethirajResolved
CriticalBugRANGER-6720.4 plugins can't download policies from 0.5 server (via old api)Alok LalResolved
CriticalImprovementRANGER-684Ranger Usersync - Add Ability to transform user/group namesSailaja PolavarapuResolved
CriticalBugRANGER-772Hive plugin: Update Ranger authorizer to mimic changes made by Hive standard authorizer for the case when IMPORT can end up creating a tableAlok LalResolved
CriticalBugRANGER-824Fix code standards to remove exceptions in pmd rulesetColm O hEigeartaighResolved
CriticalBugRANGER-835Authentication bypass in Ranger APIUnassignedResolved
CriticalBugRANGER-846Ranger deviates from Hadoop usernamesMehul ParikhResolved
CriticalBugRANGER-995Implement good coding practicesVelmurugan PeriasamyResolved
CriticalBugRANGER-1018Ranger User creation failing with SQLAnywhere and MS SQL Server DB FlavorPradeep AgrawalResolved
CriticalBugRANGER-1023Handle requests from non-kerberized browser when Ranger is kerberizedAnkita SinhaResolved
CriticalBugRANGER-1033admin audit logging is not happening correctly while deletion of the configuration from the service repoAnkita SinhaResolved
CriticalBugRANGER-1035Improve implementation of Client classes to adhere to good coding practicesSailaja PolavarapuResolved
CriticalBugRANGER-1038Usersync process is not syncing users from AD at intervals based on sleeptimeinmillisbetweensynccycleSailaja PolavarapuResolved
CriticalBugRANGER-1046ranger kms repo creation is failing after ranger kms is installed Ankita SinhaResolved
CriticalBugRANGER-1069if a user permissions are removed from a policy through revoke operation then also users is shownMehul ParikhResolved
CriticalBugRANGER-1073permission denied for rangeradmin.jceks.crc fileMehul ParikhResolved
CriticalBugRANGER-1074grant and revoke are working even if user is not added to auth properties in repoAnkita SinhaResolved
CriticalBugRANGER-1078grant and revoke are not working as expectedAnkita SinhaResolved
CriticalBugRANGER-1080even if service creation is failed then also 200 Respons is returnedAnkita SinhaResolved
CriticalBugRANGER-1084Ranger not working with Knox ProxyAnkita SinhaResolved
CriticalBugRANGER-1088denied auditing is not done if resource lookup failSailaja PolavarapuResolved
CriticalBugRANGER-1089KMS] kms.log file gets biggerUnassignedResolved
CriticalBugRANGER-1127Ranger HA: Handle scenarios for request with X-Forwarded-ServerAnkita SinhaResolved
MajorBugRANGER-204Not able to delete user or group if user/group has any policy defined.Gautam BoradResolved
MajorBugRANGER-205Delete rest api of User not deleting user completely from systemGautam BoradResolved
MajorBugRANGER-255Email Address discrepancyPradeep AgrawalResolved
MajorSub-taskRANGER-270Solr configuration and setup files and documentationDon Bosco DuraiResolved
MajorSub-taskRANGER-271Script and process to migrate existing audit from RDBMS to SolrPradeep AgrawalResolved
MajorImprovementRANGER-274Add support for TAG based policies Madhan NeethirajResolved
MajorBugRANGER-414Resource name is not easily readable in Ranger access logsPradeep AgrawalResolved
MajorNew FeatureRANGER-526Provide REST API to change user roleGautam BoradResolved
MajorSub-taskRANGER-551Policy Validation: If resource levels are not valid for any hierarchy then checks about missing mandatory levels should be skipped.Alok LalResolved
MajorBugRANGER-560Policy validation: Provide user friendly error messages about validation failuresAlok LalResolved
MajorTaskRANGER-582How to create Service/Repo in RangerAdminUnassignedResolved
MajorBugRANGER-584Service validation: Provide user friendly error messages about validation failuresAlok LalResolved
MajorBugRANGER-588Take care of Ranger KMS installation even if 'java' is not in PATHGautam BoradResolved
MajorBugRANGER-593Service def validation: Provide user friendly error messages about validation failuresAlok LalResolved
MajorBugRANGER-594Policy Validation: Change the logic to generate friendly error messages to be similar to that for Service and Service defAlok LalResolved
MajorSub-taskRANGER-595Support for persisting tag info in the databaseGautam BoradResolved
MajorBugRANGER-596Add support for location based authorizationAbhay KulkarniResolved
MajorTaskRANGER-597Troubleshooting UserSync in RangerUnassignedResolved
MajorBugRANGER-606Add support for deny policies Madhan NeethirajResolved
MajorBugRANGER-607Unable to create multiple policyItems for same user or groupGautam BoradResolved
MajorBugRANGER-608Denied access to list a directory does not generate auditMadhan NeethirajResolved
MajorBugRANGER-609Limit the width of 'Policy Conditions' column in policy-edit pageGautam BoradResolved
MajorSub-taskRANGER-611Update policy listing page with a new column 'Policy Type'Gautam BoradResolved
MajorSub-taskRANGER-612Update HDFS plugin to fallback to hadoop-acl only when there is no Ranger policy to determine the authorizationMadhan NeethirajResolved
MajorBugRANGER-615Audit to db: Truncate all string values of audit record so that writing of audit does not failAlok LalResolved
MajorBugRANGER-616Add UI validation for max length of service conf properties fieldsGautam BoradResolved
MajorBugRANGER-617Handle Search by status on policy search filterGautam BoradResolved
MajorBugRANGER-618KMS gets slower in key creation once Database growsGautam BoradResolved
MajorBugRANGER-619Add a Hive condition to restrict access to mutually exclusive columnsAbhay KulkarniResolved
MajorBugRANGER-622Hive plugin: Add jar via beeline throws NPEAlok LalResolved
MajorBugRANGER-623Enable plugin scripts should handle file permissions for certain umask valueGautam BoradResolved
MajorBugRANGER-627Processing done by Audit Shutdown hooks can confuse someone looking at logs to think that shutdown of a service is held up due to Ranger pluginAlok LalResolved
MajorBugRANGER-628Make filters for ranger-admin search binds configurableGautam BoradResolved
MajorBugRANGER-631audit log is not present for deleting user Pradeep AgrawalResolved
MajorBugRANGER-635delete an user and then add a new user with same id but with diffenent role creates user with old roleGautam BoradResolved
MajorBugRANGER-636Component Level Permission popup for tag based policy create pageGautam BoradResolved
MajorBugRANGER-637Make REFERRAL property in Ranger User sync configurableGautam BoradResolved
MajorBugRANGER-638Ranger admin should redirect back to login page when session cookies expiresGautam BoradResolved
MajorBugRANGER-639Storm plugin - commons-lang is a required dependency and hence should be packaged as part of storm pluginAlok LalResolved
MajorBugRANGER-641Ranger kms start fails if java is not set and started using service keywordGautam BoradResolved
MajorSub-taskRANGER-643Audit page: filter by Tags column does not workGautam BoradResolved
MajorSub-taskRANGER-644Update Solr audit source/destination to support 'Tags' fieldGautam BoradResolved
MajorSub-taskRANGER-645Tag DB Store should be available in all supported DB flavorsGautam BoradResolved
MajorSub-taskRANGER-646Policy UI updates for the changes in policy model to support policyItems of type allow/deny/allow-exception/deny-exceptionGautam BoradResolved
MajorImprovementRANGER-647Add PAM SupportUnassignedResolved
MajorImprovementRANGER-648Provide a way to clean-up old policy-engine and related resources.Abhay KulkarniResolved
MajorNew FeatureRANGER-652LDAP configuration toolSailaja PolavarapuResolved
MajorBugRANGER-654Component process goes in a tight loop if audit destination is downDon Bosco DuraiClosed
MajorBugRANGER-656Ranger UI - KMS Need to handle 404 error when clicked on breadcrumbGautam BoradResolved
MajorBugRANGER-658Package with Ranger Usersync assemblyGautam BoradResolved
MajorSub-taskRANGER-660Implement TagSync process to populate Ranger with tag detailsAbhay KulkarniResolved
MajorBugRANGER-664Ranger PolicyRefresh REST Client timeout parameter should be configurableRamesh ManiResolved
MajorNew FeatureRANGER-666Ranger to support Azure SQL DatabaseGautam BoradResolved
MajorSub-taskRANGER-670Policy UI to support input of a single value for resourcesGautam BoradResolved
MajorBugRANGER-671Add support to retrieve permissions for the logged in user from UserSession rather going to database every timeGautam BoradResolved
MajorBugRANGER-673Setup changes to allow Ranger service to installed using custom service userGautam BoradResolved
MajorBugRANGER-674Ranger public rest api gives 200 response for wrong credential instead of 401Gautam BoradResolved
MajorBugRANGER-675User with access to one of columns via tag is able to access other columns as wellMadhan NeethirajResolved
MajorBugRANGER-677Ranger Admin fails to render policies referring to groups that contain "." in nameGautam BoradResolved
MajorBugRANGER-679Support Secure Solr from Ranger AdminDon Bosco DuraiResolved
MajorBugRANGER-680Remove public group (by default) in default policy for KMS repoGautam BoradResolved
MajorBugRANGER-681Update default sync intervals for LDAP and UNIXGautam BoradResolved
MajorBugRANGER-682Ranger to support Azure Blob Datastore as an audit destination via HDFS audit handlerAlok LalResolved
MajorBugRANGER-683User with authorization to a tag is allowed access even though access is denied by a policy for the resourceMadhan NeethirajResolved
MajorNew FeatureRANGER-685Ranger Admin - Add Ability to Authenticate with Knox SSO providerGautam BoradResolved
MajorNew FeatureRANGER-686Allow specifying keytabs in Ranger repositoriesAnkita SinhaResolved
MajorBugRANGER-688Handle scenario where ids of XUser and XPortalUser are not in syncGautam BoradResolved
MajorBugRANGER-690Ranger Admin doesn't show error if Audit Solr is downGautam BoradResolved
MajorImprovementRANGER-691Ranger Admin shouldn't expect users to be sync'ed for authenticationPradeep AgrawalResolved
MajorBugRANGER-697KeyAdmin role user should see only KMS related audit access logs in Audit tabGautam BoradResolved
MajorImprovementRANGER-699higher level policy API to hide complexity of policy update/create/deleteAbhay KulkarniResolved
MajorBugRANGER-701Update setup scripts to allow special characters in passwords Gautam BoradResolved
MajorBugRANGER-702Optimize policy download performanceMadhan NeethirajResolved
MajorBugRANGER-704Service enable/disable should refresh the policies in the pluginsAbhay KulkarniResolved
MajorBugRANGER-709Support conditions that handle only a single valueMehul ParikhResolved
MajorBugRANGER-710Add a permission for 'Tag Based Policies'Pradeep AgrawalResolved
MajorBugRANGER-711Fix code defects uncovered by static analysis of code-baseAbhay KulkarniResolved
MajorNew FeatureRANGER-712Create a new project which can serve as a template to write ranger extensionsAlok LalResolved
MajorBugRANGER-714Enhancements to the db admin setup scripts.Gautam BoradResolved
MajorBugRANGER-719Audit in RangerAdmin doesn't show latest audits in UI if server is on different timezonePradeep AgrawalResolved
MajorBugRANGER-720Ldap discovery tool doesn't seem to be working as expectedSailaja PolavarapuResolved
MajorBugRANGER-725Add the right .gitignore file to the newly added projects so that directory listing is clean after a buildAlok LalResolved
MajorBugRANGER-726Ranger Build Compilation faliure due to atlas changesAbhay KulkarniResolved
MajorBugRANGER-727Knox Plugin failed to AuditToSpool file when Audit Destination is downRamesh ManiResolved
MajorBugRANGER-728Update Solr script to resolve issues with ZK and creating collectionDon Bosco DuraiResolved
MajorBugRANGER-731Ranger plugin for YARN doesn't seem to be able to write audit to Kerberized HDFSRamesh ManiResolved
MajorBugRANGER-733Implement best coding practices to resolve issues found during code scanGautam BoradResolved
MajorBugRANGER-734Add unit tests for Ranger Usersync moduleSailaja PolavarapuResolved
MajorSub-taskRANGER-737Need to update the current implementation for recent changes in KafkaMadhan NeethirajResolved
MajorBugRANGER-739Ranger HBase Plugin returning null for RegionObserver.preCompact calls causing hbase:acl issueRamesh ManiResolved
MajorBugRANGER-741Fix installation script to skip Audit DB password check if audit source is SOLRGautam BoradResolved
MajorBugRANGER-742Ranger usersync fails after syncing 500 users from AD or ldap server when paged results is enabled.Sailaja PolavarapuResolved
MajorBugRANGER-743External users with Admin Role should be allowed to create/update usersGautam BoradResolved
MajorBugRANGER-745Upgrade Apache commons-collectionsVelmurugan PeriasamyResolved
MajorImprovementRANGER-746Ranger Admin: Add wildcard, multiple CN & SAN support when validating plugins' SSL certsVelmurugan PeriasamyResolved
MajorBugRANGER-748Users in policy got changed after upgradeGautam BoradResolved
MajorImprovementRANGER-749Ranger KMS to support multiple KMS instances with keys across multiple clustersGautam BoradResolved
MajorBugRANGER-752Name node not starting due StackOverFlowError exception Ramesh ManiResolved
MajorBugRANGER-753Optimize tag download performanceAbhay KulkarniResolved
MajorBugRANGER-754Ranger YARN Plugin lookup and test connection should support SPENGO enabled HTTP Authentication Ramesh ManiResolved
MajorBugRANGER-755ldap script fails since auth directory does not existSailaja PolavarapuResolved
MajorBugRANGER-756LdapTool fails with -r option to retrieve only users/group/allSailaja PolavarapuResolved
MajorBugRANGER-757[LDAP tool] authentication fails if use -d option to search only usersSailaja PolavarapuResolved
MajorBugRANGER-758Handle special characters in passwords starting from -r Gautam BoradResolved
MajorBugRANGER-759Fix Ranger Knox SSO logout/session expired issuesGautam BoradResolved
MajorBugRANGER-760Ranger UI code cleanupGautam BoradResolved
MajorBugRANGER-761Transaction logs not getting generated under audit menu admin tab if policy name is changedGautam BoradResolved
MajorBugRANGER-764Kafka plugin: new operation types supported by kafaka plugin should be added to service definition.Alok LalResolved
MajorBugRANGER-765Handle logout scenario for knox sso disabled caseGautam BoradResolved
MajorBugRANGER-767Refactor UserGroupSink implementation and consolidate performance improvementsSailaja PolavarapuResolved
MajorBugRANGER-769Can't connect to Solr server because of Httpcore issue in HBaseAneela SaleemResolved
MajorBugRANGER-770Fix NullPointerException Unit test cases on master branchGautam BoradResolved
MajorBugRANGER-773Fix newly found Coverity scan issues for Ranger KMSGautam BoradResolved
MajorBugRANGER-775Annotate classes used in REST API with ignoreUnknown=true for version compatibilityMadhan NeethirajResolved
MajorImprovementRANGER-776Write sql patch to create Ranger user 'rangertagsync' for all DBGautam BoradResolved
MajorBugRANGER-777Kafka plugin should build/work with the kafka v0.9 jar with authorization support that have been pushed to public reposAlok LalResolved
MajorBugRANGER-778Fix user update issueVelmurugan PeriasamyResolved
MajorBugRANGER-779Remove unused attributes in RangerPolicyItemMadhan NeethirajResolved
MajorBugRANGER-780Atlas-Interface: Update Atlas Notification processing to accommodate format changes to qualifiedName attributeAbhay KulkarniResolved
MajorBugRANGER-781Ranger Kafka Plugin failed to log audit into secure hdfs clusterDon Bosco DuraiResolved
MajorBugRANGER-784Annotate REST API classes to use get/set methods instead of directly accessing fieldsMadhan NeethirajResolved
MajorBugRANGER-788Ranger Admin should set delegateAdmin=false for tag-based policiesAbhay KulkarniResolved
MajorBugRANGER-789Incorrect policy list paging for non-admin usersGautam BoradResolved
MajorBugRANGER-791Update ranger to work with HiveAuthorizer interface changesMadhan NeethirajResolved
MajorBugRANGER-792Updates for Atlas API changes in ATLAS-394Madhan NeethirajResolved
MajorBugRANGER-793Atlas notification dependencies should be included in ranger-tagsync packageAbhay KulkarniResolved
MajorBugRANGER-794Ranger policy engine performance measurementAbhay KulkarniResolved
MajorBugRANGER-795Ranger admin does not start when SSL is enabled.Mohammad ArshadResolved
MajorBugRANGER-796Good coding practice: fix issues in updates from RANGER-794Abhay KulkarniResolved
MajorBugRANGER-797Good coding practice: fix issues in updates from RANGER-789Madhan NeethirajResolved
MajorBugRANGER-798Handle different timezone issue while saving audit logs to SolrGautam BoradResolved
MajorBugRANGER-799Ranger UI fixes - partial search not working on Policy listing pageGautam BoradResolved
MajorBugRANGER-800Move Context enricher implementation RangerFileBasedGeolocationProvider out of test into prodAlok LalResolved
MajorBugRANGER-801Enable tagsync to run in secure mode.Alok LalResolved
MajorBugRANGER-802HBase plugin: Implement the new methods added to MasterObservers Interface and mimic their implementation in Hbase AccessControllerAlok LalResolved
MajorNew FeatureRANGER-803Support multiple OU in LDAP search for Ranger usersyncSailaja PolavarapuResolved
MajorBugRANGER-804Delete groups associated with User causes Exception in UserSyncGautam BoradResolved
MajorBugRANGER-805Update Ranger website FAQsSelvamohan NeethirajResolved
MajorTaskRANGER-806Ranger cli utility to delete users from Ranger DBPradeep AgrawalResolved
MajorBugRANGER-807TagSync should support periodic full sync with Apache AtlasAbhay KulkarniResolved
MajorBugRANGER-809Audit framework need to cache the getHostName() values to reuse for successive callsRamesh ManiResolved
MajorBugRANGER-814In Ranger Audit using Solr, auto create fields should be single valuedDon Bosco DuraiResolved
MajorImprovementRANGER-815In Solr managed-schema, we should set default for event_count and seq_numDon Bosco DuraiResolved
MajorImprovementRANGER-819Allow pasting into password fields in Ranger web UIJim HalfpennyResolved
MajorImprovementRANGER-822Add PMD maven plugin to keep source code analyzer run as part of verify processSelvamohan NeethirajResolved
MajorTaskRANGER-823Update the version number to 0.6.0 on the maven pom.xml filesSelvamohan NeethirajResolved
MajorImprovementRANGER-827Use system supplied mechanism to get users and groups on unixBolke de BruinResolved
MajorBugRANGER-831Single policy update increases policy history version by 2 - gives error to view historyGautam BoradResolved
MajorImprovementRANGER-833In Ranger UI add support for usernames containing a plus "+" symbolGautam BoradResolved
MajorBugRANGER-836Optimize policy download to plugins - by not including unused fieldsAbhay KulkarniResolved
MajorBugRANGER-838Tag-sync should be resilient to Ranger Admin availabilityAbhay KulkarniResolved
MajorBugRANGER-840ranger-admin and ranger-usersync does not honour the SSL truststore propertySailaja PolavarapuResolved
MajorImprovementRANGER-842Allow PAM for authenticationSelvamohan NeethirajResolved
MajorSub-taskRANGER-843Add indexes to improve Postgres query performanceGautam BoradResolved
MajorSub-taskRANGER-844Optimize policy retrieval for non-admin usersAbhay KulkarniResolved
MajorBugRANGER-847Fix code scan issuesBolke de BruinResolved
MajorSub-taskRANGER-848Policy listing page: users column is empty for non-admin usersGautam BoradResolved
MajorBugRANGER-849Good coding practice: fix potentil Null Pointer dereferenceAbhay KulkarniResolved
MajorBugRANGER-850Test test30getPolicyFromEventTime does not fail but it throws an NPEAlok LalResolved
MajorSub-taskRANGER-851Remove all occurrences from code that would violate PMD EmptyFinallyBlock ruleAlok LalResolved
MajorBugRANGER-852ArrayOutOfBoundsException can be triggered due to faulty check in UnixUserGroupBuilderBolke de BruinClosed
MajorBugRANGER-853Remove the unused project lookup-client as its contents were moved into individual plugin project since ranger-0.5 releaseAlok LalResolved
MajorImprovementRANGER-857Unify (and update) Tomcat versionsColm O hEigeartaighResolved
MajorBugRANGER-859Allow user to define custom log directory during Ranger installationGautam BoradResolved
MajorSub-taskRANGER-860Fix DuplicateImports/UnusedImportsColm O hEigeartaighResolved
MajorBugRANGER-863Make parameters like maxHttpHeaderSize configurable for EmbeddedServer Pradeep AgrawalResolved
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