Version 0.8


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Released: 25/Dec/14

Release Notes

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CriticalBugOODT-644Protocol tests are extremely buggy and unstableTom BarberClosed
MajorBugOODT-146Source Repository Pages Need UpdateCameron GoodaleClosed
MajorBugOODT-374Broken link in Query Server User GuideUnassignedClosed
MajorBugOODT-378Build Dependency IssuesChris A. MattmannClosed
MajorImprovementOODT-630Upgrade OODT components from using Tika 0.8 to Tika 1.6Tyler Bui-PalsulichResolved
MajorSub-taskOODT-631Upgrade use of deprecated method getMimeType(URL) across OODT componentsTyler Bui-PalsulichResolved
MajorSub-taskOODT-632Update pom.xml references of tika 0.8 to tika 1.3Tyler Bui-PalsulichResolved
MajorSub-taskOODT-646Deduplicate LICENSE, LICENSE.txt, NOTICE and NOTICE.txtTyler Bui-PalsulichResolved
MajorBugOODT-660TestCogJGlobusFtpProtocol fails if another service is using TCP port 9000UnassignedClosed
MajorSub-taskOODT-700Create a Spark Runner for the WengineUnassignedClosed
MajorBugOODT-748Update Agility description to Apache OODTUnassignedResolved
MajorBugOODT-750Issue with running mvn site:site due to old findbugs pluginChris A. MattmannResolved
MajorBugOODT-751OPSUI pages constantly expireChris A. MattmannResolved
MajorNew FeatureOODT-754contribute ProdTypePatternMetExtractorRicky NguyenResolved
MajorBugOODT-757bug that prevents PGE to instantiate AutoDetectProductCrawlerLuca CinquiniClosed
MajorBugOODT-768query-tool utility incorrect relative path for filemanger componentChris A. MattmannResolved
MajorBugOODT-769The wiki page command installs 0.6 version of the oodt radix installerLewis John McGibbneyResolved
MajorBugOODT-776Test fix: log messages can be different for different localesChris A. MattmannResolved
MajorBugOODT-777Update fileconcatenator-pge.tar for building fileconcatenator-pgeChris A. MattmannResolved
MajorBugOODT-783RADiX Crawler action bean config refers to WORKFLOWMGR_URLChris A. MattmannResolved
MajorBugOODT-785Update batch stub with legacyMode set to trueChris A. MattmannResolved
MajorBugOODT-786Change shebang to bash for proper color outputChris A. MattmannResolved
MajorStoryOODT-794OODT PushPull performance for varied TCP window sizeUnassignedResolved
MinorImprovementOODT-385Upgrade Tika to version 1.0Tyler Bui-PalsulichResolved
MinorBugOODT-473Remove "Deleted" Metadata Flag from Solr IndexerTom BarberClosed
MinorTaskOODT-645Fix discrepancies with 0.6 ReleaseTyler Bui-PalsulichResolved
MinorBugOODT-756HttpClient NoClassDefFoundError For the url-downloader ScriptChris A. MattmannResolved
MinorBugOODT-763Incorrect path to OODT_HOME and FILEMGR_HOME in query_toolChris A. MattmannResolved
MinorSub-taskOODT-764Create a Resource Manager Backend That MuliplexesUnassignedClosed
MinorBugOODT-767Add PGE to RADiX ArchetypeUnassignedClosed
MinorImprovementOODT-782Resource manager port number must be compatible with the one used in workflow.propertiesChris A. MattmannResolved
MinorBugOODT-787PGE_ROOT env variable does not work in PGEConfig.xml and tasks.xmlChris A. MattmannResolved
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