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Sathwik Bantwal Premakumar committed 1801145 (1 file)
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ode 1.3.7 release news

Tammo van Lessen committed 1744587 (1 file)
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removing links to nightly builds, see ODE-1047

Tammo van Lessen committed 1744574 (1 file)
Sathwik Bantwal Premakumar committed 1640071 (1 file)
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Draft integrating Bitonix TM with Tomcat and ODE

Luc Maisonobe committed 1558462 (2 files)
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Fixed an issue with noisy functions for ODE events detection.

The issue was not detected in Apache Commons Math but in similar code in
Orekit (see

Tammo van Lessen committed 1501328 (1 file)
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CMS commit to ode by vanto

Sathwik Bantwal Premakumar committed 1490235 (1 file)
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CMS commit to ode by sathwik

Tammo van Lessen committed 1490233 (1 file)
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Luc Maisonobe committed 1458298 (5 files)
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Added a way to trigger only increasing or decreasing events in ODE.

The method used is completely different from what was suggested in the
request report. It is fully compatible with previous versions and most
importantly has no side effects on users that do not need this feature,
as it is based on an upstream filtering of the event definition
function. The events detection logic is not modified and it fact it does
not even know events are filtered before they are detected.


Luc Maisonobe committed 1458294 (3 files)
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Fixed missing update in ODE event handlers.

When a RESET_STATE was triggered, event states for events not triggered
in the same step were not updated properly.


Luc Maisonobe committed 1451658 (2 files)
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Improved javadoc to explain how switching functions should behave across
events in ODE events detection.


Hadrian Zbarcea committed 1437220 (27 files)
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ODE-987. Remove unnecessary generics from ReceiveProcess

ode trunk
Hadrian Zbarcea committed 1437219 (26 files)
Reviews: none

ODE-987. Introduce default constructor for ReceiveProcess

ode trunk