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Jan le Roux committed 1815412 (3 files)
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No functional change.

With this fix, about the Quicksand Google font licensed under the
SIL OPEN FONT LICENSE Version 1.1, we are now clear from all licensing issues
Though we are still waiting for INFRA-15466 to check the RAT Buildbot result...

BTW I referred to about how to
handle this case. Only a change in NOTICE was needed, not in LICENSE. Nice TLP
document, that I'll check again later...

Chris Lambertus <> committed ba1b43be08ef520a43d88409f50e882773a9c179 (1 file)
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raise dev limit for nifi to 1.1GB per INFRA-14091

Daniel Gruno <> committed c121ba970d943a6a8a712d3e99a2651def9ab5cc (1 file)
Chris Lambertus <> committed 12e628c3b074ababaacef86cfc14dd6423783920 (1 file)
Reviews: none

INFRA-12253 - increase commit size limit for nifi

Geoffrey Corey <> committed a187d6dee5b5819e50494477e34d0ad95c109fd2 (1 file)
Chris Lambertus <> committed 4ad1963286a1a749c1ae1d074a8a2dc9aa28829a (1 file)
Reviews: none

merge nifi dist size change from hades add svnmailer package

Geoffrey Corey <> committed 91300a64464600e732072c17b89df0c653f5a473 (1 file)
Geoffrey Corey <> committed cc426c0002f540e1f609486224e4ff5c4856132c (1 file)
Geoffrey Corey <> committed c3c4ff383349f0f71d1f1d5eb02fff4e177fa7c7 (1 file)
pctony <> committed 65b6862e7707ba59bca25658d5a86033987f0bd0 (0 files)
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Merge branch 'nifi-cms' into deployment

Chris Lambertus <> committed 77d77b314d7d20f00b6d00afb70c46630a01ec47 (1 file)
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INFRA-9291 - migrate nifi to raw publish away from CMS

Chris Lambertus <> committed 9bbed8f46ecb83b8ac7aa24eb4de84583fd86da7 (1 file)
Chris Lambertus <> committed ad4be1293bcd05cef85b23d768d2c19ac4b68489 (1 file)
Geoffrey Corey <> committed f992ee4568bb45393f0df912f52e6e3b8800ab97 (1 file)
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point to correct location for nifi (incubator)

Geoffrey Corey <> committed aa7da1214f37543fe97a33caad2cee1fd18f0ff8 (1 file)
Reviews: none

Add nifi, tamaya, and taverna to buildbot stuff, didn't get transferred over from svn rebuild

Chris Lambertus <> committed 9ae724260af2d3b431b8e23f811f280668863186 (1 file)
Chris Lambertus <> committed b022bb54ffb534705b78775326e5bc5bb09d7d07 (1 file)
Geoffrey Corey <> committed 03e2d9ed665a0af0560b715560fdee1ef77eb06e (1 file)