Carefully read How to Report Bugs Effectively. Failure to provide a good bug report will delay or even prevent resolution of your issue.

Proper bug reports include self-contained example projects with precise instructions on how to reproduce the bug. As a minimum, a debug log (mvn -X goal > build.log) is required to collect necessary information about your software stack (OS, Java, Maven, plugins) like versions and configuration. Please note that the plugin configuration dumps in a debug log might contain sensitive information like passwords, so be sure to erase those before log submission.

Before reporting a new bug, please double check whether the bug is still present in the latest release version of Maven. There is generally no reason to fill duplicate bug reports for issues that have already been fixed in newer releases.

The MNG JIRA project is for bugs and feature requests targetting the core of Apache Maven. Problems with any of the following components should be filled against their specific issue trackers: Issues encountered with embedded use of Maven inside an IDE or CI server need to be filled against the respective integrator: The issue tracker is not a support forum. Questions regarding the usage of Maven belong to the user list. Follow netiquette before asking questions:
  • Search the mail archives first
  • Read the official FAQ
  • Use your favorite web search engine to locate existing information about the topic
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