Version 2.0.2-alpha


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Released: 09/Oct/12

Release Notes

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Warnings indicate when the status of a JIRA issue doesn't reflect related development activity. For example: an issue marked complete that has an open pull request should be marked as still being in progress.

Unreviewed Code

These issues have been marked complete but the commits are not part of a pull request or review.

BlockerBugMAPREDUCE-3650testGetTokensForHftpFS() failsRavi PrakashClosed3 commits
BlockerBugMAPREDUCE-4068Jars in lib subdirectory of the submittable JAR are not added to the classpathRobert KanterClosed3 commits
BlockerImprovementMAPREDUCE-4079Allow MR AppMaster to limit ephemeral port range.Robert Joseph EvansClosed4 commits
BlockerBugMAPREDUCE-4089Hung Tasks never time out. Robert Joseph EvansClosed3 commits
BlockerBugMAPREDUCE-4092commitJob Exception does not fail job (regression in 0.23 vs 0.20)Jonathan EaglesClosed3 commits
BlockerBugMAPREDUCE-4264Got ClassCastException when using mapreduce.history.server.delegationtoken.required=trueThomas GravesClosed1 commit
BlockerBugMAPREDUCE-4313TestTokenCache doesn't compile due TokenCache.getDelegationToken compilation errorRobert Joseph EvansClosed2 commits
BlockerBugMAPREDUCE-4379Node Manager throws java.lang.OutOfMemoryError: Java heap space due to org.apache.hadoop.fs.LocalDirAllocator.contextsDevaraj KClosed3 commits
BlockerBugMAPREDUCE-4441Fix build issue caused by MR-3451Karthik KambatlaClosed2 commits
BlockerBugMAPREDUCE-4444nodemanager fails to start when one of the local-dirs is badJason LoweClosed3 commits
CriticalBugMAPREDUCE-3350Per-app RM page should have the list of application-attempts like on the app JHS pageJonathan EaglesClosed6 commits
CriticalBugMAPREDUCE-3543Mavenize Gridmix.Thomas GravesClosed3 commits
CriticalSub-taskMAPREDUCE-3613web service calls header contains 2 content typesThomas GravesClosed3 commits
CriticalBugMAPREDUCE-3728ShuffleHandler can't access results when configured in a secure modeDing YuanClosed3 commits
CriticalBugMAPREDUCE-3782teragen terasort jobs fail when using webhdfs:// Jason LoweClosed4 commits
CriticalImprovementMAPREDUCE-3842stop webpages from automatic refreshingThomas GravesClosed3 commits
CriticalBugMAPREDUCE-3889job client tries to use /tasklog interface, but that doesn't exist anymoreDevaraj KClosed3 commits
CriticalBugMAPREDUCE-3893allow capacity scheduler configs maximum-applications and maximum-am-resource-percent configurable on a per queue basisThomas GravesClosed3 commits
CriticalBugMAPREDUCE-3927Shuffle hang when set map.failures.percentBhallamudi Venkata Siva KameshClosed3 commits
CriticalBugMAPREDUCE-3932MR tasks failing and crashing the AM when available-resources/headRoom becomes zeroRobert Joseph EvansClosed3 commits
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