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gmcdonald <> committed b1a06496a1782c3757becbeae77150e8486446e4 (1 file)
Hoss Man committed 998383 (1 file)
Reviews: none

LUCENE-2563: redirect for Lucy URLs

Hoss Man committed 983077 (1 file)
Reviews: none

LUCENE-2563: Removing lucene/lucy directory as it has already been migrated to

Kenneth Stephen committed 956161 (2 files)
Reviews: none

Add stubs for SegReader and SegWriter. This should have been part of the
LUCY-110 contribution, but was inadvertently left out of both the patch and
the commit.

Kenneth Stephen committed 954137 (1 file)
Reviews: none

Add Lucy to the June 2010 report.

Kenneth Stephen committed 953509 (6 files)
Reviews: none

Add numeric FieldType classes: abstract classes NumericType, IntType,
FloatType, and concrete classes Int32Type, Int64Type, Float32Type and
Float64Type. (LUCY-108)