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Released: 01/Jan/14

Release Notes

Bug fixes and new features, at least requires Java 6.0Show more

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Unreviewed Code

These issues have been marked complete but the commits are not part of a pull request or review.

BlockerBugLANG-805RandomStringUtils.random(count, 0, 0, false, false, universe, random) always throws java.lang.ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsExceptionUnassignedClosed2 commits
MajorNew FeatureLANG-462FastDateFormat supports parseUnassignedClosed3 commits
MajorNew FeatureLANG-675Add Triplet class (similar to Pair)UnassignedClosed1 commit
MajorBugLANG-747NumberUtils does not handle Long Hex numbersUnassignedClosed2 commits
MajorImprovementLANG-753Document v3.x changes to Validate APIUnassignedClosed1 commit
MajorBugLANG-762Handle or document ReflectionToStringBuilder and ToStringBuilder for collections that are not thread safeUnassignedClosed4 commits
MajorBugLANG-765EventListenerSupport.ProxyInvocationHandler defines serialVersionUID but is not SerializableUnassignedClosed1 commit
MajorBugLANG-775TypeUtils.getTypeArguments() misses type arguments for partially-assigned classesMatt BensonClosed2 commits
MajorBugLANG-776TypeUtilsTest contains incorrect type assignability assertion due to lost/skipped type variable information during the decision processMatt BensonClosed2 commits
MajorBugLANG-786StringUtils equals() relies on undefined behaviorUnassignedClosed1 commit
MajorBugLANG-788SerializationUtils throws ClassNotFoundException when cloning primitive classesGary GregoryClosed1 commit
MajorNew FeatureLANG-795Replace all "String encoding" parameters with CharsetUnassignedClosed1 commit
MajorImprovementLANG-798Use generics in SerializationUtilsUnassignedClosed4 commits
MajorBugLANG-802LocaleUtils - unnecessary recursive call in SyncAvoid classUnassignedClosed1 commit
MajorBugLANG-810StringUtils.join() endIndex, bugged for loopUnassignedClosed1 commit
MajorTaskLANG-812Permit bitvector generation for Enums with > 64 valuesMatt BensonClosed1 commit
MajorBugLANG-813StringUtils.equalsIgnoreCase doesn't check string reference equalityUnassignedClosed1 commit
MajorBugLANG-814[Method|Constructor]Utils.invoke*(*, Object... args) variants cannot handle null valuesMatt BensonClosed2 commits
MajorBugLANG-817Add org.apache.commons.lang3.SystemUtils.IS_OS_WINDOWS_8UnassignedClosed1 commit
MajorBugLANG-818FastDateFormat's "z" pattern does not respect timezone of Calendar instances passed to format()UnassignedClosed1 commit
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