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Mark Thomas committed 1737224 (3 files)
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Default ciphers +="!kRSA"
SSL Labs now reports a A grade for the default TLS config for JSSE and APR/native with Jaav 7 and 8.

Mark Thomas committed 1737212 (4 files)
Gunnar Tapper <gtapper@esgyn.local> committed e3c35c59c04edee8e009d7ce10a3352622531d48 (12 files)
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Added Google Analytics Tracking to all .html pages. Code: UA-72491210-1.
For the website pages, this is accomplished by adding
<googleAnalyticsAccountID> tag to the site.xml file.

For asciidoc files, an extension from asciidoc-extension-labs provides the
needed function:


Like asciidoc itself, this extension uses the MIT license.

In addition, it has a dependency on jruby.


Please build the website and the asciidoc files as documented at:

There no real need to replace the .pdf files but it's simpler to replace
all the latest and 1.3.0 documentation.

Justin Mclean <> committed 188fa2d03b5248fb6f347f1973efa83a255c5655 (1 file)
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Added support for Flash Player 11.8 on labs

Justin Mclean <> committed 65d2aec5a80e2da5f01fb1b4f64204f67a5f6644 (1 file)
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Added support for AIR 3.8 on labs

Ted Husted committed 392051 (32 files)
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MailReader Course
* Add lab 2-2
* Add missing files from other labs.

strutssandbox trunk
Ted Husted committed 391993 (7 files)
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mailreader app
* Shorten folder names for the labs
** The source code is a completed version of each lab.
** Lab 0 is the "boostrap" lab
** After that, each lab builds on the preceding lab, so that the starting point for lab 1-2 is the completed lab 1-1.
** Some labs include "hint code" taken from the solution, to help people get started.

Henri Gomez committed 297777 (12 files)
no_author committed 89583 (1 file)
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This commit was manufactured by cvs2svn to create branch 'APACHE_LABS'.

no_author committed 89577 (1 file)
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This commit was manufactured by cvs2svn to create branch 'APACHE_LABS'.

no_author committed 89572 (1 file)
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This commit was manufactured by cvs2svn to create branch 'APACHE_LABS'.

Raphael Seebacher committed 84583 (2 files)
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PORT: Add support for Amdahl UTS 4.3 and later.

Submitted by: Dave Dykstra <>
PR: 5654

dgaudet committed 83068 (2 files)
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deal with UTS compiler error

PR: 4189
Submitted by: Dave Dykstra <>

Martin Kendall committed 82541 (2 files)
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RFC2396 allows the syntax http://host:/path (with no port number)
but the proxy disallowed it (ap_proxy_canon_netloc()).

Submitted by: David Kristol <>

Raphael Seebacher committed 82210 (2 files)
Reviews: none

Fallback from sysconf-based to plain HZ-based `ticks per second'
calculation in mod_status for all systems which don't have POSIX
sysconf() (like UTS 2.1) and not only for the NEXT platform.

Submitted by: Dave Dykstra <>
Reviewed by: Ralf S. Engelschall
PR: 3055

Raphael Seebacher committed 82143 (2 files)
Reviews: none

PORT: Fix sys/resource.h handling for Amdahl's UTS 2.1

Submitted by: Dave Dykstra <>
PR: 3054