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Daniel Takamori <> committed f676f9444b0199eb03c4e3f6c3b969790b23f8ce (1 file)
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[OF] wrong directory for jspwiki-site

Daniel Takamori <> committed 4e72955aa5bcf475204ea586acba9d1ccdb5b5b1 (2 files)
Daniel Takamori <> committed 5db10d5d0c500b6df8c6569abda41825172b5893 (1 file)
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OF: removing jspwiki-site from gitpubsub INFRA-13716

Daniel Takamori <> committed 7deafb4985c299aaa13a358af84e403f4e5a18fb (1 file)
Chris Thistlethwaite <> committed 5aaf46edc487f604994c3db801789a52d4f382a7 (1 file)
Reviews: none

Initial build of

Daniel Takamori <> committed 8322c0e3c598f0cb338077d8756454c65ccf050a (1 file)
Chris Lambertus <> committed 70e39dbfbd253d158804e6492f7079b773a447f6 (1 file)
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propagte jspwiki ssl fix to tlp-eu-mid

Mark Thomas committed 734577 (3 files)
Mark Thomas committed 730694 (1 file)
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Limit the package test to org.apache.jsp.* rather than org.apache.jsp* to allow use of packages like org.apache.jspwiki