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Release: 16/Jul/07

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2.1 Minor improvements and bugfix releaseShow more

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Unreviewed Code

These issues have been marked complete but the commits are not part of a pull request or review.

BlockerBugJS2-681Login portlet doesn't run in Tomcat ROOT contextAte DoumaClosed2 commits
BlockerBugJS2-688Unable to use Jetspeed servicesDavid Sean TaylorClosed2 commits
MajorBugJS2-282Error when session expires and portlet window is maximizedAte DoumaClosed3 commits
MajorNew FeatureJS2-317Virtual Portal ImplementationDavid Sean TaylorClosed1 commit
MajorBugJS2-484UserDetailsPortlet doesn't "see" newly added roles until after logging out and in againAte DoumaClosed1 commit
MajorBugJS2-502cannot disable userAte DoumaClosed1 commit
MajorBugJS2-657Installer fails with firewallAte DoumaClosed1 commit
MajorBugJS2-660Request attribute not available in jsp when using the JetspeedPowerToolDavid Sean TaylorClosed1 commit
MajorBugJS2-661Error in the antinstall-config scriptAte DoumaClosed1 commit
MajorBugJS2-667Portlet Selector is not returning to the correct page after navigationDavid Sean TaylorClosed2 commits
MajorBugJS2-669Site Manager Admin portlet does not allow copying of a resource into the same folder where it existsDavid Sean TaylorClosed2 commits
MajorImprovementJS2-673Set sql.src.path value in the project.propertiesAte DoumaClosed1 commit
MajorBugJS2-674Site component fails on profile navigations for subsitesDavid Sean TaylorClosed3 commits
MajorBugJS2-675Site Manager Admin portlet: cannot view pages located via profiling rules with navigations or controlsDavid Sean TaylorClosed2 commits
MajorBugJS2-682Jetspeed thread waiting to lock for infinity timeDavid Sean TaylorClosed1 commit
MajorImprovementJS2-683Folder/Page customizer improvementShinsuke SugayaClosed1 commit
MajorBugJS2-687jetspeed deployment engine removes WEB-INF/tld/portlet.tld from portlet app web archiveAte DoumaClosed1 commit
MajorBugJS2-689Spring Bean Factory creation of Prototype (non-singleton) beans causes serious performance degradation under loadDavid Sean TaylorClosed1 commit
MajorBugJS2-690Caching issue with Print ModeDavid Sean TaylorClosed1 commit
MajorBugJS2-692Fragment ids are not automatically created, causing runtime errorsDavid Sean TaylorClosed1 commit
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