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Released: 20/Jul/14

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BlockerBugINFRA-7812Deploys to Nexus staging repo randomly failUnassignedClosed
BlockerTaskINFRA-7960Update OFBiz trunk Buildbot config to use Java 7GavinClosed
BlockerBugINFRA-7997OFBiz VM can't recover after a disk fulljan iversenClosed
BlockerBugINFRA-10025Account issue, due to change in email brought upon by change in employerGavinClosed
CriticalNew FeatureINFRA-7032puppet for centOS, and create standard imagejan iversenClosed
CriticalBugINFRA-7593add eirine-ssl and clean up cross ref. from erebus-ssl/nyx-ssl UnassignedClosed
CriticalBugINFRA-7898roller-vm cleanup issues.GavinClosed
CriticalBugINFRA-7901Mailing lists broken?Joe SchaeferClosed
CriticalTaskINFRA-7928change rsync check in circonus to script.jan iversenClosed
CriticalTaskINFRA-7977Allow to switch Java version in OFBiz-VMjan iversenClosed
CriticalBugINFRA-8031HBase builds fail due to /home/hudson/tools being inaccessibleGavinClosed
MajorTaskINFRA-7243Buildbot job to publish quid trunk documentationUnassignedClosed
MajorBugINFRA-7488flex-sdk (and other) Jenkins builds failingGavinClosed
MajorTaskINFRA-7513Remove retired podlings (kitty, zetacomponents) from svnwcsub.confDaniel GrunoClosed
MajorBugINFRA-7522Please change update procedureGavinClosed forgets my password EVERY DAYGavinClosed
MajorPlanned WorkINFRA-7648Ensure that backups of blogs.a.o are comprehensive and happeningGavinClosed
MajorImprovementINFRA-7689JIRA is too slowGavinClosed
MajorBugINFRA-7703Improve Aegis LoggingGavinClosed
MajorTaskINFRA-7707svnpubsub dist area for AbderaGavinClosed
MajorTaskINFRA-7708activate snmpd on all machines with disk arrays or core services.UnassignedClosed
MajorPlanned WorkINFRA-7732Explore preserving ownership information for backupsGavinClosed
MajorBugINFRA-7749Unable to invite user, error creating invitationUnassignedClosed
MajorTaskINFRA-7754Restart jena.zones.aoGavinClosed
MajorBugINFRA-7755Can't assign any roles in Spark JIRAGavinClosed
MajorTaskINFRA-7772create Slider confluence wikiDaniel KulpClosed
MajorNew FeatureINFRA-7773New private mailing list tm-registrations@apache.orgChris A. MattmannClosed
MajorTaskINFRA-7776Create git repository for new incubator podling optiqJake FarrellClosed
MajorTaskINFRA-7822Please close down cactus-user@jakarta.apache.orgDaniel GrunoClosed
MajorTaskINFRA-7825Import GitHub Issues for BROOKLYN ProjectJake FarrellClosed
MajorBugINFRA-7829Have "Target Version/s" always displayed in Spark JIRAJake FarrellClosed
MajorPlanned WorkINFRA-7847Eve: Have OSUOSL scrapGavinClosed
MajorWishINFRA-7873ASF subversion and git services in Work Log, not CommentsDaniel GrunoClosed
MajorNew FeatureINFRA-7874New status for MESOS project: AcceptedJake FarrellClosed
MajorTaskINFRA-7888Need VM for Panopticon, a web UI for tracking/managing ASF projects.jan iversenClosed
MajorTaskINFRA-7890Rename easyant git repositoriesJake FarrellClosed
MajorBugINFRA-7891git.a.o create-mirror script brokenJake FarrellClosed
MajorNew FeatureINFRA-7903uptime graphs for (at least) core servicesjan iversenClosed
MajorNew JIRA ProjectINFRA-7904Set up JIRA for Optiq (Incubator) Jake FarrellClosed
MajorBugINFRA-7907circonus future maintenance window is sent to #asfinfra as current.jan iversenClosed
MajorNew FeatureINFRA-7908circonus commands in #asfinfra.jan iversenClosed
MajorTaskINFRA-7912Create svn accounts for VirtualJake FarrellClosed
MajorBugINFRA-7914Unable to log into blog serverDaniel GrunoClosed
MajorBugINFRA-7915Identify shared resource issues interfering with NexusUnassignedClosed
MajorBugINFRA-7916monitoring a proxied url (https/http) uses the wrong target.jan iversenClosed
MajorWishINFRA-7917graph response statistic from jirajan iversenClosed
MajorBugINFRA-7918Provide Spark with a github access token that allows closing PR'sGavinClosed
MajorTaskINFRA-7920Need ldap-client at appl. level for panopticon-vm.apache.orgUnassignedClosed
MajorTaskINFRA-7921svnpubsub for Brooklyn (incubating) websiteDaniel GrunoClosed
MajorTaskINFRA-7922Enable TravisCI for PDFBoxDaniel GrunoClosed
MajorWishINFRA-7923add facility to run normal scripts that send metric to circonus.jan iversenClosed
MajorBugINFRA-7924translate-vm2 has wrong file permissions on po files == backup does not workjan iversenClosed
MajorNew FeatureINFRA-7925Replacement vm for svn-qavmjan iversenClosed
MajorTaskINFRA-7926vmware host lacks memory.UnassignedClosed
MajorTaskINFRA-7930Enable TravisCI for incubator-parquetDaniel GrunoClosed
MajorTaskINFRA-7932update category of deltaspikeGavinClosed
MajorTaskINFRA-7933Allow Attachments / HTML to marketing@cloudstack.apache.orgUnassignedClosed
MajorBugINFRA-7934Wrong email address in review board notificatoins for MetaModel groupGavinClosed
MajorTaskINFRA-7935Re-route emails from JIRA updates to for Apache FlinkGavinClosed
MajorBugINFRA-7937Need mysql backups disabling on bil zoneGavinClosed
MajorTaskINFRA-7939need karma to push to ASF staging maven for org.apache.giraphUnassignedClosed
MajorBugINFRA-7940Baldr complains of no hel jail, mysql errorsGavinClosed
MajorBugINFRA-7941Mino rsync cron failing, looks for BiaGavinClosed
MajorTaskINFRA-7942Stratos - send Github Pull Requests to dev mailing listDaniel GrunoClosed
MajorBugINFRA-7944remove dead hosts from monitoringjan iversenClosed
MajorBugINFRA-7947reset password on for a/c gkesavanGavinClosed
MajorBugINFRA-7948Kafka snapshots have disappearedUnassignedClosed
MajorTaskINFRA-7950Setup Fleece (incubator) websiteJake FarrellClosed
MajorTaskINFRA-7951Install Fail2ban on AegisGavinClosed
MajorTaskINFRA-7952Ofbiz Cron job on Aegis failing to remove .svn dirGavinClosed
MajorTaskINFRA-7954Convert Slider site to CMSJake FarrellClosed
MajorTaskINFRA-7955Access rights to push to gitGavinClosed
MajorBugINFRA-7957Allura VM Cron show backups failingGavinClosed
MajorTaskINFRA-7958Please add new committer dipanjan21 to JIRA commons-developersMark ThomasClosed
MajorBugINFRA-7959Nexus for Apache GiraphUnassignedClosed
MajorTaskINFRA-7961The status page must be updated for OFBiz demosjan iversenClosed
MajorBugINFRA-7966translate-vm2 has problems rebooting.jan iversenClosed
MajorNew FeatureINFRA-7968new DE mirrorUnassignedClosed
MajorImprovementINFRA-7970Enable enhanced reports for Rapid BoardsJake FarrellClosed
MajorImprovementINFRA-7971Modify notification behavior for MESOSJake FarrellClosed
MajorTaskINFRA-7974setup fleece jira permissionsJake FarrellClosed
MajorBugINFRA-7978Mobile confluence wiki site does not return desired contentGavinClosed
MajorBugINFRA-7980Samza: Create dist and release directory in SVNGavinClosed
MajorTaskINFRA-7981Create an "issues" mailing list for Apache Optiq projectJake FarrellClosed
MajorWishINFRA-7982Make PHP and mod_php available on people.apache.orgUnassignedClosed
MajorImprovementINFRA-7985Mirror applicationHenk PenningClosed
MajorTaskINFRA-7986Nexus access for OptiqUnassignedClosed
MajorTaskINFRA-7988Create buildbot SVN hook for TomEE branch 1.7.xGavinClosed
MajorBugINFRA-7989ci.a.o points to old continuum locationGavinClosed unresponsive, http + sshjan iversenClosed
MajorBugINFRA-7991Please point to branch "trunk"Daniel GrunoClosed
MajorBugINFRA-7992Create account for dnorrisJake FarrellClosed
MajorTaskINFRA-7996Enable Nexus Access For incubator-brooklynUnassignedClosed
MajorBugINFRA-7998Circonus did not send an alert for OFBiz old demojan iversenClosed
MajorBugINFRA-7999Unable to access - status code 500GavinClosed
MajorTaskINFRA-8002Setup release dirs and svnpubsub for Samza podlingDaniel GrunoClosed
MajorNew FeatureINFRA-8004make a roadplan for monitoring at ASF.David NalleyClosed
MajorBugINFRA-8008 result in a timeout (not defined)jan iversenClosed
MajorImprovementINFRA-8009Add aliases to OpenOffice services monitoringjan iversenClosed
MajorBugINFRA-8010 is not accessiblejan iversenClosed
MajorBugINFRA-8011Cant assign user an issueJake FarrellClosed
MajorTaskINFRA-8014Give access on CWiki to bhaisaab (apache cloudstack committer)UnassignedClosed
MajorWishINFRA-8018Create a blog user accountJake FarrellClosed
MajorTaskINFRA-8021Turn on github integration to mail dev list for PhoenixJake FarrellClosed
MajorTaskINFRA-8022Please create a kanban board for HelixJake FarrellClosed
MajorBugINFRA-8023service of is unavailableDaniel GrunoClosed
MajorImprovementINFRA-8024Possible to create a security-team Jira role?UnassignedClosed
MajorTaskINFRA-8025Activate github integration for sirona projectJake FarrellClosed
MajorBugINFRA-8027Spark website is not properly mirroring SVNUnassignedClosed
MajorTaskINFRA-8028Can I change my username?Jake FarrellClosed
MajorWishINFRA-8029please create couchdb-ioq git repositoryJake FarrellClosed
MajorWishINFRA-8034Get karma to create agile boardsJake FarrellClosed
MajorTaskINFRA-8036activate travis on apache fleece github proxyJake FarrellClosed
MajorSub-taskINFRA-8049Tez TLP: Migrate git mirrorDaniel GrunoClosed
MajorBugINFRA-8054Can't access after several unsuccessful authenticationsDaniel GrunoClosed
MajorTaskINFRA-8055Create release folders for WaveDaniel GrunoClosed
MajorBugINFRA-8056cxf-fediz git repo not sending pull requests to dev@cxfUnassignedClosed
MajorWishINFRA-8066Setup TravisCI and AppVeyor for cordova-lib mirror on GitHubDaniel GrunoClosed
MajorTaskINFRA-8067Enable github integration on all CXF git reposDaniel GrunoClosed
MajorBugINFRA-8122surefire-dev and surefire-users are broken ?UnassignedClosed
MinorTaskINFRA-7508CWIKI groups can be removed: solr-committers & solr-adminsGavinClosed
MinorBugINFRA-7528Puppet leaves "apt-get" hanging when asking questionsjan iversenClosed
MinorTaskINFRA-7630Add Lucene project to ReviewBoard at FarrellClosed
MinorBugINFRA-7633MediaWiki: Summary input line garbledjan iversenClosed
MinorBugINFRA-7709incorrect IPv6 mirror choosing UnassignedClosed
MinorTaskINFRA-7724Grant carma to manage project in JIRAGavinClosed
MinorBugINFRA-7734rename ooo-forums.a.o -> ooo-forum-vm.a.oUnassignedClosed
MinorTaskINFRA-7746Enable outbound http on jena.zones.aoGavinClosed
MinorWishINFRA-7909Change default branch for directory projects on GitHubGavinClosed
MinorWishINFRA-7910add me to LABS project.GavinClosed
MinorTaskINFRA-7913Add GitHub integration to Ant git reposJake FarrellClosed
MinorTaskINFRA-7919DUCC demo needs "proper" URL & monitoringjan iversenClosed
MinorWishINFRA-7929Adding a markdown extension for the purpose of release automationJake FarrellClosed
MinorTaskINFRA-7931Subject munging adjustments for Lucy listsUnassignedClosed
MinorTaskINFRA-7943Add git repository incubator-brooklyn-siteJake FarrellClosed
MinorBugINFRA-7945Puppetize feathercast.a.ojan iversenClosed
MinorTaskINFRA-7946close down monitoring and monitoring2.UnassignedClosed
MinorWishINFRA-7953private svn repo for Cordova PMCDaniel GrunoClosed
MinorTaskINFRA-7962Add Lucene project committers to Confluence source-editors groupGavinClosed
MinorBugINFRA-7967remove mysql server on translate-vm2jan iversenClosed
MinorTaskINFRA-7979Jira Kanban setup - "no actions available to you now" - Brooklyn projectGavinClosed
MinorTaskINFRA-7995Apache Flink: Sent Github comment notifications to issues@flink.incubator.apache.orgDaniel GrunoClosed
MinorNew FeatureINFRA-8007update layout for status.a.ojan iversenClosed
MinorTaskINFRA-8013Add to curator-commiters in ConfluenceGavinClosed
MinorBugINFRA-8017Create cordova-plugin-test-framework git repoJake FarrellClosed
MinorTaskINFRA-8030Permissions in JIRADaniel GrunoClosed
MinorWishINFRA-8045Hook up Any23 Github Pull requests to Apache JIRADaniel GrunoClosed
MinorWishINFRA-8058Enable Travis-CI hook on Github mirror for incubator-metamodelDaniel GrunoClosed
MinorWishINFRA-8065Enable JIRA+Git integration for Wicket projectDaniel GrunoClosed
TrivialTaskINFRA-7936please create blog accountJake FarrellClosed
TrivialTaskINFRA-7972add antoine as a moderator on ant's listsUnassignedClosed
TrivialTaskINFRA-8037Stratos Category is showing as IncubatorDaniel GrunoClosed
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