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BlockerTaskHUDI-1045Support updates during clustering in MoR modeleesfOpen
BlockerTaskHUDI-1046Support updates during clustering in CoW modeshenh062326Open
BlockerTaskHUDI-2336Metadata table integration for Kafka connectEthan GuoOpen
BlockerTaskHUDI-2337Implement Multiwriter support for Kafka connectEthan GuoOpen
BlockerTaskHUDI-2353Rewrite the java write client with the right abstractionsEthan GuoOpen
BlockerImprovementHUDI-2375Create common SchemaProvider and RecordPayloads for spark, flink etc.UnassignedOpen
BlockerImprovementHUDI-2431Reimplement BufferedWriter in streaming fashionEthan GuoOpen
BlockerNew FeatureHUDI-2445Implement time based bucketing of inserts Ethan GuoOpen
BlockerEpicHUDI-2488Support async metadata index creation while regular writers and table services are in progressSagar SumitOpen
BlockerImprovementHUDI-2669Upgrade Java toolset/runtime to JDK11Alexey KudinkinOpen
BlockerImprovementHUDI-3113Kafka Connect create Multiple Embedded Timeline ServicesEthan GuoOpen
BlockerBugHUDI-3114Kafka Connect can not connect Hive by jdbcEthan GuoOpen
BlockerImprovementHUDI-3187Initiate RFC Lock free concurrency control Vinoth ChandarOpen
BlockerBugHUDI-3427Investigate timeouts in Hudi Kafka Connect SinkUnassignedOpen
BlockerImprovementHUDI-3557Add support for Glue schema registry to deltastreamer and kafka sink connectorUnassignedOpen
BlockerEpicHUDI-3570[Umbrella] [RFC-TBD] Integrate Hudi with DremioVinoth GovindarajanOpen
BlockerImprovementHUDI-4324Remove useJdbc config from meta sync toolsRaymond XuReopened
BlockerImprovementHUDI-4376Remove hiveSyncEnabled flagRaymond XuOpen
BlockerTaskHUDI-5062Track and announce breaking changes in 1.0.0UnassignedOpen
CriticalEpicHUDI-1239[UMBRELLA] Config clean upRaymond XuOpen
CriticalNew FeatureHUDI-1623Support start_commit_time & end_commit_times for serializable incremental pullVinoth ChandarOpen
CriticalEpicHUDI-1896[UMBRELLA] Implement DeltaStreamer Source for cloud object storesRajesh MahindraOpen
CriticalImprovementHUDI-2461Support lock free multi-writer for metadata tablesivabalan narayananOpen
CriticalEpicHUDI-3553Support Hudi table as source for Kafka sink UnassignedOpen
CriticalEpicHUDI-3967Automatic savepoint in HudiSagar SumitOpen
CriticalBugHUDI-4066HiveMetastoreBasedLockProvider can not release lock when writer failsJian FengOpen
CriticalTaskHUDI-4500Support restore to savepoint with holes in the timelineSagar SumitOpen
CriticalEpicHUDI-4598GCP SupportUnassignedOpen
MajorTaskHUDI-13Clarify whether the hoodie-hadoop-mr jars need to be rolled out across Hive cluster #553vinoyangOpen
MajorEpicHUDI-57[UMBRELLA] Support ORC StorageTeresa KangOpen
MajorWishHUDI-79how to query hoodie tables with 'Hive on Spark' engine?Nishith AgarwalOpen
MajorNew FeatureHUDI-465Make Hive Sync via Spark painlessliweiOpen
MajorImprovementHUDI-1041Cache the explodeRecordRDDWithFileComparisons UnassignedOpen
MajorBugHUDI-1061Hudi CLI savepoint command fail because of spark conf loading issuesivabalan narayananOpen
MajorTaskHUDI-1076CLI tools to support clusteringliweiOpen
MajorNew FeatureHUDI-1086hudi support metric InfluxdbUnassignedOpen
MajorTaskHUDI-1194Reorganize HoodieHiveClient and make it fully support Hive Metastore APIUnassignedOpen
MajorNew FeatureHUDI-1272Add utility scripts to manage SavepointsUnassignedOpen
MajorNew FeatureHUDI-1374hudi table support dynamic partitioningliweiOpen
MajorEpicHUDI-1385[UMBRELLA] Improve source ingestion support in DeltaStreamerRajesh MahindraOpen
MajorTaskHUDI-1454in unit test have error as Error reading clustering plan 006liweiOpen
MajorNew FeatureHUDI-1457Add multi writing to Hudi tables using DFS based locking (only HDFS atomic renames)Nishith AgarwalOpen
MajorWishHUDI-1503Implement a Hash(Bucket)-based IndexUnassignedOpen
MajorTaskHUDI-1516refactored testHoodieAsyncClusteringJob in TestHoodieDeltaStreamer.javaliweiOpen
MajorNew FeatureHUDI-1556Add App Id and App name to HoodieDeltaStreamerMetricsUnassignedOpen
MajorNew FeatureHUDI-1698Multiwriting for Flink / JavaUnassignedOpen
MajorImprovementHUDI-1761Add support to test custom schema w/ QuickStartsivabalan narayananOpen
MajorTaskHUDI-1823Hive/Presto Integration with ORCUnassignedOpen
MajorTaskHUDI-1824Spark Datasource V2/V1 (Dataset<Row>) integration with ORCmanasaOpen
MajorTaskHUDI-1825Implement HDFSOrcImporterUnassignedOpen
MajorTaskHUDI-1916Create a matrix of datatypes across spark, hive, presto, Avro, parquet. Nishith AgarwalOpen
MajorTaskHUDI-2024Add integration tests for ORC reader/writerUnassignedOpen
MajorImprovementHUDI-2141Integration flink metric in flink streamZhaojing YuOpen
MajorNew FeatureHUDI-2148Add Statsd Support for monitoringSamrat DebOpen
MajorNew FeatureHUDI-2154Add index key field into HoodieKeyXiaoyuGengOpen
MajorNew FeatureHUDI-2155Bulk insert support bucket indexXiaoyuGengOpen
MajorNew FeatureHUDI-2156Cluster the table with bucket indexUnassignedOpen
MajorNew FeatureHUDI-2157Spark write the bucket index tableXiaoyuGengOpen
MajorNew FeatureHUDI-2173Enhancing DynamoDB based LockProviderDave HagmanIn Progress
MajorNew FeatureHUDI-2237Add virtual key support for ORC file formatUnassignedOpen
MajorTaskHUDI-2300add ClusteringPlanStrategy unit testliweiOpen
MajorTaskHUDI-2326Marker file integration for Kafka connect in the Coordinator with timeline serverEthan GuoOpen
MajorTaskHUDI-2331Implement keyed data for Updates/ deletes for Java Kafka ClientEthan GuoOpen
MajorTaskHUDI-2334Implement monitoring of hudi stats for Kafka connectEthan GuoOpen
MajorImprovementHUDI-2503HoodieFlinkWriteClient supports to allow parallel writing to tables using Locking serviceNicholas JiangOpen
MajorEpicHUDI-2519[UMBRELLA] Seamless meta syncSagar SumitOpen
MajorEpicHUDI-2575[UMBRELLA] Revamp CI bot UnassignedOpen
MajorTaskHUDI-2597Improve code quality around Generics with Java 8UnassignedIn Progress
MajorImprovementHUDI-2635Fix double locking issue with multi-writers with proper abstraction around trnx managersivabalan narayananOpen
MajorTaskHUDI-2638Rewrite tests around Hudi indexRaymond XuOpen
MajorBugHUDI-2650Select count (*) generates wrong resultSagar SumitOpen
MajorTaskHUDI-2750Improve the incremental data files metadata more efficiently for streaming sourceUnassignedOpen
MajorTaskHUDI-2772Deltastreamer fails to read checkpoint from previous commit metadata by spark writer on continuous mode where there is no data in sourceHarshal PatilOpen
MajorImprovementHUDI-3049Use flink table name as default synced hive table nameUnassignedOpen
MajorImprovementHUDI-3115Kafka Connect should not be packaged as a bundleEthan GuoOpen
MajorBugHUDI-3117Kafka Connect can not clearly distinguish every task logEthan GuoOpen
MajorTestHUDI-3121Spark datasource with bucket index unit test reuseUnassignedOpen
MajorTaskHUDI-3150Refactor hive sync tool to optimize requests sent to HMSUnassignedOpen
MajorEpicHUDI-3210[UMBRELLA] Native Presto connector for HudiSagar SumitOpen
MajorImprovementHUDI-3409Expose Timeline Server MetricsRajeshOpen
MajorEpicHUDI-3414Table data encryptionliujinhuiOpen
MajorImprovementHUDI-3473Spark reader adapter to the meta field '__hoodie_operation' and merge the intermediate changesUnassignedOpen
MajorEpicHUDI-3526Enhance Hudi MetricsUnassignedOpen
MajorImprovementHUDI-3527Move metrics classes to hudi-metrics moduleUnassignedOpen
MajorImprovementHUDI-3539Flink bucket index bucketID bootstrap optimizationXiaoyuGengOpen
MajorEpicHUDI-3565Support JDBC CatalogUnassignedOpen
MajorBugHUDI-3614Fix Flink/JavaDeleteHelper deduplication logicliujinhuiOpen
MajorImprovementHUDI-3615Replace List with HoodieData in HoodieFlink/JavaTable and commit executorsliujinhuiOpen
MajorEpicHUDI-3677RFC-50 Improve embedded timeline serverZhaojing YuOpen
MajorBugHUDI-3940Lock manager does not increment retry count upon exceptionUnassignedOpen
MajorTaskHUDI-3968Add automated savepoint support to HudiUnassignedOpen
MajorTaskHUDI-4067Add Spanner based lock provider for GCPUnassignedOpen
MajorTaskHUDI-4068Add Cosmos based lock provider for AzureUnassignedOpen
MajorTaskHUDI-4169Decouple AwsGlueCatalogSyncTool from HiveSyncToolUnassignedOpen
MajorNew FeatureHUDI-4370Support JsonConverter in Kafka Connect sinkUnassignedOpen
MajorEpicHUDI-4388Strucutred steaming improvements in Hudi streaming Source and SinkSagar SumitOpen
MajorEpicHUDI-4394Metadata Indexes integration with Presto/TrinoPratyaksh SharmaOpen
MajorEpicHUDI-4552RFC-58: Integrate column stats index with query engines other than sparkPratyaksh SharmaIn Progress
MajorImprovementHUDI-4647Change the default value of HIVE_SYNC_MODE in MergeInto to HMS董可伦Open
MajorImprovementHUDI-4756Clean up usages of "" config within hudisivabalan narayananOpen
MajorTaskHUDI-4798Need to upgrade parquet after nested fields fixedUnassignedOpen
MajorImprovementHUDI-4891Support UNDROP TABLE in Spark SQLUnassignedOpen
MajorImprovementHUDI-4935Use "" for time travel optionUnassignedOpen
MajorImprovementHUDI-5108Make metasync APIs independent of parquet schemaUnassignedOpen
MajorEpicHUDI-5197Support Java clientUnassignedOpen
MajorImprovementHUDI-5307Move suitable modules to hudi-platform-serviceUnassignedOpen
MinorNew FeatureHUDI-10Auto tune bulk insert parallelism #555Ethan GuoOpen
MinorNew FeatureHUDI-64Estimation of compression ratio & other dynamic storage knobs based on historical statsUnassignedOpen
MinorTaskHUDI-691hoodie.*.consume.* should be set whitelist in hive-site.xmlGarudaGuoOpen
MinorImprovementHUDI-851Add Documentation on partitioning data with examples and details on how to sync to HiveSagar SumitOpen
MinorImprovementHUDI-904Segregate metrics configs by reporter typeUnassignedOpen
MinorTaskHUDI-1071Upgrade dropwizard metrics to make use of SettableGaugeUnassignedOpen
MinorTaskHUDI-1442Simplify clustering executor SparkRunClusteringCommitActionExecutorUnassignedOpen
MinorImprovementHUDI-2003Auto Compute Compression ratio for input data to output parquet/orc file sizeUnassignedOpen
MinorEpicHUDI-2224Hudi ExamplesSagar SumitOpen
MinorBugHUDI-2406JMX Reporter does not emit TimelineService and HoodieWrapperFileSystem metrics by default UnassignedOpen
MinorTaskHUDI-3309Integrate quickstart examples into integration testsUnassignedOpen
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