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Rahul Sharma <> committed d63110a4ec9bb5debae25f127bb8085fb0ff48df (1 file)
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HDT-13: Validaing Hadoop preference home for the selected version.

Rahul Sharma <> committed a7a89f4961f477b1c4a519e1e9741954368b6f15 (2 files)
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HDT-56 : server.xmi is shared - Making server.xmi in workspace location rather bundle loc - Useing HDFS manager delete when HDFS server is deleted

Rahul Sharma <> committed 092213c1981376f3bca05522b4e0f56669d5c606 (2 files)
Rahul Sharma <> committed ec415a9809821a077ec0ed48d0dca45a7817d48a (2 files)
Rahul Sharma <> committed 45147711746b3189de4ef32fba8f3952c55b3353 (1 file)
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- HDT-52 : changing menu of ClusterView - shows three options for MR cluster - shows delete option for MR job

Rahul Sharma <> committed 0e9e729a283806c6d8772c3958a18ac767c7143d (3 files)
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HDT-49 : Job does not launch on cluster - Generated mapred-site.xml so that jobs can run on cluster - using mapred.job.tracker instead of deprecated mapreduce.jobtracker.address

Rahul Sharma <> committed 29467b54a03846a50d1a80ad7cd362c11da4616c (38 files)
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HDT-41: Provide existing MR functionality - ported Mapper/Reducer/Partioner/Driver Wizards - ported Image lookup - ported Map-reduce project wizard - using runtimes from specified hadoop location rather as runtime jars packed in plugin - ported 'Run On Hadoop' - ported Hadoop location preference at Window->Preferences->Hadoop - ported clusterView - Modified hadoop perspective to contain clusterView

hdt hadoop-eclipse-merge-development
Rahul Sharma <> committed aea6a37041705927effeb2a437b6409304e6a053 (0 files)
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Merge branch 'release/hdt-release-0.0.1.incubating-RC3' into hadoop-eclipse-merge-development

Rahul Sharma <> committed 3672346b937b9cec029ac3e362f276ea64f1af92 (0 files)
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Merge branch 'release/hdt-release-0.0.1.incubating-RC3' into hadoop-eclipse-merge

Rahul Sharma <> committed 8836e9a80ebdaa69072e75e933eb24510b697a1a (1 file)
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HDT-48: Updated the notice with License of third party binaries

Rahul Sharma <> committed 6c7dc6dab4976fb34ee13e365e565f2bdb6b8a2b (1 file)
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Revert " HDT-48: Updated the notice with License of third party binaries"
This reverts commit e82ddd253b1462873ea2682472aba4b2d6310b60 as thisis applied on hadoop-eclipse-merge-development branch