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Don Lewis committed 1805063 (1 file)
Reviews: none

Strip carriage return characters from the output of MSVC in "make depend"
mode so that these characters don't get appended to the file names in
the dependency files. This breaks all the gbuild modules because gmake
thinks the file names have ^M appended to them and can't find them.

Damjan Jovanovic committed 1804591 (15 files)
Reviews: none

Write a main/ file from main/set_soenv, which can be used in
Ant projects to work out settings, locations, and paths to dependencies
without getting them from a parent build tool (dmake/gbuild), which allows
Ant projects to build by themselves, independently of AOO, and allows them
to be cleanly opened in (at least) Eclipse.

Also port main/connectivity's sdbc_hsqldb.jar to use these changes.

Patch by: me

Damjan Jovanovic committed 1780246 (6 files)
Reviews: none

Add debug symbols to gbuild modules when any of --enable-debug,
--enable-symbols, or --enable-crashdump are passed to ./configure (just
like it already is for dmake modules), as opposed to the previous behaviour
of only doing it on --enable-debug.

Also implemented --enable-symbols=small for gbuild modules on platforms
where AOO is built with GCC and Clang compilers (MSVC on Windows doesn't
seem to support that).

Patch by: me

Damjan Jovanovic committed 1780134 (1 file)
Reviews: none

Fix a FreeBSD regression in the gbuild gb_CPUDEFS variable caused by
r1773166, where it was always set to POWERPC64 due to a swapped if-else.

This needs further work, on all platforms!

Patch by: me

Damjan Jovanovic committed 1779227 (2 files)
Reviews: none

Some gbuild fixes discovered during an audit compared to dmake.
Delete an unnecessary file in main/automation.
Disable exception handling for 2 files in main/avmedia.

Patch by: me

Damjan Jovanovic committed 1778926 (3 files)
Reviews: none

Fix some initial main/sc build issues on Windows caused by the
port to gbuild.

Note that it still doesn't build on Windows. Work is ongoing.

Patch by: me

Damjan Jovanovic committed 1778876 (212 files)
Damjan Jovanovic committed 1777904 (1 file)
Reviews: none

Fix a Windows naming clash between main/cui, whose library, icuin.lib,
was clashing with main/icu's icuin.lib once we started using gbuild,
which places libraries in a common directory. The main/cui library is
now just icui.lib, and main/icu's is still icuin.lib.

Also update with all the main/icu libraries.

Patch by: me

Damjan Jovanovic committed 1777749 (2 files)
Reviews: none

Gbuild requires .cxx filename extensions.

Patch by: me

Damjan Jovanovic committed 1777356 (1 file)
Reviews: none

Fix a regression that caused AOO to crash on startup, due to the
ucpexpand1 library no longer exporting symbols after the port to gbuild.

Patch by: me

Damjan Jovanovic committed 1777194 (180 files)
Reviews: none

Port main/ucb to gbuild.

Use real version detection from the library instead of from the header
files for apr, apr-util, and serf.

Add apr, apr-util, and serf to main/ where they belong.

For GNOMEVFS and GIO, use the CFLAGS and LIBS detected by ./configure
instead of trying to rediscover them like the dmake makefiles did.

Patch by: me

Damjan Jovanovic committed 1776298 (5 files)
Reviews: none

Add some more files to the xml2cmp gbuild module that were missed in the
last commit.

Patch by: me

Damjan Jovanovic committed 1776052 (34 files)
Damjan Jovanovic committed 1775984 (2 files)
Reviews: none

Fix a serious fpicker regression on Windows, where
the "open file" button / menu option does nothing,
caused by the resouce file not getting linked to
fps.dll after the port to gbuild. Also use "fps"
instead of "fpicker" in the WinResTarget file, since
it has to match the library name, not the module

Patch by: me