Version Apache Flex 4.15.0


Start: 29/Jan/15

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CriticalBugFLEX-34581Datespinner displayMode time and pt-PT localeOmPrakash MuppiralaClosed1 commit
CriticalSub-taskFLEX-34958Make sure README and RELEASE_NOTES are up to dateJustin McleanResolved3 commits
CriticalSub-taskFLEX-34959Run Mustella and FlexUnit testsJustin McleanResolved3 commits
MajorBugFLEX-33537Spark TextArea writing in prompt text formatMark KesslerClosed3 commits
MajorBugFLEX-33908GridItemEditorEvent.GRID_ITEM_EDITOR_SESSION_SAVE is fired twice for each save eventAlex HaruiResolved1 commit
MajorBugFLEX-34028Cannot Ctrl-Click A Datagrid Row to deselect it when dragEnabled is set to trueMark KesslerResolved2 commits
MajorBugFLEX-34728HaloDefaults.findStyleDeclaration doesn't go through styleManager chains correctlyHarbsResolved2 commits
MajorBugFLEX-34741Spark DataGrid Drag and Drop non functioningMark KesslerResolved1 commit
MajorBugFLEX-34744TextFlowElement parent nulled when addChild method used via parent referenceHarbsResolved1 commit
MajorBugFLEX-34751Regression in fdb tool: VM is resumed if breakpoint can't be setFrédéric THOMASResolved1 commit
MajorBugFLEX-34753Returning strongly typed object in Promise failsErik de BruinResolved4 commits
MajorBugFLEX-34756Squiggly RTE when working on a damaged textFlowMihai ChiraResolved7 commits
MajorBugFLEX-34769TLF Performance issue (applyLeafFormat method)HarbsResolved1 commit
MajorBugFLEX-34775Application hangs (in infinite loop) when opening a node inside a HierarchicalCollectionView whose parent is closed and then trying to navigate the collectionMihai ChiraResolved5 commits
MajorBugFLEX-34807TLF - EditManager - TextFlowEdit -insertTextScrapHarbsResolved7 commits
MajorBugFLEX-34837DataGrid sorted with complex dataField doesn't keep track of changes to those fields, leading to RTE when trying to remove selected itemMihai ChiraResolved15 commits
MajorBugFLEX-34838getItemIndex returns -1 for item whose property was edited with GridItemEditor in a sorted DataGridMihai ChiraResolved3 commits
MajorBugFLEX-34850Applying sort with complex dataField on DataGrid results in unintuitive item orderingMihai ChiraResolved2 commits
MajorNew FeatureFLEX-34852Allow sorting by complex fields in ListCollectionViewMihai ChiraResolved16 commits
MajorSub-taskFLEX-34854Make sure that when the value of complex fields changes their root objects are repositioned in collections according to the current sorting rulesMihai ChiraResolved24 commits
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