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Released: 12/Sep/14

Release Notes

Warnings indicate when the status of a JIRA issue doesn't reflect related development activity. For example: an issue marked complete that has an open pull request should be marked as still being in progress.

Unreviewed Code

These issues have been marked complete but the commits are not part of a pull request or review.

BlockerBugDRILL-1314Parquet Reader for compressed parquet files failsJason AltekruseClosed1 commit
BlockerBugDRILL-1364Web UI broken- multiple versions of jersey in libDrillCommitterClosed1 commit
CriticalBugDRILL-1029select column from a `select *` sub-query fails for schema-less fileDrillCommitterClosed1 commit
CriticalBugDRILL-1063verification fails with merge joinDrillCommitterClosed1 commit
CriticalBugDRILL-1249JSON select with "LIMIT 1" throws exception when NULL exists in arrayDrillCommitterClosed1 commit
CriticalBugDRILL-1304Failure in parquet reader when projecting selected columns from Lineitem tableJason AltekruseResolved1 commit
CriticalBugDRILL-1340JDBC Driver doesn't return metadataJacques NadeauClosed1 commit
CriticalImprovementDRILL-1346Use HBase table size information to improve scan parallelizationAditya KishoreResolved1 commit
MajorBugDRILL-595Can't project columns from a inner query that has "select *"DrillCommitterResolved1 commit
MajorBugDRILL-811Selecting individual columns from views created using 'select * ......' query throws an errorDrillCommitterClosed1 commit
MajorBugDRILL-982Parquet reader should return NULL value for non-exist column in execution phase, in stead of raising ExecutionSetupExceptionDrillCommitterResolved1 commit
MajorBugDRILL-998Limit amount of memory used by drill C++ client APIDrillCommitterResolved1 commit
MajorBugDRILL-1039Queries against hbase table with multiple regions return null DrillCommitterResolved1 commit
MajorBugDRILL-1132CTAS statement gives IndexOutOfBoundsException during planningDrillCommitterResolved1 commit
MajorNew FeatureDRILL-1163Memory estimation for planningDrillCommitterResolved1 commit
MajorBugDRILL-1178Double copy in setSafe for VariableLengthVectorsDrillCommitterResolved1 commit
MajorBugDRILL-1205group by causes access to DeadBufDrillCommitterResolved1 commit
MajorBugDRILL-1207Tpch query 18 on top of text files fails with IOBExceptionUnassignedClosed1 commit
MajorBugDRILL-1214Query with filter conditions fail while querying against Views built against Hbase tablesUnassignedResolved1 commit
MajorBugDRILL-1216Decimal multiplication breaks when the precision exceeds 38 even when the actual data is smallUnassignedResolved1 commit
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