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Release Notes

Warnings indicate when the status of a JIRA issue doesn't reflect related development activity. For example: an issue marked complete that has an open pull request should be marked as still being in progress.

Unreviewed Code

These issues have been marked complete but the commits are not part of a pull request or review.

CriticalBugCAY-1513Deadlock in PoolManagerUnassignedClosed4 commits
MajorBugCAY-1514ClassCastException when EJQLQuery parameters is null.UnassignedClosed6 commits
MajorBugCAY-1577SQL queries for LIKE expressions with escape character generated with syntax errorsDzmitry KazimirchykClosed2 commits
MajorBugCAY-1581Not-Escaping <> during serialization to *.map.xmlDzmitry KazimirchykClosed2 commits
MajorBugCAY-1583context.getObjectStore() returning null causing NullpointerException in DataMergeHandlerDzmitry KazimirchykClosed4 commits
MajorBugCAY-1596setFetchOffset & setFetchLimit issue under SQL Server 2008 R2 64BitDzmitry KazimirchykClosed2 commits
MajorTaskCAY-1605Switch Cayenne to use unified Maven repositoryDzmitry KazimirchykClosed5 commits
MajorBugCAY-1696Undo/Redo stop working after deleting several project items at onceUnassignedClosed2 commits
MajorBugCAY-1721Writing blobs fails (Oracle)Olga TkachevaClosed6 commits
MajorBugCAY-1725NullPointerException from call to removeToManyTargetUnassignedClosed9 commits
MajorBugCAY-1804Serialisation of long[] type was not working correctly.UnassignedClosed6 commits
MajorTaskCAY-1845Upgrade javadoc plugin to 2.9.1Andrus AdamchikClosed6 commits
MajorBugCAY-1856Expression.expWithParameters does not work when parameters are placed in the inline collectionAndrus AdamchikClosed6 commits
MajorBugCAY-1880objectStore snapshots never cleared from RefreshQuery when "use shared cache" uncheckedMike KienenbergerClosed5 commits
MinorBugCAY-1469Modeler: dbRelationships renaming problemDzmitry KazimirchykClosed4 commits
MinorImprovementCAY-1584Improve Cayenne modeler re-ordering named query in the cayenne map xmlDzmitry KazimirchykClosed2 commits
MinorBugCAY-1585SelectQuery automatic cache key needs FetchOffsetDzmitry KazimirchykClosed3 commits
MinorImprovementCAY-1590DDL generation without a live datasourceDzmitry KazimirchykClosed3 commits
TrivialBugCAY-1818Fix copyright year in the Modeler "about" panelAndrus AdamchikClosed3 commits
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