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MajorImprovementCARBONDATA-844Avoid to get useless splitsYadong QiReopened
MajorBugCARBONDATA-904ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException Rahul KumarClosed
MajorBugCARBONDATA-905Unable to execute method public: org.apache.hadoop.hive.ql.metadata.HiveExceptionUnassignedClosed
MajorSub-taskCARBONDATA-946TUPLEID implicit column support in spark 2.1Naresh P RResolved
MajorBugCARBONDATA-989decompressing error while load 'gz' and 'bz2' data into tableRan MingxuanResolved
MajorBugCARBONDATA-1061If AL_DICTIONARY_PATH is used in load option then by SINGLE_PASS must be used.Mohammad Shahid KhanResolved
MajorBugCARBONDATA-1075Close Dictionary Server when application endsKunal KapoorResolved
MajorBugCARBONDATA-1109Page lost in load process when last page is not be consumed at the endYadong QiResolved
MajorBugCARBONDATA-1138Exception is expected if SORT_COLUMNS hava duplicate column nameRahul KumarResolved
MajorBugCARBONDATA-1145Single-pass loading not work on partition tableQiangCaiResolved
MajorBugCARBONDATA-1154Driver Side IUD Performance OptimizationUnassignedResolved
MajorBugCARBONDATA-1156IUD Performance Improvement And Synchonizaion issue kumar vishalResolved
MajorBugCARBONDATA-1177Fixed batch sort synchronization issuedhatchayaniResolved
MajorBugCARBONDATA-1204Update operation fail and generate extra records when test with big dataRavindra PesalaResolved
MajorBugCARBONDATA-1211Implicit Column ProjectionUnassignedResolved
MinorBugCARBONDATA-649Rand() function is not working while updating datasounak chakrabortyOpen
MinorBugCARBONDATA-652Cannot update a table with 1000 columnssounak chakrabortyOpen
MinorBugCARBONDATA-699using column group column name in dictionary_exclude do not give any exceptionanubhav tararOpen
MinorBugCARBONDATA-836Error in load using dataframe - columns containing commaSanoj MGOpen
MinorBugCARBONDATA-1050int and short measures should not be considered as long.ravikiranResolved
MinorBugCARBONDATA-1056Data_load failure using single_pass true with spark 2.1Kunal KapoorResolved
MinorBugCARBONDATA-1060Query statistics issue in case of multiple blocklet and blockAkash R NilugalResolved
MinorBugCARBONDATA-1070Not In Filter Expression throwing NullPointer Exceptionsounak chakrabortyResolved
MinorBugCARBONDATA-1091Implicit column tupleId is not returning results if VectorReader is enabled.Naresh P RResolved
MinorBugCARBONDATA-1107Multi User load on same table is failing with NullPointerExceptionNaresh P RResolved
MinorBugCARBONDATA-1134Generate redundant folders under integration model when run test cases with mvn command in spark1.6chenerluResolved
MinorSub-taskCARBONDATA-1146V3 format support for delete operation in IUD.UnassignedResolved
MinorBugCARBONDATA-1151Update useful-tips-on-carbondata.mdchenerluResolved
MinorBugCARBONDATA-1159Batch sort loading is not proper without synchronizationdhatchayaniResolved
MinorBugCARBONDATA-1172Batch load fails randomlyRavindra PesalaResolved
MinorBugCARBONDATA-1194Problem in filling/processing multiple implicit columnsManohar VanamResolved
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