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CriticalBugCARBONDATA-1093User data is getting printed in logs if the server fails to respond to clientKunal KapoorResolved
MajorSub-taskCARBONDATA-807Add the basic presto integration codeffpengResolved
MajorSub-taskCARBONDATA-815Add basic hive integration codecen yuhaiResolved
MajorBugCARBONDATA-848Select count(*) from table gives an exception in PrestoBhavya AggarwalResolved
MajorBugCARBONDATA-872Fix comment issues of integration/presto for easier readingffpengResolved
MajorImprovementCARBONDATA-882Add SORT_COLUMNS option support in dataframe writerUnassignedOpen
MajorImprovementCARBONDATA-889Optimize pom dependency with exclusion to remove unnecessary dependency jar Ravindra PesalaOpen
MajorSub-taskCARBONDATA-9351. Define PartitionInfo modelCao, LionelResolved
MajorSub-taskCARBONDATA-9362. Create Table with PartitionCao, LionelResolved
MajorSub-taskCARBONDATA-9373. Data loading of partition table QiangCaiResolved
MajorSub-taskCARBONDATA-9384. Detail filter query on partition column QiangCaiResolved
MajorSub-taskCARBONDATA-946TUPLEID implicit column support in spark 2.1Naresh P RResolved
MajorBugCARBONDATA-989decompressing error while load 'gz' and 'bz2' data into tableRan MingxuanResolved
MajorSub-taskCARBONDATA-1008Make Hive table schema compatible with spark sqlUnassignedOpen
MajorImprovementCARBONDATA-1014Refactor on data loading and encoding overrideUnassignedOpen
MajorSub-taskCARBONDATA-1015Refactor write step to use ColumnarPageJacky LiResolved
MajorSub-taskCARBONDATA-1016Make sort step output ColumnPageUnassignedOpen
MajorSub-taskCARBONDATA-1017Add interface for column encoding and compressionJacky LiResolved
MajorSub-taskCARBONDATA-1018Make ColumnPage use UnsafeJacky LiResolved
MajorBugCARBONDATA-1034FilterUnsupportedException thrown for select from table where = filter for int column has negative of value larger than int max rangeRavindra PesalaResolved
MajorBugCARBONDATA-1046Single_pass_loading is throwing an error in Spark1.6 in automationanubhav tararOpen
MajorImprovementCARBONDATA-1047Add load options to perform batch sort and add more testcasesUnassignedResolved
MajorBugCARBONDATA-1049avoid logging data into log fileMohammad Shahid KhanResolved
MajorBugCARBONDATA-1061If AL_DICTIONARY_PATH is used in load option then by SINGLE_PASS must be used.Mohammad Shahid KhanResolved
MajorSub-taskCARBONDATA-1074Add TablePage for data load processJacky LiResolved
MajorBugCARBONDATA-1075Close Dictionary Server when application endsKunal KapoorResolved
MajorBugCARBONDATA-1076Join Issue caused by dictionary and shuffle exchangeRavindra PesalaResolved
MajorBugCARBONDATA-1078Query return incorrect result when selecting complex column before dictionary column in spark 2.1Jacky LiResolved
MajorBugCARBONDATA-1094Wrong results returned by the query in case inverted index is not created on a columnManish GuptaOpen
MajorTaskCARBONDATA-1095Fix rebase issues of presto and hive integrationLiang ChenResolved
MajorSub-taskCARBONDATA-1098change statistics to use exact type instead of ObjectJacky LiOpen
MajorBugCARBONDATA-1104Query failure while using unsafe for query execution numeric data type column specified as sort columnManish GuptaOpen
MajorBugCARBONDATA-1109Page lost in load process when last page is not be consumed at the endYadong QiResolved
MajorBugCARBONDATA-1111Improve No dictionary column Include And Exclude filterkumar vishalResolved
MajorBugCARBONDATA-1113Add validation for partition column featureKunal KapoorResolved
MajorBugCARBONDATA-1115load csv data failUnassignedOpen
MajorBugCARBONDATA-1118Inset Pushdown in Carbondata.UnassignedResolved
MajorBugCARBONDATA-1119Database drop cascade is not working in Spark 2.1 and alter table not working in vector readerUnassignedResolved
MajorBugCARBONDATA-1121Restrict Sort Column Addition in Alter TableRahul KumarResolved
MajorImprovementCARBONDATA-1123Rename interface and variable for RLE encodingJacky LiOpen
MajorSub-taskCARBONDATA-1124Use Snappy.rawCompression on unsafe dataUnassignedOpen
MajorSub-taskCARBONDATA-1125Add SQL and dataframe option for encoding overrideUnassignedOpen
MajorSub-taskCARBONDATA-1126Change carbon data file definition for encoding overrideUnassignedOpen
MajorSub-taskCARBONDATA-1127Add fixed length encoding for timestamp/date data typeUnassignedOpen
MajorBugCARBONDATA-1133Executor lost failure in case of data load failure due to bad recordsManish GuptaResolved
MajorBugCARBONDATA-1138Exception is expected if SORT_COLUMNS hava duplicate column nameRahul KumarResolved
MajorBugCARBONDATA-1141Data load is partially successful but delete errorUnassignedOpen
MajorBugCARBONDATA-1145Single-pass loading not work on partition tableQiangCaiResolved
MajorBugCARBONDATA-1154Driver Side IUD Performance OptimizationUnassignedResolved
MajorBugCARBONDATA-1155DataLoad failure for noDictionarySortColumns with 3Lakh dataRahul KumarResolved
MajorBugCARBONDATA-1156IUD Performance Improvement And Synchonizaion issue kumar vishalResolved
MajorSub-taskCARBONDATA-1158Hive integration code optimizationLiang ChenResolved
MajorSub-taskCARBONDATA-1163Use sortBy operator to load dataUnassignedResolved
MajorImprovementCARBONDATA-1164Make Column Group feature deprecatedJacky LiResolved
MajorBugCARBONDATA-1166creating partition on decimal column is failingQiangCaiResolved
MajorSub-taskCARBONDATA-1174Streaming Ingest: Write path schema validation/inferenceUnassignedOpen
MajorSub-taskCARBONDATA-1175Streaming Ingest: Write path data conversion/transformationUnassignedOpen
MajorSub-taskCARBONDATA-1176Streaming Ingest: Write path streaming segment/file creationUnassignedOpen
MajorBugCARBONDATA-1177Fixed batch sort synchronization issuedhatchayaniResolved
MajorBugCARBONDATA-1178Data loading of partitioned table is throwing NPE on badrecordsQiangCaiResolved
MajorBugCARBONDATA-1189Delete with subquery is not working in spark 2.1 UnassignedResolved
MajorBugCARBONDATA-1192Unable to Select Data From more than one table in hiveanubhav tararOpen
MajorImprovementCARBONDATA-1196Add 3 Bytes data type support in value compressionUnassignedOpen
MajorImprovementCARBONDATA-1198Change Unsafe configuration to dynamicUnassignedOpen
MajorImprovementCARBONDATA-1199Change Unsafe configuration to dynamicUnassignedOpen
MajorBugCARBONDATA-1204Update operation fail and generate extra records when test with big dataRavindra PesalaResolved
MajorBugCARBONDATA-1211Implicit Column ProjectionUnassignedResolved
MajorBugCARBONDATA-1212Memory leak in case of compaction when unsafe is trueManish GuptaResolved
MajorBugCARBONDATA-1213Removed rowCountPercentage check and fixed IUD data load issueManish GuptaResolved
MajorBugCARBONDATA-1223Fixing empty file creation in batch sort loadingdhatchayaniResolved
MinorImprovementCARBONDATA-773During parallel load multiple instances of DictionaryServer are being created.Kunal KapoorResolved
MinorSub-taskCARBONDATA-813Fix pom issues and add the correct dependency jar to build success for integration/prestoLiang ChenResolved
MinorSub-taskCARBONDATA-816Add examples for hive integration under /Examplesanubhav tararResolved
MinorSub-taskCARBONDATA-826Create carbondata-connector for query carbon data in prestoLiang ChenResolved
MinorBugCARBONDATA-834Describe Table in Presto gives incorrect order of columnsBhavya AggarwalResolved
MinorBugCARBONDATA-835Null values in carbon table gives a NullPointerException when querying from PrestoBhavya AggarwalResolved
MinorImprovementCARBONDATA-888Dictionary include / exclude option in dataframe writerSanoj MGOpen
MinorSub-taskCARBONDATA-899Added Support for DecimalType and Timestamp for spark-2.1 for integration/prestoBhavya AggarwalResolved
MinorBugCARBONDATA-917count(*) doesn't workanubhav tararResolved
MinorBugCARBONDATA-950selecting table data having a column of "date" type throws exception in hiveanubhav tararResolved
MinorBugCARBONDATA-1050int and short measures should not be considered as long.ravikiranResolved
MinorBugCARBONDATA-1056Data_load failure using single_pass true with spark 2.1Kunal KapoorResolved
MinorBugCARBONDATA-1060Query statistics issue in case of multiple blocklet and blockAkash R NilugalResolved
MinorBugCARBONDATA-1062Data load fails if a column specified as sort column is of numeric data typeManish GuptaResolved
MinorBugCARBONDATA-1063When multi user perform concurrent operations like show segments NullPointerException is getting thrownNaresh P RResolved
MinorBugCARBONDATA-1070Not In Filter Expression throwing NullPointer Exceptionsounak chakrabortyResolved
MinorImprovementCARBONDATA-1073Support INPUT_FILESWeizhongResolved
MinorBugCARBONDATA-1077ColumnDict and ALL_DICTIONARY_PATH must be used with SINGLE_PASS='true'Mohammad Shahid KhanResolved
MinorBugCARBONDATA-1091Implicit column tupleId is not returning results if VectorReader is enabled.Naresh P RResolved
MinorBugCARBONDATA-1092alter table add column query should support no_inverted_indexRahul KumarResolved
MinorBugCARBONDATA-1097describe formatted query should display no_inverted_index columnRahul KumarResolved
MinorBugCARBONDATA-1107Multi User load on same table is failing with NullPointerExceptionNaresh P RResolved
MinorBugCARBONDATA-1122When user specific operations are performed on multiple terminals, some are failing for missing privilegesNaresh P RResolved
MinorImprovementCARBONDATA-1132describe formatted query should display SORT_COLUMNS columnRahul KumarResolved
MinorBugCARBONDATA-1134Generate redundant folders under integration model when run test cases with mvn command in spark1.6chenerluResolved
MinorBugCARBONDATA-1144Drop column operation failed in Alter table. Kunal KapoorResolved
MinorSub-taskCARBONDATA-1146V3 format support for delete operation in IUD.UnassignedResolved
MinorBugCARBONDATA-1149Fix issue of mismatch type of partition column when specify partition info and range info overlapping values issuechenerluResolved
MinorBugCARBONDATA-1151Update useful-tips-on-carbondata.mdchenerluResolved
MinorBugCARBONDATA-1159Batch sort loading is not proper without synchronizationdhatchayaniResolved
MinorBugCARBONDATA-1167Mismatched between class name and logger class name UnassignedResolved
MinorBugCARBONDATA-1170Skip single_pass loading during first loadKunal KapoorResolved
MinorBugCARBONDATA-1172Batch load fails randomlyRavindra PesalaResolved
MinorBugCARBONDATA-1183Update CarbonPartitionTable because partition columns should not be specified in the schemachenerluResolved
MinorBugCARBONDATA-1187Fix Documentation links pointing to wrong urls in useful-tips-on-carbondata and faq JatinResolved
MinorBugCARBONDATA-1191Remove carbon-spark-shell script chenerluResolved
MinorBugCARBONDATA-1194Problem in filling/processing multiple implicit columnsManohar VanamResolved
MinorBugCARBONDATA-1197Update related docs which still use incubating such as presto integrationchenerluResolved
MinorBugCARBONDATA-1217Failure in data load when we first load the bad record and then valid record and bad record action is set to FailManish GuptaOpen
TrivialBugCARBONDATA-1186Class Cast Exception In SortStepRowutil when loading dataanubhav tararOpen
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