Version 0.8.1


Start: 17/Mar/17

Release: 29/Aug/17

Release Notes

30+ days overdue

BlockerBugATLAS-1758Data model registration fails because order keyword is used in the model.json files.Suma ShivaprasadResolved
BlockerBugATLAS-1939Export/Import Regression : NPE during importSharmadha SainathResolved
BlockerBugATLAS-1940Atlas server fails to initialize types on startup from graph store due to duplicate type registered.Nixon RodriguesResolved
BlockerSub-taskATLAS-2022Regression : Empty results fetched from GET Basic search querySharmadha SainathResolved
BlockerSub-taskATLAS-2061Regression : Entity,Tag filter fetches empty results when applied on an enum attribute.Apoorv NaikResolved
BlockerBugATLAS-2072UI Regression : Navigation Issues.Keval BhattResolved
BlockerBugATLAS-2073UI : In search page removing tag or type from drop-down will not exclude respective filtersKeval BhattResolved
CriticalBugATLAS-855Atlas logs contain stale transaction eviction messageSarath SubramanianResolved
CriticalBugATLAS-1611Regression: Incorrect error code for the negative tests. Returned: "500 server error", expected: "400 Bad Request"Sarath SubramanianResolved
CriticalBugATLAS-1686Import API fails with "com.esotericsoftware.kryo.KryoException: Class cannot be created (missing no-arg constructor): java.util.Collections$UnmodifiableSet"Ashutosh MestryResolved
CriticalBugATLAS-1687Upgrade: hbase_column_family and hbase_column are not loaded into Atlas, even though hbase model json has it.Sarath SubramanianResolved
CriticalBugATLAS-1722Export API returns success, even if one of the items is not successfully importedAshutosh MestryResolved
CriticalBugATLAS-1736Type registration becomes inconsistent after creating a type with attribute name having special characters.Apoorv NaikResolved
CriticalBugATLAS-1747Difference in result of POSTing Structs to V1 APIs and V2 APIsApoorv NaikResolved
CriticalBugATLAS-1878NPE when a request without any query path lands on atlasNixon RodriguesResolved
CriticalBugATLAS-1944NotificationHookConsumer throws exception while shutting down the consumer threadAshutosh MestryResolved
CriticalBugATLAS-1948Importing hive_table in a database which is a CTAS of another table in different database throws exception due to export order.Ashutosh MestryResolved
CriticalBugATLAS-1960Import command fired on passive server throws ExceptionAshutosh MestryResolved
CriticalBugATLAS-1985Regression : Basic/DSL Query fired on PASSIVE server redirects to ACTIVE server , adding an extra "amp;" to the parametersNixon RodriguesResolved
CriticalBugATLAS-2009Any non-admin user in is able to access /api/atlas/admin pathNixon RodriguesResolved
CriticalSub-taskATLAS-2025Basic query with entity and tag filters : Providing invalid tag name for classification returns all entities matching typename/queryApoorv NaikResolved
CriticalBugATLAS-2046UI Regression : Columns Filter not listing all attributes of a datatypeKeval BhattResolved
CriticalBugATLAS-2078Updating types using v1 API doesn't route to createUpdateTypesDef in v2 APISarath SubramanianResolved
CriticalBugATLAS-2080Search using entity and trait attributes - tag filters are also added in the "attributes" list of the POST request bodyKeval BhattResolved
CriticalSub-taskATLAS-2082Regression: Search fails when filter contains a boolean attribute and a string attribute with special charactersMadhan NeethirajResolved
MajorImprovementATLAS-1198Move from Guice + Spring to only SpringApoorv NaikResolved
MajorBugATLAS-1433Atlas allows creation of tag with attributes' name same as that of its parent tags.Kalyani KashikarResolved
MajorNew FeatureATLAS-1503Export/import support to copy data between Atlas instancesAshutosh MestryResolved
MajorBugATLAS-1659FullText V2 mapping after adding/removing traitsApoorv NaikResolved
MajorBugATLAS-1660Regression : Error code mismatch in while GETing a type that doesn't exist.Sarath SubramanianResolved
MajorBugATLAS-1663Fix defects reported by Coverity ScanSarath SubramanianResolved
MajorBugATLAS-1664Able to add already added tag to an entity through REST APISarath SubramanianResolved
MajorImprovementATLAS-1665Export API: Improve Generated ZIP File Using AtlasEntityWithExtInfoAshutosh MestryResolved
MajorImprovementATLAS-1666Improve on Overly Broad ThrowsAshutosh MestryResolved
MajorImprovementATLAS-1667Lineage UI improvementKeval BhattResolved
MajorBugATLAS-1668Exclude terms from tags UI - add-tag popup, search-page dropdown and assign-tag popupKeval BhattResolved
MajorBugATLAS-1669Remove unused classesNixon RodriguesResolved
MajorBugATLAS-1670Fix for IT failures introduced due to ATLAS-1664Sarath SubramanianResolved
MajorBugATLAS-1671Client IP is not populated for Atlas service in audit tab of RangerNixon RodriguesResolved
MajorBugATLAS-1672Coverity Scan Issues Detected on 3/18Ashutosh MestryResolved
MajorBugATLAS-1673Type deletion not working as expectedApoorv NaikResolved
MajorBugATLAS-1675In HA mode , tag created in Active Server not present in new Active server after failover.Madhan NeethirajResolved
MajorBugATLAS-1676HDFS path entity created by Hive hook has no value for hdfs_path.clusterName attributeMadhan NeethirajResolved
MajorBugATLAS-1680Support for browser login using kerberos kytabNixon RodriguesResolved
MajorBugATLAS-1681Atlas went into inconsistent state after creating a type with faulty definitionApoorv NaikResolved
MajorImprovementATLAS-1682UI updates for lineage label and issue in toggling between basic & advanced searchKeval BhattResolved
MajorBugATLAS-1684Export/import: export should include super-type definitions, import should preserve system attribute valuesMadhan NeethirajResolved
MajorBugATLAS-1685Fix coverity scan issues found in latest reportSarath SubramanianResolved
MajorBugATLAS-1688Resize Lineage window will move legend out of the Lineage panelKeval BhattResolved script logs debug/info logs on console instead of import-hive.log log file.Nixon RodriguesResolved
MajorBugATLAS-1707Atlas WUI on continues loading behind FireWallNixon RodriguesResolved
MajorImprovementATLAS-1709Export & Import API: Unit TestsAshutosh MestryResolved
MajorImprovementATLAS-1710Implement entity-lookup API for entity create/update UISarath SubramanianResolved
MajorBugATLAS-1714UI : Properties tab doesn't load when an entity has attribute of type array of integers Keval BhattResolved
MajorImprovementATLAS-1717Export & Import API: DocumentationAshutosh MestryResolved
MajorImprovementATLAS-1718In Create tag UI, attribute datatype should provide enum-types in drop-down along with built-in typesKalyani KashikarResolved
MajorImprovementATLAS-1719 Tag association UI should allow users to input value for enum type attributes from a drop-downKalyani KashikarResolved
MajorBugATLAS-1721Import Process: Audit Do Not Have Information About ImportAshutosh MestryResolved
MajorBugATLAS-1724Exporting a non-existing entity results in success. Ideally, this should result in error.Ashutosh MestryResolved
MajorBugATLAS-1727Mask userdetails in quick Start utility Nixon RodriguesResolved
MajorBugATLAS-1730Error after updating attribute's data type of an Atlas type Apoorv NaikResolved
MajorBugATLAS-1732After Zoom_out from Lineage view scroll stopped workingKeval BhattResolved
MajorImprovementATLAS-1737UI - Delete tag(classification) from UI.Kalyani KashikarResolved
MajorImprovementATLAS-1742Provide option in server side to exclude deleted entities in basic and fulltext searchSarath SubramanianResolved
MajorBugATLAS-1744Error when searching type with attribute name "order" , "limit" , "offset"Suma ShivaprasadResolved
MajorImprovementATLAS-1750Typeahead Search Implemented on create entity.Keval BhattResolved
MajorImprovementATLAS-1751Implement REST end-point to update classification attributeSarath SubramanianResolved
MajorImprovementATLAS-1753Sandbox each test's DB/dataApoorv NaikResolved
MajorImprovementATLAS-1755UI - Add checkbox to exclude deleted entities in basic and fulltext searchKalyani KashikarResolved
MajorImprovementATLAS-1756Allow user to edit associated Tag (classification)Keval BhattResolved
MajorImprovementATLAS-1759UI - Add checkbox to exclude/include deleted entities in schema table.Kalyani KashikarResolved
MajorBugATLAS-1760For rendering property tab use type definition of the entityKeval BhattResolved
MajorBugATLAS-1761Improve attribute search to enable search based on display text and guidSarath SubramanianResolved
MajorBugATLAS-1762Specifying invalid types for superTypes , datatype throws 404 Not Found.Apoorv NaikResolved
MajorImprovementATLAS-1766Atlas with Kafka SASL_SSL protocolNixon RodriguesResolved
MajorBugATLAS-1767Support KNOX SSO Token based authentication on Atlas REST API callsNixon RodriguesResolved
MajorBugATLAS-1771Atlas UI - While deleting Tag the Confirmation Popup appears incorrectly in IE-9Kalyani KashikarResolved
MajorBugATLAS-1776Include historical entities in UI : A query is made and cancelled every time the check box is checked/unchecked showing "Invalid expression:null" notificationKalyani KashikarResolved
MajorBugATLAS-1777UI : Include historical entities check box is not shown when searching a type with all DELETED entities, hence no entities are retrieved by search.Kalyani KashikarResolved
MajorBugATLAS-1778Incorrect error code returned in V2 APIs when updating an entity with invalid values using PUT/POSTApoorv NaikResolved
MajorBugATLAS-1780Type deletion blocks ability to redefine same type with different attributeApoorv NaikResolved
MajorImprovementATLAS-1804Allow PAM for authenticationShi WangResolved
MajorNew FeatureATLAS-1807Enhance DSL query to support "like" operator for wildcard searchesSarath SubramanianResolved
MajorBugATLAS-1808UI : All selected entities are assigned to tag when Assign Tag corresponding to 1 entity is clicked.Keval BhattResolved
MajorBugATLAS-1811UI : Audit Events are not shown in sorted order based on time sometimes.Kalyani KashikarResolved
MajorBugATLAS-1812On browser refresh if, tag is doesn't exist, then URL should update with the first tag.Keval BhattResolved
MajorBugATLAS-1813UI to escape special characters in URL.Kalyani KashikarResolved
MajorBugATLAS-1816UI,excludeDeletedEntities : Next button in Basic query result view is not working if result query has DELETED entitiesKeval BhattResolved
MajorBugATLAS-1817UI : n+1 pages are created, even though only n*25 instances are retrieved.Kalyani KashikarResolved
MajorBugATLAS-1818Performance of Basic Search that Uses indexQuery Takes Long Time to Fetch ResultsAshutosh MestryResolved
MajorBugATLAS-1819V2 APIs : Entity Resource GET query with classification returns 500.Ruchi SolaniResolved
MajorBugATLAS-1820User Is not able to create tag using enum typeKeval BhattResolved
MajorBugATLAS-1823UI - Change in base path URL for few api/images to make it relative from path it is accessed.Nixon RodriguesResolved
MajorImprovementATLAS-1825Import API: Ability to Apply Transforms to Attributes During ImportAshutosh MestryResolved
MajorBugATLAS-1834TestNG asserts across tests instead on JUnitApoorv NaikResolved
MajorBugATLAS-1848UI- Remove json2.js library from atlasKalyani KashikarResolved
MajorImprovementATLAS-1851Import API: Ability to Specify Starting Entity for ImportAshutosh MestryResolved
MajorBugATLAS-1867org.apache.atlas.AtlasClientV2.deleteAtlasTypeDefs gives an exceptionRichard DingResolved
MajorBugATLAS-1874V2 DSL search query does not support for count() but v1 do.UnassignedOpen
MajorBugATLAS-1875Gremlin id is no longer returned for vertices in gremlin queryUnassignedResolved
MajorBugATLAS-1876Import/Export : AtlasSchemaViolationException during Import of entity associated to a tag with tag attribute value of datatype floatAshutosh MestryResolved
MajorBugATLAS-1879Updating classification removes some propertiesPéter Gergő BarnaResolved
MajorImprovementATLAS-1886DSL queries with LIKE fail for composite searchesMadhan NeethirajResolved
MajorBugATLAS-1889Failure in simultaneous updates to an entity tag associationAshutosh MestryClosed
MajorBugATLAS-1896Add Cross Origin [CORS] headers for Atlas Ruchi SolaniResolved
MajorBugATLAS-1906Atlas client should support setting hadoop-jwt token in headerNixon RodriguesResolved
MajorBugATLAS-1908Updating old Kafka consumer api properties to reflect change in new KafkaConsumer configs for Atlas.Nixon RodriguesResolved
MajorImprovementATLAS-1947AtlasSearchResult to include referredEntity headersApoorv NaikResolved
MajorBugATLAS-1952UI : Render Search table using referredEntity.Keval BhattResolved
MajorSub-taskATLAS-1961Basic search improvement in use of Solr index for attribute filteringMadhan NeethirajResolved
MajorBugATLAS-1964UI : Support to resize and order columns in Search tablepratik pandeyIn Progress
MajorImprovementATLAS-1981Cache escaped type-query string to avoid repeated computationMadhan NeethirajResolved
MajorTaskATLAS-1982Update references to "incubator" in websiteMadhan NeethirajResolved
MajorSub-taskATLAS-1988Implement REST API to search for related entities Sarath SubramanianResolved
MajorBugATLAS-1989Atlas Hooks should package atlas-intg jarApoorv NaikResolved
MajorImprovementATLAS-1993UI : show list of Tables in detail page if entity type is hive_dbKeval BhattResolved
MajorBugATLAS-1998Missing error handling, default error pageApoorv NaikResolved
MajorSub-taskATLAS-2008basic-search: numeric tag-attribute filtering fails with java.lang.ClassCastExceptionMadhan NeethirajResolved
MajorBugATLAS-2010Atlas Hook consumer runs into type not foundApoorv NaikResolved
MajorBugATLAS-2014Typedef create/update don't populate createdBy, updatedBy attributesMadhan NeethirajResolved
MajorBugATLAS-2016Atlas authorization at group level doesn't work using kerberos authenticationNixon RodriguesResolved
MajorBugATLAS-2018UI: Attribute filter will not preserving stateKeval BhattResolved
MajorSub-taskATLAS-2024Update Atlas TwikiApoorv NaikResolved
MajorImprovementATLAS-2027UI : Add type-name with attribute name in query-builder Keval BhattResolved
MajorBugATLAS-2038Integration Test cases for AtlasAuthentication and Authorization FilterNixon RodriguesResolved
MajorBugATLAS-2041UI: Show tag names with dot, when taxonomy is disabledKeval BhattResolved
MajorBugATLAS-2044InMemory filtering after index queryApoorv NaikResolved
MajorBugATLAS-2048Fix for Unit test failure on 0.8-incubating branchNixon RodriguesResolved
MajorBugATLAS-2052remove junit library from atlas.warMadhan NeethirajResolved
MajorBugATLAS-2056remove unused library referencesMadhan NeethirajResolved
MajorTaskATLAS-2065Release Atlas 0.8.1Sarath SubramanianResolved
MajorSub-taskATLAS-2066Change version from 0.8.1-SNAPSHOT to 0.8.1Sarath SubramanianResolved
MajorSub-taskATLAS-2067Publish release artifactsSarath SubramanianResolved
MajorSub-taskATLAS-2068Update atlas website about 0.8.1 releaseSarath SubramanianResolved
MajorBugATLAS-2074AtlasType.resolveReferences() method should be package-privateMadhan NeethirajResolved
MajorTaskATLAS-2099Change branch-0.8 pom version to 0.8.2-SNAPSHOTSarath SubramanianResolved
MajorSub-taskATLAS-2117Basic search issues due to Titan Solr schemaApoorv NaikPatch Available
MajorSub-taskATLAS-2118Basic search - Contains clause issuesApoorv NaikResolved
MajorImprovementATLAS-2149Cleanup V1 typedef listener interfacesApoorv NaikOpen
MajorBugATLAS-2159Incorrect createTime retrieved for entity attributes in related entities searchSarath SubramanianResolved
MinorBugATLAS-1469User provided values for tag attributes should be evaluated for its data type.Keval BhattResolved
MinorBugATLAS-1470Tag is not associated to an entity when incorrect value for byte type is provided.Sarath SubramanianResolved
MinorBugATLAS-1726Creating type name with space causes exceptions while doing DSL searchSarath SubramanianResolved
MinorBugATLAS-1733No SIGKILL in python signal library on WindowsGraham WallisResolved
MinorBugATLAS-1735Coverity Scan Issues Detected on 4/13Ashutosh MestryResolved
MinorBugATLAS-1745Font Usage: Attribution MissingAshutosh MestryResolved
MinorBugATLAS-1770HardDeleteHandlerV1Test and SoftDeleteHandlerV1Test failure during setupUnassignedResolved
MinorBugATLAS-1809UI : Update button in Edit tag attributes window should be enabled only when any update is doneKalyani KashikarResolved
MinorBugATLAS-1810UI : Audit details of any tag event (Added,Updated) has only tag name and event.Kalyani KashikarResolved
MinorImprovementATLAS-2003Add Javadoc format to class summariesRichard DingResolved
MinorBugATLAS-2015Maven warningsGraham WallisResolved
MinorImprovementATLAS-2033AbstractNotification Message Serializer Uses Pretty JSONAshutosh MestryResolved
MinorBugATLAS-2037Unit Test Failure: NotificationHookConsumerTest.testConsumersAreStoppedWhenInstanceBecomesPassiveAshutosh MestryResolved
MinorBugATLAS-2079Fix IT failures introduced by ATLAS-2062Sarath SubramanianResolved
MinorBugATLAS-2097Update atlas docs site.xml about 0.8.1 documentation and release informationSarath SubramanianResolved
TrivialImprovementATLAS-2004Move Apache license header to the beginning of fileRichard DingResolved
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