Version 0.7.1-incubating


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Released: 29/Jan/17

Release Notes

BlockerBugATLAS-970Remove glyphicon from login.jspKeval BhattResolved
BlockerBugATLAS-988HiveHookIT.testInsertIntoTable is brokenVimal SharmaResolved
BlockerBugATLAS-1038Multiple instances of AtlasPluginClassloader getting initializedSuma ShivaprasadResolved
BlockerBugATLAS-1066Falcon fails to post entity to Atlas due to kafka exception.Madhan NeethirajResolved
BlockerBugATLAS-1086Build failure in hive-bridge after security fixes in ATLAS-762Suma ShivaprasadResolved
BlockerBugATLAS-1199Atlas UI not loading after fresh build due to jquery-asBreadcrumbs plugin upgrade.Keval BhattResolved
BlockerBugATLAS-1215Atlas UI not working in firefox due to fix in ATLAS-1199Keval BhattResolved
CriticalImprovementATLAS-347Atlas search APIs should allow pagination of resultsShwetha G SResolved
CriticalBugATLAS-639Exception for lineage requestVimal SharmaResolved
CriticalBugATLAS-847UI: Audit versioning does not paginate details from Atlas serverKalyani KashikarResolved
CriticalBugATLAS-957Atlas is not capturing topologies that have $ in the data payloadShwetha G SResolved
CriticalBugATLAS-965Old lineage still exists after dropping tables and re-creating tables with same name.Shwetha G SResolved
CriticalBugATLAS-971UI not displaying results for this query - Eg: "hive_table as t where qualifiedName = 'default.input@cl1' select t"Keval BhattResolved
CriticalBugATLAS-1001UI: paginate search resultsKalyani KashikarResolved
CriticalBugATLAS-1010Atlas allows recreation of tags with same nameShwetha G SResolved
CriticalBugATLAS-1056Differentiate between tag and term using attribute "taxonomy.namespace"Keval BhattResolved
CriticalBugATLAS-1104Get outgoing edges by label doesn't work in some casesShwetha G SResolved
CriticalBugATLAS-1108In Atlas HA mode , in Passive instance fails.Ayub PathanResolved
CriticalBugATLAS-1111Data loss is observed when atlas is restarted while hive_table metadata ingestion into kafka topic is in-progressShwetha G SResolved
CriticalBugATLAS-1112Hive table GET response from atlas server had duplicate column entriesAyub PathanResolved
MajorTaskATLAS-584Integrate CSRF prevention filterKeval BhattResolved
MajorBugATLAS-655Please delete old releases from mirroring systemShwetha G SResolved
MajorBugATLAS-674Falcon Hook should use timestamps instead of longAyub PathanResolved
MajorBugATLAS-675Storm Hook should use timetsamps as Date type instead of LongAyub PathanResolved
MajorImprovementATLAS-712Support getTrait() APIVimal SharmaResolved
MajorBugATLAS-762Assertion in NegativeSSLAndKerberosTest.testUnsecuredClient needs to be hardenedNixon RodriguesResolved
MajorBugATLAS-772Ordering of columns is not maintained in schema query response, where as hive table entity response maintains the orderingSarath SubramanianResolved
MajorBugATLAS-8611 table out of 50,000 tables is left unimported throwing exception during deserializationSuma ShivaprasadResolved
MajorBugATLAS-917Add hdfs paths to process qualified name for non-partition based queriesSuma ShivaprasadResolved
MajorSub-taskATLAS-936Update atlas website for 0.7 releaseShwetha G SResolved
MajorBugATLAS-949UI improvement for modal and tag styling in tableKalyani KashikarResolved
MajorBugATLAS-963UI: Entity details is not display String array attribute values correctlyKeval BhattResolved
MajorBugATLAS-966Exit execution of if HIVE_HOME is not setVimal SharmaResolved
MajorBugATLAS-968Set group information from UGI for Ldap authentication.Nixon RodriguesResolved
MajorBugATLAS-986Ability to differentiate business catalog terms from traitsSuma ShivaprasadResolved
MajorBugATLAS-987Atlas hooks should avoid adding dependent libraries to component CLASSPATHMadhan NeethirajResolved
MajorBugATLAS-990Hive Import metadata script fails with auth exception.Nixon RodriguesResolved
MajorBugATLAS-993If condition in DSL order by clause is not defined then dsl query fails.Neeru GuptaResolved
MajorImprovementATLAS-995Atlas to setup ldap authentication type as either LDAP / AD or NoneNixon RodriguesResolved
MajorBugATLAS-996DSL queries with comparsions of many primitive types failJeffrey HagelbergResolved
MajorBugATLAS-998Atlas should determine HA mode from property atlas.server.ids, instead of atlas.server.ha.enabledMadhan NeethirajResolved
MajorBugATLAS-1000Add readme file at source rootMadhan NeethirajResolved
MajorBugATLAS-1003DataSetLineageServiceTest, GraphBackedDiscoveryServiceTest, and GraphRepoMapperScaleTest failing in some environmentsDavid KantorResolved
MajorBugATLAS-1004Option to enable taxonomy featureKeval BhattResolved
MajorBugATLAS-1006Paginate full text search resultsShwetha G SResolved
MajorBugATLAS-1009Source HIVE_HOME and HIVE_CONF_DIR from hive_env.shVimal SharmaResolved
MajorImprovementATLAS-1021Update Atlas architecture wikiHemanth YamijalaResolved
MajorImprovementATLAS-1022Update typesystem wiki with detailsHemanth YamijalaResolved
MajorBugATLAS-1025Set HIVE_HOME if hive is available in relative path to import hive scriptVimal SharmaResolved
MajorBugATLAS-1026StoreBackedTypeCache issuesDavid KantorResolved
MajorBugATLAS-1027Atlas hooks should use properties from, instead of component's configurationMadhan NeethirajResolved
MajorTaskATLAS-1030Add instrumentation to measure performance: REST API Madhan NeethirajResolved
MajorBugATLAS-1032Atlas hook package should not include libraries already present in host component - like log4jMadhan NeethirajResolved
MajorBugATLAS-1033Fix issues flagged by Coverity scan - like potential NPE, unused code/variableMadhan NeethirajResolved
MajorBugATLAS-1034Incorrect Falcon hook impl class name in Falcon hook shimMadhan NeethirajResolved
MajorBugATLAS-1036Compilation error on java 1.8 - GraphBackedDiscoveryServiceShwetha G SResolved
MajorBugATLAS-1042Performance improvement changes for propertykey+typeName based queriesSuma ShivaprasadResolved
MajorBugATLAS-1046UI: Search pagination refinementsKalyani KashikarResolved test in distro project fails on WindowsJeffrey HagelbergResolved
MajorImprovementATLAS-1049List types by supertypeShwetha G SResolved
MajorBugATLAS-1051Sqoop Hook does not package HDFS model jars which is requiredSuma ShivaprasadResolved
MajorBugATLAS-1052Fix NPE in HiveHook due to null Session StateSuma ShivaprasadResolved
MajorBugATLAS-1053Fix issues flagged by Coverity scan - potential NPEMadhan NeethirajResolved
MajorBugATLAS-1060Add composite indexes for exact match performance improvements for all attributesSuma ShivaprasadResolved
MajorBugATLAS-1064UI: Pagination for full text search resultsKalyani KashikarResolved
MajorBugATLAS-1065UI: Full text search view same as DSL'sKeval BhattResolved
MajorBugATLAS-1071Regression - UI - Details Button under Audits Tab is not working.Keval BhattResolved
MajorBugATLAS-1080Regression - UI - hive_storagedesc is shown as "undefined" in UIKeval BhattResolved
MajorBugATLAS-1087Provide an option to turn off persisting entity definition in auditsSuma ShivaprasadResolved
MajorBugATLAS-1088Fix /search api to default to fulltext on dsl failureSuma ShivaprasadResolved
MajorBugATLAS-1089Storm hook should handle cyclic references in topology objectMadhan NeethirajResolved
MajorBugATLAS-1090UI: Multi-Select TaggingKalyani KashikarResolved
MajorImprovementATLAS-1091Improvement in DSL search functionality.Keval BhattResolved
MajorBugATLAS-1092Add Table.CreateTime to process qualified Name for all hive_processSuma ShivaprasadResolved
MajorBugATLAS-1096Modify HiveMetaStoreBridge.import to use getEntity instead of DSLSuma ShivaprasadResolved
MajorBugATLAS-1097Fix a potential NPE issue flagged by Coverity scanMadhan NeethirajResolved
MajorBugATLAS-1098Atlas allows creation of tag with name "isa" which causes exceptions during searchApoorv NaikResolved
MajorBugATLAS-1099UI : multiple tag assign button hides wronglyKalyani KashikarResolved
MajorBugATLAS-1103UI: Search type list is not refreshedKalyani KashikarResolved
MajorBugATLAS-1105Disable HiveLiteralRewriterTest since its not used currentlySuma ShivaprasadResolved
MajorBugATLAS-1119Add retries for edge label creationSuma ShivaprasadResolved
MajorBugATLAS-1121NPE while submitting topology in StormHookAyub PathanResolved
MajorBugATLAS-1122Change trait edge labels to have trait name aloneSuma ShivaprasadResolved
MajorBugATLAS-1125Enable compression on hbase audit tableShwetha G SResolved
MajorBugATLAS-1126Fix NPE in getSchema calls Suma ShivaprasadResolved
MajorBugATLAS-1127Modify creation and modification timestamps to Date instead of LongSuma ShivaprasadResolved
MajorBugATLAS-1129Remove notification failed logs on retry and add sleep between retriesVimal SharmaResolved
MajorBugATLAS-1133Jetty Server start doesn't throw exception when file is not foundNixon RodriguesResolved
MajorBugATLAS-1140All the tag's attributes are not seen while applying a tag to entity.Keval BhattResolved
MajorBugATLAS-1141UI-Issue - Tag with spaces, when searched, then it is wrongly set in search textbox.Kalyani KashikarResolved
MajorBugATLAS-1147UI: column name doesn't show up in schema tab for hive tableKalyani KashikarResolved
MajorBugATLAS-1149Changes to UI to sort the hive table schema based on "position" attribute of hive_columnKalyani KashikarResolved
MajorBugATLAS-1155Errors in Eclipse when I bring in the latest codeDavid RadleyResolved
MajorBugATLAS-1160Update Atlas hive hook to read configuration from instead of hive-site.xmlMadhan NeethirajResolved
MajorBugATLAS-1162Register shutdown hooks with Hadoop's ShutdownHookManager, instead of directly with Java RuntimeMadhan NeethirajResolved
MajorSub-taskATLAS-1192Atlas IE supportKeval BhattResolved
MajorBugATLAS-1206Atlas UI not working with IE or Chrome on Windows OS in Kerberos mode.Nixon RodriguesResolved
MajorBugATLAS-1298UI never finishes loadingKeval BhattResolved
MajorBugATLAS-1342Titan Solrclient - Add timeouts for zookeeper connect and sessionSuma ShivaprasadResolved
MajorBugATLAS-1364HiveHook : Fix Auth issue with doAsSuma ShivaprasadResolved
MajorBugATLAS-1402UI issues due to v2 API integration.Kalyani KashikarResolved
MajorBugATLAS-1403Perf and stability improvements to DSL search and lineage to search only by typeNamesSuma ShivaprasadResolved
MajorImprovementATLAS-1404Improve lineage performance with query filters using only GUIDSuma ShivaprasadResolved
MajorBugATLAS-1417HIveHook: synchronous execution fails to notify Suma ShivaprasadResolved
MajorBugATLAS-1419Entity attribute values are overridden to null when their value is not provided during complete updatesSuma ShivaprasadResolved
MajorBugATLAS-1420Change Atlas cookie name to ATLASSESSIONID instead JSESSIONIDNixon RodriguesResolved
MajorBugATLAS-1424Avoid stack-trace in REST API error responseNixon RodriguesResolved
MajorBugATLAS-1427Support an option to exclude protocols in SSL modeNixon RodriguesResolved
MajorImprovementATLAS-1432Responsive Loader and css changesKeval BhattResolved
MajorTaskATLAS-1441Release 0.7.1-incubating releaseMadhan NeethirajResolved
MajorSub-taskATLAS-1442Update pom.xml to change version number to 0.7.1-incubatingMadhan NeethirajResolved
MajorBugATLAS-1443Atlas ignores attributes with null valueSarath SubramanianResolved
MajorBugATLAS-1560import hive metadata into atlasUnassignedOpen
MajorBugATLAS-1647AtlasHook does not work with Oozie Sqoop Action or with Original HiveActionUnassignedOpen
MinorBugATLAS-902Atlas throws exception due to null definition in Hive create table statementVimal SharmaResolved
MinorImprovementATLAS-1002Create default user rangertagsync in atlas file authentication for Ranger tag sync module.Nixon RodriguesResolved
MinorBugATLAS-1059change log level for search api log messagesSuma ShivaprasadResolved
MinorBugATLAS-1115Show Tag / Taxonomy Listing in sorted orderKalyani KashikarResolved
MinorImprovementATLAS-1142Lineage UI Improvement.Keval BhattResolved
MinorBugATLAS-1173Doc: Minor editorial bug in the example given for property atlas.server.ha.zookeeper.authHemanth YamijalaResolved
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