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BlockerBugATLAS-405UI: Lineage is broken seemingly if there are more than one input Processes creating a DatasetDarshan KumarResolved
BlockerBugATLAS-1610Regression: GUID order in the entity create response is not returned in the expected order(i.e; creation order).Sarath SubramanianResolved
BlockerBugATLAS-1612Regression: DSL search using a non-unique attribute of user-defined types results in empty responseVimal SharmaResolved
BlockerBugATLAS-2007Regression : Storm model not registered in Atlas due to recent changesSarath SubramanianResolved
BlockerSub-taskATLAS-2022Regression : Empty results fetched from GET Basic search querySharmadha SainathResolved
BlockerBugATLAS-2180Regression : Hive hook is brokenApoorv NaikResolved
CriticalBugATLAS-346Atlas server loses messages sent from Hive hook if restarted after unclean shutdownHemanth YamijalaResolved
CriticalBugATLAS-1715If there exists a [DELETED] entity with the same in atlas and importing an entity with the same name results in updating the deleted entity. Instead it should create a new entity.UnassignedResolved
CriticalImprovementATLAS-1723Add support for exporting all entities associated with a specific tag(ex: PII)UnassignedOpen
CriticalBugATLAS-1725update tinkerpop version to >=3.0.2-incubating to avoid `KryoException` errors that complain of "Buffer too small"UnassignedOpen
CriticalImprovementATLAS-1858Create HDFS Bridge for AtlasXinzhi,LuoOpen
CriticalImprovementATLAS-2054Add flag to exclude attribute mapping in FullTextMapperSarath SubramanianResolved
CriticalImprovementATLAS-2055Change related entities search API implementation from graph query to using relationshipsSarath SubramanianOpen
MajorImprovementATLAS-209Use testng and delete junit and scalatestliutongfengResolved
MajorBugATLAS-213UI: When searching for Tag/Trait, Search results show guid instead of nameRohitResolved
MajorImprovementATLAS-244UI: Add Tag TabDarshan KumarResolved
MajorBugATLAS-249Seach based on classType and Trait returns 0 rowsUnassignedResolved
MajorBugATLAS-334Update documentation to reflect copying required atlas file on solr installationSuma ShivaprasadResolved
MajorBugATLAS-342Atlas is sending an ENTITY_CREATE event to the ATLAS_ENTITIES topic even if the entity exists already.Shwetha G SResolved
MajorImprovementATLAS-374Doc: Create a wiki for documenting fault tolerance and HA options for Atlas dataHemanth YamijalaResolved
MajorSub-taskATLAS-376UI: Use the Schema API of the backend to populate details for Schema tabDarshan KumarResolved
MajorBugATLAS-382Fixed Hive Bridge doc for ATLAS cluster nameSuma ShivaprasadResolved
MajorImprovementATLAS-385Support for Lineage for entities with SuperType as DataSet AnilsgResolved
MajorBugATLAS-394Fix BaseResourceIT.waitForNotification()Shwetha G SResolved
MajorBugATLAS-395UI : In details page maps not displayed for different data modelsDarshan KumarResolved
MajorBugATLAS-402UI : Validation of Associating a Tag Darshan KumarResolved
MajorImprovementATLAS-424UI: The UI Should not expose guidsRohitResolved
MajorTaskATLAS-468Add automatic patch validation script for Apache ATLAS using preCommit-ATLAS-buildSelvamohan NeethirajResolved
MajorBugATLAS-636Tags/Traits associated with partitionkeys should be retained after rename table.Suma ShivaprasadResolved
MajorImprovementATLAS-1198Move from Guice + Spring to only SpringApoorv NaikResolved
MajorBugATLAS-1313Tests SSLAndKerberosTest.testService and SSLTest.testService are failing Ayub PathanResolved
MajorBugATLAS-1315Fix webapp Integration testsAyub PathanResolved
MajorBugATLAS-1316V2 API webapp tests are failingAyub PathanResolved
MajorBugATLAS-1321Fix failure of Hive ITsAyub PathanResolved
MajorBugATLAS-1324Fix SecureEmbeddedServerTest.testServerConfiguredUsingCredentialProvider UT failureAyub PathanResolved
MajorImprovementATLAS-1494Data models of types inheriting Process have Inputs,Outputs which are of very generic type. UnassignedOpen
MajorBugATLAS-1600Atlas export API is fetching all the metadata irrespective of any filter provided(for example hive_db)UnassignedResolved
MajorSub-taskATLAS-1651Change master version to 0.9-incubatingMadhan NeethirajResolved
MajorImprovementATLAS-1734Import API: Add Support to Update Attributes of Existing Types During ImportAshutosh MestryClosed
MajorBugATLAS-1778Incorrect error code returned in V2 APIs when updating an entity with invalid values using PUT/POSTApoorv NaikResolved
MajorImprovementATLAS-1804Allow PAM for authenticationShi WangResolved
MajorBugATLAS-1834TestNG asserts across tests instead on JUnitApoorv NaikResolved
MajorBugATLAS-1865Cannot create trait/term in Chineseqinglin,xiaPatch Available
MajorBugATLAS-1877UI: In Lineage for Process entity process icon is not showing.qinglin,xiaPatch Available
MajorBugATLAS-1889Failure in simultaneous updates to an entity tag associationAshutosh MestryClosed
MajorBugATLAS-1904Incorrect validation around composition relationshipDefsDavid RadleyResolved
MajorImprovementATLAS-1956AtlasSearchResult to include filter attributes by defaultApoorv NaikIn Progress
MajorImprovementATLAS-1957MultiVertex graph queryApoorv NaikOpen
MajorBugATLAS-1997Search indexer NPEApoorv NaikResolved
MajorSub-taskATLAS-1999Use AtlasRelatedObjectId to display relationshipAttribute values during entity retrievalSarath SubramanianResolved
MajorBugATLAS-2001Invalid attribute during entity update should throw 400Apoorv NaikResolved
MajorBugATLAS-2010Atlas Hook consumer runs into type not foundApoorv NaikResolved
MajorBugATLAS-2019Search using entity and trait attributes - Equals comparison using filter key when filter key is present between special charactersApoorv NaikResolved
MajorBugATLAS-2047NotificationHookConsumer: Exception Thrown by Kafka Consumer Ends up Filling Logs Due to Incorrect Handling Ashutosh MestryResolved
MajorBugATLAS-2051Provide a utility to Import HBase entities into AtlasRamesh ManiPatch Available
MajorImprovementATLAS-2063Compressed HiveHook MessagesAshutosh MestryResolved
MajorImprovementATLAS-2064Compress Hook Messages Posted to Kafka Atlas TopicAshutosh MestryResolved
MajorBugATLAS-2134Code Improvement To Follow Best PracticesAshutosh MestryResolved
MajorBugATLAS-2211Dangling transaction in GraphBackedMetadataRepositoryApoorv NaikResolved
MinorBugATLAS-246QuickStart uses integer data type for dates, which causes data lossDavid KantorResolved
MinorTaskATLAS-328UI: Swagger API Documentation supportJean-Baptiste OnofréResolved
MinorBugATLAS-1340Credential Provider utility does not work with fully qualified local/HDFS jceks pathUnassignedResolved
MinorImprovementATLAS-2017Import API: Make Request Parameter OptionalAshutosh MestryResolved
MinorBugATLAS-2037Unit Test Failure: NotificationHookConsumerTest.testConsumersAreStoppedWhenInstanceBecomesPassiveAshutosh MestryResolved
MinorImprovementATLAS-2050Add helper method in relationship store to check if entity has relationship associatedSarath SubramanianResolved
MinorBugATLAS-2183Export-API documentation curl example json syntax and content wrongUnassignedOpen
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