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Daniel Takamori <> committed ee0b884a4b3015d9dc0fcccf1175f0165d8eb6e8 (1 file)
Daniel Takamori <> committed 05e10171db2c0e76a0e32e437f160d5cf81be97b (1 file)
Geoffrey Corey <> committed 8f385aaaf95ffa1a6d93f31785ebab1513285290 (1 file)
Rainer Jung committed 1414449 (1 file)
Reviews: none

Fix header and parameter parsing when decoding MIME multipart:
- When skipping to th enext header skip after the newline, not
  to the newline.
- Skip initial empty parameter (leading ";")

Both problems detected by a valid Airavata announcement mail
contained in www-anounce/201211 with windows-1252 encoding,
but mod_mbox used empty encoding. Result was broken UTF-8 XML.