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T Patch Info Key Summary Assignee Reporter P Status Resolution Created Updated Due Development
Sub-task YARN-4877

YARN-896 Add a way to push out updated service tokens to containers

Unassigned Steve Loughran Major Open Unresolved  
Sub-task YARN-3669

YARN-896 Attempt-failures validatiy interval should have a global admin configurable lower limit

Xuan Gong Vinod Kumar Vavilapalli Major Open Unresolved  
Sub-task YARN-3480

YARN-896 Recovery may get very slow with lots of services with lots of app-attempts

Jun Gong Jun Gong Major Resolved Fixed  
Sub-task YARN-2793

YARN-896 YARN service containers to support different memory limit policies

Unassigned Steve Loughran Major Open Unresolved  
Sub-task YARN-2704

YARN-896 Localization and log-aggregation will fail if hdfs delegation token expired after token-max-life-time

Jian He Jian He Critical Closed Fixed  
Sub-task YARN-1808

YARN-896 add ability for AM to attach simple state information to containers

Unassigned Steve Loughran Minor Open Unresolved  
Sub-task YARN-1727

YARN-896 provide (async) application lifecycle events to management tools

Unassigned Steve Loughran Major Open Unresolved  
Sub-task YARN-1016

YARN-896 Define a HDFS based repository that allows YARN services to share resources

Unassigned Kam Kasravi Major Resolved Duplicate  
Sub-task YARN-941

YARN-896 RM Should have a way to update the tokens it has for a running application

Xuan Gong Robert Joseph Evans Major Open Unresolved  
Sub-task YARN-611

YARN-896 Add an AM retry count reset window to YARN RM

Xuan Gong Chris Riccomini Major Closed Fixed