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T Patch Info Key Summary Assignee Reporter P Status Resolution Created Updated Due Development
Sub-task NIFI-543

NIFI-540 Provide extensions a way to indicate that they can run only on primary node, if clustered

Sivaprasanna Sethuraman Mark Payne Major Resolved Fixed  
Sub-task NIFI-542

NIFI-540 Allow for Multiple tiers of Cluster Managers

Unassigned Mark Payne Major Resolved Won't Fix  
Sub-task NIFI-541

NIFI-540 Auto-elect new Primary Node

Unassigned Mark Payne Major Resolved Duplicate  
Sub-task NIFI-483

NIFI-540 Automatically elect a new primary node to allow rolling restarts

Mark Payne Ricky Saltzer Major Resolved Fixed  
Sub-task NIFI-338

NIFI-540 The NCM should offer high availability

Unassigned Andrew Kyle Purtell Major Resolved Fixed  
Sub-task NIFI-259

NIFI-540 Framework should offer Processors/extensions a way to manage simple state

Mark Payne Joe Witt Major Resolved Fixed