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T Patch Info Key Summary Assignee Reporter P Status Resolution Created Updated Due Development
Sub-task HBASE-19057

HBASE-18410 Fix other code review comments about FilterList Improvement

Zheng Hu Zheng Hu Blocker Resolved Fixed  
Sub-task HBASE-18977

HBASE-18410 Reenable test of filterlist using MUST_PASS_ONE and two familyfilters

Zheng Hu Sean Busbey Blocker Resolved Fixed  
Sub-task HBASE-18957

HBASE-18410 add test that confirms 2 FamilyFilters in a FilterList using MUST_PASS_ONE operator will return results that match either of the FamilyFilters and revert as needed to make it pass.

Peter Somogyi Sean Busbey Critical Resolved Fixed  
Sub-task HBASE-18879

HBASE-18410 HBase FilterList cause KeyOnlyFilter not work

Zheng Hu ZHA_Moonlight Major Resolved Fixed  
Sub-task HBASE-18416

HBASE-18410 FilterLIst with MUST_PASS_ONE can be optimized to choose the mininal step to seek rather than SKIP cell one by one

Zheng Hu Zheng Hu Major Resolved Implemented  
Sub-task HBASE-18414

HBASE-18410 FilterList with MUST_PASS_ALL can be optimized to choose the highest key among filters in filter list to seek

Zheng Hu Zheng Hu Major Resolved Duplicate  
Sub-task HBASE-18411

HBASE-18410 Dividing FiterList into two separate sub-classes: FilterListWithOR , FilterListWithAND

Zheng Hu Zheng Hu Major Resolved Fixed  
Sub-task HBASE-18368

HBASE-18410 FilterList with multiple FamilyFilters concatenated by OR does not work.

Zheng Hu Peter Somogyi Critical Resolved Fixed  
Sub-task HBASE-18160

HBASE-18410 Fix incorrect logic in FilterList.filterKeyValue

Zheng Hu Zheng Hu Major Resolved Fixed  
Sub-task HBASE-17678

HBASE-18410 FilterList with MUST_PASS_ONE may lead to redundant cells returned

Zheng Hu Jason Tokayer Major Resolved Fixed