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T Patch Info Key Summary Assignee Reporter P Status Resolution Created Updated Due Development
Sub-task FLINK-17527

FLINK-15788 kubernetes-session.sh uses log4j-console.properties

Yang Wang Till Rohrmann Major Closed Fixed  
Sub-task FLINK-15864

FLINK-15788 Upgrade jackson-databind dependency to 2.10.1 for security reasons

Till Rohrmann Till Rohrmann Critical Closed Fixed  
Sub-task FLINK-15836

FLINK-15788 Throw fatal error in KubernetesResourceManager when the pods watcher is closed with exception

Yang Wang Yang Wang Major Resolved Fixed  
Sub-task FLINK-15817

FLINK-15788 Kubernetes Resource leak while deployment exception happens

Canbin Zheng Canbin Zheng Major Resolved Fixed  
Sub-task FLINK-15816

FLINK-15788 Limit the maximum length of the value of kubernetes.cluster-id configuration option

Canbin Zheng Canbin Zheng Minor Resolved Fixed  
Sub-task FLINK-15799

FLINK-15788 Support running kubernetes.sh against different context than the current context

Unassigned Till Rohrmann Major Closed Duplicate  
Sub-task FLINK-15797

FLINK-15788 Reduce logging noise of Fabric8FlinkKubeClient

Till Rohrmann Till Rohrmann Major Resolved Fixed  
Sub-task FLINK-15796

FLINK-15788 Extend Kubernetes documentation on how to use a custom image

Unassigned Till Rohrmann Minor Closed Fixed  
Sub-task FLINK-15795

FLINK-15788 KubernetesClusterDescriptor seems to report unreachable JobManager interface URL

Unassigned Till Rohrmann Minor Closed Duplicate  
Sub-task FLINK-15794

FLINK-15788 Rethink default value of kubernetes.container.image

Niels Basjes Till Rohrmann Major Closed Fixed  
Sub-task FLINK-15793

FLINK-15788 Move kubernetes-entry.sh out of FLINK_HOME/bin

Yang Wang Till Rohrmann Minor Closed Fixed  
Sub-task FLINK-15792

FLINK-15788 Make Flink logs accessible via kubectl logs per default

Yang Wang Till Rohrmann Major Closed Fixed  
Sub-task FLINK-15791

FLINK-15788 Don't use ForkJoinPool#commonPool() for executing asynchronous operations in Fabric8FlinkKubeClient

Yang Wang Till Rohrmann Major Closed Not A Problem  
Sub-task FLINK-15790

FLINK-15788 Make FlinkKubeClient and its implementations asynchronous

Yang Wang Till Rohrmann Critical Resolved Done  
Sub-task FLINK-15789

FLINK-15788 ActionWatcher.await should throw InterruptedException

Yang Wang Till Rohrmann Major Closed Fixed