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T Patch Info Key Summary Assignee Reporter P Status Resolution Created Updated Due Development
Sub-task CASSANDRA-13048

CASSANDRA-9362 Support SASL mechanism negotiation in existing Authenticators

Ben Bromhead Ben Bromhead Low Open Unresolved  
Sub-task CASSANDRA-12850

CASSANDRA-9362 Add the duration type to the protocol V5

Benjamin Lerer Benjamin Lerer Normal Resolved Fixed  
Sub-task CASSANDRA-12838

CASSANDRA-9362 Extend native protocol flags and add supported versions to the SUPPORTED response

Stefania Alborghetti Stefania Alborghetti Normal Resolved Fixed  
Sub-task CASSANDRA-12142

CASSANDRA-9362 Add "beta" version native protocol flag

Alex Petrov Tom Hobbs Normal Resolved Fixed  
Sub-task CASSANDRA-11471

CASSANDRA-9362 Add SASL mechanism negotiation to the native protocol

Ben Bromhead Sam Tunnicliffe Normal Open Unresolved  
Sub-task CASSANDRA-11466

CASSANDRA-9362 Add Dynamic Type to the Native Protocol

Unassigned Tom Hobbs Normal Open Unresolved  
Sub-task CASSANDRA-10813

CASSANDRA-9362 Add 'idempotent' flag to 'PREPARED' response

Unassigned Andy Tolbert Low Open Unresolved  
Sub-task CASSANDRA-10786

CASSANDRA-9362 Include hash of result set metadata in prepared statement id

Alex Petrov Olivier Michallat Low Resolved Fixed  
Sub-task CASSANDRA-10246

CASSANDRA-9362 Fix named values in batches for native protocol

Unassigned Michael Penick Normal Open Unresolved  
Sub-task CASSANDRA-10179

CASSANDRA-9362 Duplicate index should throw AlreadyExistsException

Unassigned T Jake Luciani Low Open Unresolved  
Sub-task CASSANDRA-9920

CASSANDRA-9362 Consider making Materialized Views a schema target in events

Unassigned Carl Yeksigian Normal Open Unresolved  
Sub-task CASSANDRA-8779

CASSANDRA-9362 Add type code to binary query parameters in QUERY messages

Unassigned Kishan Karunaratne Normal Open Unresolved  
Sub-task CASSANDRA-8483

CASSANDRA-9362 Support streaming results

Unassigned Benedict Elliott Smith Normal Open Unresolved  
Sub-task CASSANDRA-7881

CASSANDRA-9362 SCHEMA_CHANGE Events and Responses should carry the Schema Version

Robert Stupp Michaël Figuière Low Resolved Won't Fix