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T Patch Info Key Summary Assignee Reporter P Status Resolution Created Updated Due Development
Sub-task BEAM-10568

BEAM-2530 Spotbugs failure in JDK11: :sdks:java:core:spotbugsMain (due to spotbugs limitation)

Kenneth Knowles Lukasz Gajowy P2 Resolved Fixed  
Sub-task BEAM-9985

BEAM-2530 Java 11 ByteBuddyUtils ConvertValueForSetter.convertArray IllegalStateException

Tyson Hamilton Tyson Hamilton P2 Resolved Fixed  
Sub-task BEAM-9066

BEAM-2530 ParDoSchemaTest fails on Direct Runner running with Java 11

Kiley Sok Michał Walenia P3 Resolved Fixed  
Sub-task BEAM-8319

BEAM-2530 Errorprone 0.0.13 fails during JDK11 build

Kenneth Knowles Lukasz Gajowy P2 Resolved Fixed  
Sub-task BEAM-8106

BEAM-2530 Publish Java 11 SDK Harness docker image

Emily Ye Hannah Jiang P3 Triage Needed Fixed  
Sub-task BEAM-8024

BEAM-2530 Project importing Beam that uses Java 11 and JPMS cannot compile

Kiley Sok Lukasz Gajowy P3 Resolved Fixed  
Sub-task BEAM-8021

BEAM-2530 Add Automatic-Module-Name headers for Beam Java modules

Lukasz Gajowy Ismaël Mejía P3 Resolved Fixed  
Sub-task BEAM-6936

BEAM-2530 Add a Jenkins job running Java examples on Java 11 Dataflow

Michał Walenia Michał Walenia P3 Resolved Done  
Sub-task BEAM-6703

BEAM-2530 Support Java 11 in Jenkins

Michał Walenia Michał Walenia P3 Resolved Done  
Sub-task BEAM-6096

BEAM-2530 illegal signature attribute when compiling with JDK 11

Liam Miller-Cushon Liam Miller-Cushon P2 Resolved Fixed  
Sub-task BEAM-6007

BEAM-2530 Create ClassLoadingStrategy with Java 11 compatible way

Tyson Hamilton Keisuke Kondo P2 Resolved Fixed  
Sub-task BEAM-5061

BEAM-2530 Invisible parameter type exception in JDK 10

Lukasz Gajowy Mike Pedersen P2 Resolved Cannot Reproduce  
Sub-task BEAM-4329

BEAM-2530 Make gradle build scripts Java 11 compatible

Unassigned Ismaël Mejía P3 Resolved Done  
Sub-task BEAM-3422

BEAM-2530 The jar files uploaded to maven do not work with Java 9

Ismaël Mejía Chris Heisterkamp P2 Resolved Fixed