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T Patch Info Key Summary Assignee Reporter P Status Resolution Created Updated Due
Bug NET-495

Unsupported record version Unknown-48.48 - commons-net-3.1.jar

Unassigned Deepak Pant Major Closed Fixed  
Bug NET-487

TelnetClient InputStream can not read data until timeout!

Unassigned zhaozhihua Major Closed Fixed  
Bug NET-485

Remove unnecessary Base64 methods

Unassigned Sebb Major Closed Fixed  
Improvement NET-484

Base64.CHUNK_SEPARATOR should be private

Unassigned Sebb Major Closed Fixed  
Bug NET-483

Base64.encodeBase64(byte[], boolean, boolean, int) does not calculate output size correctly for unchunked output

Unassigned Sebb Minor Closed Fixed  
Improvement NET-482

Support XOAUTH

Unassigned Houman Atashbar Minor Closed Fixed  
Bug NET-475

FtpClient sends REST when calling listFiles

Unassigned Thomas Axelsson Major Closed Fixed  
Bug NET-473

FTPClient setSoTimeout (int time) will result in NullPointerException

Unassigned Yuliya Polyeno Minor Closed Fixed  
Bug NET-467

IMAPClient#fetch() does not handle literal strings

Unassigned Sebb Major Closed Fixed  
Bug NET-466

Regression: TelnetInputStream#available() blocks

Unassigned Martin Oberhuber Critical Closed Fixed  
Improvement NET-462

FTPClient in PASSIVE_LOCAL_DATA_CONNECTION_MODE cannot work when host have several different IP

Unassigned Junsheng Chen Minor Closed Fixed  
Bug NET-458

MVSFTPEntryParser.parseSimpleEntry - ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException

Unassigned Denis Molony Major Closed Fixed  
Bug NET-456

[net] TelnetClient hangs when reader-thread startup delays

Unassigned MarikoSekiguchi Major Closed Fixed  
Bug NET-450

Bug in documentation for FTPClient

Unassigned Roger Hardiman Minor Closed Fixed  
Bug NET-449

listFiles bug with folder that begins with "-"

Unassigned St├ęphane Verger Major Closed Fixed  
Bug NET-444

FTPTimestampParserImpl fails to parse future dates correctly on Feb 28th in a leap year

Unassigned Sebb Major Closed Fixed  
Bug NET-442

StringIndexOutOfBoundsException: String index out of range: -1 if server respond with root is current directory

Unassigned Andrea Selva Major Closed Fixed  
Bug NET-426

FTPS: Hook to customize _openDataConnection_ SSLSocket before startHandshake() is called

Unassigned Ketan Major Closed Fixed  
Bug NET-46

[FTP] retrieveFileStream fails randomly or hangs

Unassigned Dennis Meerveld Major Closed Fixed