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T Patch Info Key Summary Assignee Reporter P Status Resolution Created Updated Due
Bug HBASE-22226

Incorrect level for headings in asciidoc

Unassigned Peter Somogyi Trivial Open Unresolved  
Task HBASE-22197

document delegation tokens

Unassigned Sean Busbey Critical Open Unresolved  
Task HBASE-22176

Document how to make use of GitHub PR in HBase

Unassigned Duo Zhang Major Resolved Duplicate  
Bug HBASE-22173

Update doc on integration tests

Wei-Chiu Chuang Wei-Chiu Chuang Minor Resolved Fixed  
Bug HBASE-22092

Typo in block cache monitoring documentation

William Shen William Shen Trivial Resolved Fixed  
Bug HBASE-22053

zookeeper URL links in documentation are failing with 404

Subrat Mishra Subrat Mishra Minor Resolved Fixed  
Bug HBASE-22010

docs on upgrade from 2.0,2.1 -> 2.2 renders incorrectly

Sean Busbey Sean Busbey Minor Resolved Fixed  
Improvement HBASE-21996

Set locale for javadoc

Peter Somogyi Peter Somogyi Major Patch Available Unresolved  
Sub-task HBASE-21984

HBASE-21968 Generate CHANGES.md and RELEASENOTES.md for 2.1.4

Duo Zhang Duo Zhang Major Resolved Fixed  
Improvement HBASE-21918

the use cases in doc should use Cell instead of KeyValue

Zheng Wang Zheng Wang Trivial Resolved Fixed  
Task HBASE-21901

update branch-1.2 ref guide for 1.2.11 release

Sean Busbey Sean Busbey Critical Resolved Fixed  
Task HBASE-21853

update copyright notices to 2019

Sean Busbey Sean Busbey Major Resolved Fixed  
Sub-task HBASE-21819

HBASE-21801 Generate CHANGES.md and RELEASENOTES.md for 2.1.3

Duo Zhang Duo Zhang Major Resolved Fixed  
Improvement HBASE-21818

Incorrect list item in javadoc

qiang Liu qiang Liu Trivial Resolved Fixed  
Bug HBASE-21794

Update the Coprocessor observer example given in section 111.1 of the ref guide.

Sakthi Sakthi Minor Resolved Fixed  
Improvement HBASE-21790

Detail docs on ref guide for CompactionTool

Wellington Chevreuil Wellington Chevreuil Major Resolved Fixed  
Improvement HBASE-21741

Add a note in "HFile Tool" section regarding 'seqid=0'

Sakthi Sakthi Minor Resolved Fixed  
Improvement HBASE-21737

Fix "Appendix A: HFile format" section in the doc

Sakthi Sakthi Minor Resolved Fixed  
Task HBASE-21702

Transcribe "what is HBaseCon" into book

Josh Elser Josh Elser Major Patch Available Unresolved  
Task HBASE-21701

Document working with Pull Requests

Unassigned Peter Somogyi Critical Open Unresolved  
Improvement HBASE-21692

Chapter 36 "On the number of column families" may have some problems

lixiaobao lixiaobao Minor Patch Available Unresolved  
Task HBASE-21606

Document use of the meta table load metrics added in HBASE-19722

Sean Busbey Sean Busbey Critical Open Unresolved  
Task HBASE-21605

Need upgrade section note about BC break in 2.0+ fixed by HBASE-21178

Unassigned Sean Busbey Critical Open Unresolved  
Task HBASE-21536

Fix completebulkload usage instructions

Artem Ervits Artem Ervits Trivial Patch Available Unresolved  
Task HBASE-21533

Add a section in our ref guide for the folding(removal) of hbase:namespace table

Unassigned Duo Zhang Major Open Unresolved  
Task HBASE-21502

Update SyncTable section on RefGuide once HBASE-20586 is committed

Wellington Chevreuil Wellington Chevreuil Trivial Patch Available Unresolved  
Sub-task HBASE-21497

HBASE-21495 Copy down docs for 2.0.3 release

stack stack Major Resolved Fixed  
Bug HBASE-21477

[documentation] doc against an hbase2 client connecting to an hbase1 cluster

Unassigned stack Major Open Unresolved  
Improvement HBASE-21462

Add note for CopyTable section explained it does not perform a diff, but a full write from source to target

Wellington Chevreuil Wellington Chevreuil Minor Patch Available Unresolved  
Improvement HBASE-21460

correct Document Configurable Bucket Sizes in bucketCache

Yechao Chen Yechao Chen Major Resolved Fixed  
Bug HBASE-21450

[documentation] Point spark doc at hbase-connectors spark

stack stack Major Resolved Fixed  
Improvement HBASE-21415

Admin#snapshot method documentation is misleading.

Philippe Laflamme Philippe Laflamme Trivial Patch Available Unresolved  
Improvement HBASE-21411

Need to document the snapshot metric data that is shown in HBase Master Web UI

Roland Teague Roland Teague Major Resolved Fixed  
Improvement HBASE-21405

[DOC] Add Details about Output of "status 'replication'"

Wellington Chevreuil Daisuke Kobayashi Minor In Progress Unresolved  
Bug HBASE-21383

Change refguide to point at hbck2 instead of hbck1

stack stack Major Resolved Fixed  
Task HBASE-21346

Update release procedure and website publishing docs in the book

Andrew Purtell Andrew Purtell Major Open Unresolved  
Improvement HBASE-21328


cong.han cong.han Minor Resolved Fixed  
Task HBASE-21306

website should have 1.4.x release docs

Andrew Purtell Mike Drob Major Open Unresolved  
Improvement HBASE-21295

Update compatibility matrices

Peter Somogyi Peter Somogyi Minor Resolved Fixed  
Task HBASE-21231

Add documentation for MajorCompactor

Balazs Meszaros Balazs Meszaros Major Patch Available Unresolved  
Improvement HBASE-21186

Document hbase.regionserver.executor.openregion.threads in MTTR section

Sahil Aggarwal Sahil Aggarwal Minor In Progress Unresolved  
Improvement HBASE-21148

[Docs] Some errors in section#Security Configuration Example of hbase book

Reid Chan Reid Chan Minor Resolved Fixed  
Task HBASE-21119

update website docs for current 2.0 release

Sean Busbey Sean Busbey Major Resolved Fixed  
Task HBASE-21114

website should have a copy of 2.1 release docs

Mike Drob Sean Busbey Major Resolved Fixed  
Improvement HBASE-21091

Update Hadoop compatibility table

Josh Elser Josh Elser Major Resolved Fixed  
Bug HBASE-21058

Nightly tests for branches 1 fail to build ref guide

Sean Busbey Sean Busbey Major Resolved Fixed  
Sub-task HBASE-21054

HBASE-21045 Copy down docs, amend to suite branch-2.0, and then commit

stack stack Major Resolved Fixed  
Bug HBASE-21030

Correct javadoc for append operation

Subrat Mishra Nihal Jain Minor Resolved Fixed  
Bug HBASE-21026

Fix Backup/Restore command usage bug in book

Mingliang Liu Mingliang Liu Minor Resolved Fixed  
Improvement HBASE-20977

Don't use the word "Snapshot" when defining "HBase Snapshots"

Josh Elser Josh Elser Trivial Resolved Fixed