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T Patch Info Key Summary Assignee Reporter P Status Resolution Created Updated Due
Bug JCR-4123

No log file found containing revision: 0

Unassigned Morenko Roman Blocker Resolved Cannot Reproduce  
Bug JCR-4062

Path / data disappearing

Unassigned Ravindra Kirpane Major Resolved Not A Bug  
Wish JCR-4061

JCR expertise required

Unassigned Ravindra Kirpane Blocker Resolved Not A Bug  
Bug JCR-3905

Journal sync after full re-index does not save journal revision

Unassigned Philip Wasson Major Open Unresolved  
Bug JCR-3780

javax.naming.NoInitialContextException for JNDIDatabaseFileSystem

Unassigned Mekias Yohannes Minor Open Unresolved  
Bug JCR-3738

CLONE - Deadlock on LOCAL_REVISION table in clustering environment

Unassigned Ankush Malhotra Critical Resolved Cannot Reproduce  
Bug JCR-3683

Synchronisation of nodes in cluster does not invalidate label cache

Unassigned Olaf Märker Major Patch Available Unresolved  
Bug JCR-3674

Unwarranted errors logged about nodetype registrations in a clustered environment

Unico Hommes Unico Hommes Major Closed Fixed  
Bug JCR-3589

Server startup time unacceptable when one node is catching up with revisions.

Unassigned Cody Burleson Major Open Unresolved  
Bug JCR-3588

Response time higher on Node1 with load when Node2 has no load

Unassigned Cody Burleson Major Open Unresolved  
Bug JCR-3570

Make immediately Repository start configureable in JCAManagedConnectionFactory

Claus Köll Claudiu Muresan Blocker Closed Fixed  
Improvement JCR-3525

Enable consistency checker to run in fix mode in a live cluster

Unassigned Unico Hommes Major Resolved Fixed  
Bug JCR-3502

Deleted states are not merged correctly

Unico Hommes Unico Hommes Major Closed Fixed  
Bug JCR-3488

JCR is taking longer time to release the lock on DMS node

Unassigned Nilay Parmar Major Open Unresolved  
Bug JCR-3440

Deadlock on LOCAL_REVISION table in clustering environment

Bart van der Schans Luca Tagliani Critical Closed Fixed  
Bug JCR-3427

JCR-3138 may cause resource starvation

Unassigned Marcel Reutegger Minor Closed Fixed  
Bug JCR-3385

DbClusterTest fails when port is already in use

Thomas Mueller Jukka Zitting Minor Closed Fixed  
Improvement JCR-3162

Index update overhead on cluster slave due to JCR-905

Unassigned Alex Deparvu Minor Closed Fixed  
Improvement JCR-3138

Skip sync delay when changes are found

Dominique Pfister Dominique Pfister Major Closed Fixed  
Bug JCR-3116

Cluster Node ID should be trimmed

Thomas Mueller Julian Sedding Trivial Closed Fixed  
Bug JCR-3079

InvalidItemStateException occurs when add one node to repository and get his current uuid by DavEx in clustered mode

Unassigned Jose Mendoza Minor Open Unresolved  
New Feature JCR-2968

Add an option to read the Clustering Journal from a different source than the rest of the clustering info

Unassigned Christian Stocker Major Patch Available Unresolved  
Bug JCR-2881

Deadlock on version operations in a clustered environment

Dominique Pfister Dominique Pfister Major Closed Fixed  
Bug JCR-2866

Cluster: Node type register/unregister deadlock

Thomas Mueller Thomas Mueller Major Closed Fixed  
Bug JCR-2832

Crash when adding node to cluster with big journal on PSQL DB

Jukka Zitting Omid Milani Minor Closed Fixed  
Bug JCR-2822

Deadlock on cluster during making changes on content repository

Unassigned aliaksandr shpak Major Open Unresolved  
Bug JCR-2810

Error creating DB2 table for Journaling

Jukka Zitting Jose Marcos Gomes Major Closed Fixed  
Bug JCR-2786

Cluster sync not always done when calling session.refresh(..)

Thomas Mueller Thomas Mueller Major Closed Fixed  
Bug JCR-2766

AbstractJournal.lockAndSync() may leave the journal locked

Unassigned Jukka Zitting Major Open Unresolved  
Improvement JCR-2641


Unassigned jerry zhang Major Closed Not A Problem  
Bug JCR-2623

Deadlock in cluster when registering node types

Unassigned Thomas Draier Major Closed Duplicate  
Bug JCR-2609

CMS bin temp file error

Unassigned Verderi LUIGI Major Closed Duplicate  
Improvement JCR-2483

Out of memory error while adding a new host due to large number of revisions

Unassigned aasoj Major Patch Available Unresolved  
Bug JCR-2438

Multiple threads are trying to acquire journal writing lock, but none of the threads are holding the lock

Unassigned Andrey Adamovich Critical Closed Not A Problem  
Bug JCR-2429

Clustering is broken due to duplicated CachingPersistenceManager interface

Thomas Mueller Thomas Mueller Major Closed Fixed  
Improvement JCR-2396

File Journal workaround for misbehaving NFS implementations

Thomas Mueller Thomas Mueller Minor Closed Won't Fix  
Improvement JCR-2263

Cluster-aware lock expiration

Unassigned Jukka Zitting Minor Open Unresolved  
Bug JCR-2232

shutdown deadlock

Unassigned Timo Pick Major Closed Won't Fix  
Bug JCR-2226

Exceptions using DB based repository with WAS 6.1

Unassigned Rajiv Kasera Minor Patch Available Unresolved  
Bug JCR-2126

Jackrabbit fails for "unexpected error while syncing of journal" and stops responding

Unassigned Badal Major Closed Duplicate  
Improvement JCR-2124

Do not increment revison while target workspace is not initialized

Claus Köll Claus Köll Major Closed Fixed  
Bug JCR-1923

Startup fails if clustered jackrabbit is upgrade from 1.4.4 to 1.5

Jukka Zitting Christian Schröder Minor Closed Fixed  
Bug JCR-1813

Invalid journal records during XATransactions

Jukka Zitting Stephane Landelle Critical Closed Fixed  
Improvement JCR-1812

WorkspaceUpdateChannel.updateCommitted logs too much

Felix Meschberger Felix Meschberger Trivial Closed Fixed  
New Feature JCR-1801

Support Online Backup

Unassigned Thomas Mueller Minor Open Unresolved  
Improvement JCR-1789

Provide access to cluster records

Dominique Pfister Dominique Pfister Major Closed Fixed  
New Feature JCR-1753

Allow means force a Repository to synchronize with the cluster

Jukka Zitting Micah Whitacre Major Closed Fixed  
Bug JCR-1746

The cluster syncDelay attribute is milliseconds

Jukka Zitting Jukka Zitting Minor Closed Fixed  
Improvement JCR-1735

Cluster revision file should contain identifier to detect file journal log replacement

Dominique Pfister Dominique Pfister Major Open Unresolved  
Bug JCR-1734

Generated cluster node id should be persisted

Dominique Pfister Dominique Pfister Minor Closed Fixed