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T Patch Info Key Summary Assignee Reporter P Status Resolution Created Updated Due
Bug GROOVY-9126

Unreachable line numbers after ARETURN in bytecode

Unassigned Adam Estabrook Minor Open Unresolved  
Bug GROOVY-9094

Coercion to primitive double from primitive integer produces different results in dynamic and static compilation

Unassigned Szymon Stępniak Major Open Unresolved  
Bug GROOVY-8893

Breakpoints aren't working on NetBeans for dynamically loaded Groovy

Unassigned Blake McBride Major Open Unresolved  
Improvement GROOVY-8872

Decompiled parameter names don't reflect the names in the bytecode

Paul King James Kleeh Major Closed Fixed  
Bug GROOVY-8758

@WithReadLock in inner class of @CompileStatic class causes java.lang.VerifyError

Paul King Curtis Mackie Major Closed Fixed  
Bug GROOVY-8742

Line number information for method is confusing debugger

Paul King Eric Milles Major Closed Fixed  
Bug GROOVY-8688

AsmDecompiler.parseClass fails against a Java 11 JEP 181 class

Paul King Robert Stupp Major Closed Fixed  
Task GROOVY-8526

Check Unbalanced monitorenter / monitorexit instructions in bytecode

Unassigned Daniel Sun Major Open Unresolved  
Bug GROOVY-8495

GroovyObject method implementations are marked with ACC_SYNTHETIC

Paul King Daniil Ovchinnikov Critical Closed Fixed  
Improvement GROOVY-8487

@CompileStatic calls DefaultGroovyMethods.iterator with Iterator value in for loop

Unassigned death lord Major Open Unresolved  
Improvement GROOVY-8385

CompileStatic: Improved method call/property access Java compatibility for Minecraft Forge obfuscation support

Jochen Theodorou mgroovy Minor Open Unresolved  
Bug GROOVY-8289

STC and default value in ctor is causing debugging error

Paul King Eric Milles Major Closed Fixed  
Bug GROOVY-8229

nested try-catch-finally handling inside Closures generates wrong bytecode

Daniel Sun Leonard Brünings Critical Closed Fixed  
Bug GROOVY-7918

Line number debug annotation missing on final return

Unassigned Jason Winnebeck Major Closed Duplicate  
Bug GROOVY-7793

Compiler compiles class with private abstract method

Pascal Schumacher Simo Tuokko Major Closed Fixed  
Wish GROOVY-7323

Generation of java class for GSP pages having more than 128KB

Unassigned Vinod Nemagouda Major Open Unresolved  
Wish GROOVY-7051

Want to work for Groovy for the features Bytecode optimizations and Grammar rewrite

Jochen Theodorou Sainath Machupalli Major Closed Not A Problem  
Bug GROOVY-7007

Bytecode is too big, please make it smaller.

Jochen Theodorou Erik Pragt Blocker Closed Fixed  
Bug GROOVY-6946

Uninitialized object exists on backward branch 70

Jochen Theodorou Andres Almiray Major Closed Won't Fix  
Bug GROOVY-6750

java.lang.IncompatibleClassChangeError: MyClass and MyClass$MyInnerClass disagree on InnerClasses attribute with indy

Cédric Champeau Mathieu Carbou Major Closed Fixed  
Bug GROOVY-6550

VerifyError when instantiating class that has Java 8 default method in its ancestry

Jochen Theodorou Marshall Pierce Major Closed Fixed  
Bug GROOVY-6357

Inner classes in Groovy should have the same access modifiers as in Java

Cédric Champeau Rene Scheibe Major Closed Fixed  
Bug GROOVY-6334

java.lang.VerifyError when using field from parent as default value for a parameter in a child's contructor

Jochen Theodorou Niko Fink Major Closed Fixed  
Bug GROOVY-5980

Finally executes twice on NPE while casting method result

Andre Steingress Sergey Alaev Major Closed Fixed  
Bug GROOVY-5625

Static initialization done in wrong order

Jochen Theodorou Benjamin Schmidt Major Closed Cannot Reproduce  
Bug GROOVY-5550

Overriding properties using metaClass won't work within class

Unassigned Sudhir N Major Closed Won't Fix  
Improvement GROOVY-5472

remove $getCallSiteArray for indy compilation

Jochen Theodorou Jochen Theodorou Major Closed Fixed  
Improvement GROOVY-5448

make indy use switchpoints for constant meta class changes

Jochen Theodorou Jochen Theodorou Major Closed Fixed  
Bug GROOVY-5398

Call to super is inconsistent, causes stack overflow.

Jochen Theodorou Andrew Smith Major Closed Duplicate  
Bug GROOVY-5369

Incorrect line numbers in Groovy generated .class files unable to set breakpoints

Unassigned Jason Anderson Major Closed Duplicate  
Bug GROOVY-5365

Invalid method code length

Jochen Theodorou David Hansmann Major Closed Incomplete  
Bug GROOVY-5208

Incorrect line numbers in code using optimized primitive operations

Jochen Theodorou Peter Gromov Major Closed Fixed  
Bug GROOVY-5102

Unrelated changes cause BigDecimal division to return Double

Jochen Theodorou Shaun Jurgemeyer Blocker Closed Fixed  
Bug GROOVY-4952

VerifyError - Virtual method call from a static context

Jochen Theodorou Jason Griffith Major Closed Fixed  
Bug GROOVY-4951

VerifyError - Expecting to find integer on stack

Jochen Theodorou Jason Griffith Major Closed Fixed  
Bug GROOVY-4934

incorrect signature attributes in class files for inner class generics

Jochen Theodorou Andy Clement Minor Closed Fixed  
Bug GROOVY-4817

verifyerror when expecting a MissingMethodException

Jochen Theodorou Andy Clement Major Closed Cannot Reproduce  
Bug GROOVY-4765

__$swapInit not quite doing what was expected

Jochen Theodorou Andy Clement Minor Closed Fixed  
Bug GROOVY-4764

duplicate checkcasts sometimes added

Jochen Theodorou Andy Clement Minor Closed Cannot Reproduce  
Bug GROOVY-4750

Exception on using package-local java class in groovy script

Unassigned Maxim Medvedev Major Closed Not A Problem  
Bug GROOVY-4702

Class deriving from generic parent generates invalid method signature

Jochen Theodorou John Woodward Major Closed Cannot Reproduce  
Bug GROOVY-4505

Rogue line number for method declarations confuses IDE debuggers

Guillaume Delcroix Andrew Eisenberg Major Closed Fixed  
Bug GROOVY-4478

Groovy Allows any type to be inserted to a Map using Generics in Java Class

Jochen Theodorou Chris Cantu Major Closed Won't Fix  
Bug GROOVY-4334

Method parameter names missing in compiled classes when using parameter in closure

Jochen Theodorou Soenke Sothmann Major Closed Duplicate  
Bug GROOVY-4237

LocalVariableTable index attributes aren't consecutive

Jochen Theodorou Johann Major Closed Fixed  
Bug GROOVY-4102

remove timestamp fields for better hotswap

Cédric Champeau Stephen Friedrich Major Closed Fixed  
Bug GROOVY-3662

non-static closures called from static methods generates incorrect error message

Jochen Theodorou Dominic Clifton Major Closed Cannot Reproduce  
Bug GROOVY-3658

function call in assigning default method parameter throws: Expecting to find object/array on stack

Roshan Dawrani Ray Tayek Blocker Closed Fixed  
Bug GROOVY-3615

Groovyc does not set ACC_SUPER for classes

Paul King Hjalmar Ekengren Major Closed Fixed  
Bug GROOVY-3455

Multiple Assignment in loop -> Inconsistent stack height 1 != 0

Jochen Theodorou Ben Maurer Critical Closed Fixed