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T Patch Info Key Summary Assignee Reporter P Status Resolution Created Updated Due
Bug CB-14182

Cordova 7 and 8 cannot add plugin from our bitbucket

Unassigned Marcos Blocker Open Unresolved  
Bug CB-13200

Android app crash when accessing camera in release build only

Unassigned Kyle Blocker Open Unresolved  
Bug CB-13774

cordova-plugin-media broken recording and playback functionality

Unassigned Mark Mitchell Blocker Open Unresolved  
Bug CB-13458

Build issues while exporting and manual code signing even on cordova-ios 4.5.2

Unassigned Dennis Patzer Blocker Open Unresolved  
Bug CB-11440

iOS: Remove default: disabled NSAppTransportSecurity - soon required by Apple

Shazron Abdullah Michael Schmidt Blocker Open Unresolved  
Bug CB-14120

Playback issues in iOS 11.3/11.4

Unassigned Muddasir Lakhani Blocker Open Unresolved  
Bug CB-13173

Project's plugin definitions/files when nofetch issue and plugins all around the place. Consistency.

Unassigned Juan Carlos ANdreu Blocker Open Unresolved  
Bug CB-12851

iOS - Media Plugin wont play after release

Unassigned Shawn Makinson Blocker Open Unresolved  
Bug CB-13300

cordova-plugin-statusbar Softkeyboard overlapping Input

Unassigned Ozgun Unlu Critical Open Unresolved  
Bug CB-13683

cordova-plugin-media-capture: Rotates pictures in android devices

Unassigned hsob Critical Open Unresolved  
Bug CB-13415

Importing corrupt images using the Camera plugin crashes the app

Unassigned Shemrick Flannigan Critical Open Unresolved  
Bug CB-13690

Change audio stream src in platform-browser

Unassigned Frank Owusu Critical Open Unresolved  
Bug CB-12834

Opening a link to a file in the inappbrowser on Android crashes the app

Joe Bowser Mèir Noordermeer Critical Open Unresolved  
Bug CB-14180

(encoding): problem with utf-8 names on mobile devices with Google Drive or iCloud

Unassigned Ali Elderov Critical Open Unresolved  
Bug CB-14257

Default backbutton executes even after overriding by adding event listener on deviceready

Unassigned Dilip Critical Open Unresolved  
Bug CB-14254

Cannot add plugin tests of any cordova plugin

Unassigned Souvik Maji Critical Open Unresolved  
Improvement CB-12232

[cordova-android] Skipping HTTPS certificate validation should be hidden behind a flag, and not a default in debug builds

Unassigned jakub-g Critical Open Unresolved  
Bug CB-14215

Playing/Alternating between remote URLs and local files can lead to using wrong player (IOS), and we hear no sound!

Unassigned Paulo Cristo Critical Open Unresolved  
Bug CB-13559

Poor performance and crashes marshalling large ArrayBuffers from JS to Native side on iOS

Unassigned Tim Hambourger Critical Open Unresolved  
Bug CB-13952

cordova build ios Failing due to "Pods/Target Support Files" being cleared

Unassigned Thomas Meijers Critical Open Unresolved  
Bug CB-14160

The project with cocoapods override the preprocessor macro.

Unassigned takuya Critical Open Unresolved  
Bug CB-14110

Cordova Plugin File not reading large json files correctly - android

Unassigned Joel Henry Critical Open Unresolved  
Wish CB-11045

Use the custom CDVWebViewEngine and add automatic cookies sharing

Unassigned Masmejean Jonathan Critical Open Unresolved  
Improvement CB-10872

Add documentation for the Browser platform

Unassigned Robert Posener Critical Open Unresolved  
Bug CB-12969

InAppBrowser - Cannot open data URLs in system browser

Nikita Matrosov Sachitra Malwatte Critical Open Unresolved  
Bug CB-13467

cordova-plugin-media not playing from local URI

Unassigned iamjkdn Critical Open Unresolved  
Bug CB-13185

cordova-labs-local-webserver hooks don't work on cordova cli 7

Unassigned Pieter De Bruyne Critical Open Unresolved  
Bug CB-12550

FileUtils.initialize(): NullPointerException

Unassigned Vincent Guilloux Critical Open Unresolved  
Bug CB-11189

Deprecation and other Warnings with XCode 7.3 and InAppBrowser 1.4.0

Unassigned Danilo Cicognani Critical In Progress Unresolved  
Bug CB-11173

Media stream quits playing

Richard B Knoll Martin Spriggs Critical Open Unresolved  
Bug CB-12601

Pause Event is broken after Content Policy Fix for Google Play

Joe Bowser Joe Bowser Critical Open Unresolved  
Bug CB-12533

Windows Issue(Throwing Promise is undefinded error): While using new screen.orientation.lock('landscape') method only

Unassigned Vetrivel Critical Open Unresolved  
Improvement CB-6495

Media plugin : Need way to set session category for iOS

Unassigned Paul Kane Critical Open Unresolved  
Improvement CB-11374

Support applicationId for android on config.xml

Joe Bowser Frederico Costa Galvão Critical Open Unresolved  
Bug CB-9934

Have "Missing Command Error" when requesting a file system

Tim Barham Mikalai Birukou Major Open Unresolved  
Bug CB-12062

Cordova Splashscreen Plugin Crash due to incorrect KVO observing

Shazron Abdullah Paul Taykalo Major Open Unresolved  
Bug CB-13871

cordova requirements should be automatically tested (on all platforms)

Unassigned Chris Brody Major Open Unresolved  
Bug CB-13849

getDirectory('') returns root path

Unassigned Tobias Haupenthal Major Open Unresolved  
Bug CB-13208

File plugin on Windows reads entire file into memory when only a small fragment is requested on `readAsBinaryString`

Unassigned Samer Albahra Major Open Unresolved  
Bug CB-6938

iOS File plugin: copyTo for file returns error when destination file exists

Ian Clelland vldmrrrr Major Open Unresolved  
Bug CB-9133


Joe Bowser Michael Romanovsky Major Open Unresolved  
Bug CB-13245

Filereader.readAsText fails on Android with long text files when

Unassigned Daniel Behnen Major Open Unresolved  
Improvement CB-10123

-webkit-scrollbar css does not work in WKWebViewEngine

Unassigned Cole Turner Major Open Unresolved  
New Feature CB-9704

Apache Cordova 5 does not support using a custom nexus repository for android builds

Unassigned Ajay Gupta Major Open Unresolved  
Bug CB-14179

Cordova is not initialized properly when using Android System Webview v67

Unassigned Cristian Totolici Major Open Unresolved  
Bug CB-13809

Platform Release, "Prepare release" step doesn't work

Unassigned Jan Piotrowski (janpio) Major Open Unresolved  
Bug CB-7930

create coho toolsRelease command based off nightly

Unassigned Steve Gill Major Open Unresolved  
Bug CB-13947

Back button behavior doesn't revert to default when removing listeners

Joe Bowser Cedric Reichenbach Major Open Unresolved  
Improvement CB-10255

Add options to hide splashscreen navigation and status bars on Android

Unassigned Sergey Shakhnazarov Major Open Unresolved  
Bug CB-13514

<edit-config> in config.xml removes some XML elements added by plugins

Unassigned Ibrahim M. Ghazal Major Open Unresolved