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T Patch Info Key Summary Assignee Reporter P Status Resolution Created Updated Due
Bug WICKET-4047

WebClientInfo causes NullPointerException when the request header "User-Agent" is null.

Igor Vaynberg Hielke Hoeve Minor Resolved Fixed  
Bug TAP5-1672

PropertyDisplay component will swallow NPEs when evaluating the property, leaving no clue about the actual NPE

Howard M. Lewis Ship Wulf Wechsung Minor Closed Fixed  

cucumber.runtime.CucumberException: java.lang.NullPointerException

Unassigned Gagan Major Open Unresolved  
Bug STORM-1594

org.apache.storm.tuple.Fields can throw NPE if given invalid field in selector

lujinhong Alessandro Bellina Minor Resolved Fixed  
Bug SOLR-4502

ShardHandlerFactory not initialized in CoreContainer when creating a Core manually.

Mark Miller Michael Aspetsberger Major Open Unresolved  
Bug OODT-191

PushPull FileRetrievalSystem NPE if mime comment for type doesn't include ampersand

Chris A. Mattmann Chris A. Mattmann Blocker Resolved Fixed  
Bug OFBIZ-5041

NPE in tree widget

Jacques Le Roux Jacques Le Roux Major Closed Cannot Reproduce  

NPE during background scan or while editing files

Unassigned Michael Doswald Major Open Unresolved  
Bug LUCENE-2280

IndexWriter.optimize() throws NullPointerException

Unassigned Ritesh Nigam Major Reopened Unresolved  

When a page was modified externally and is read by a plugin via WikiEngine.getPage(..) during intialization a NPE is thrown

Harry Metske Fabian Haupt Minor Resolved Fixed  
Bug JENA-52

GROUP_CONCAT DISTINCT on unbound variable causes NPE

Andy Seaborne Damian Steer Major Closed Done  
Bug IVY-1296

NullPointerException in dual resolver without @name

Unassigned Leigh L. Klotz, Jr Minor Open Unresolved  
Bug IMPALA-935

NPE when planning a query

Alexander Behm Iván de Prado Blocker Resolved Fixed  

NPE when UnarySequence is created with an arraylist containing a null element

Bruno P. Kinoshita Bruno P. Kinoshita Minor Resolved Fixed  

[FindBugs] Method DefaultFtpStatistics::setLogin() call passes null for nonnull parameter of new DefaultFtpStatistics$UserLogins(InetAddress)

Unassigned Sergey Vladimirov Minor Open Unresolved  

[FindBugs] Dereference of the result of readLine() without nullcheck in AddUser

Unassigned Sergey Vladimirov Trivial Open Unresolved  

[FindBugs] Possible null pointer dereference of passivePorts in PassivePorts::<init>

Niklas Gustavsson Sergey Vladimirov Minor Closed Fixed  
Bug FLEX-34345

Spark DataGrid throws a Null Pointer Exception when data provider's item is being changed by item renderer

Unassigned Vadim Usoltsev Minor Open Unresolved  
Bug FELIX-6088

NPE in LoggerImpl when formatted logger called with null or empty arguments

Raymond Augé Jan Hendriks Major Open Unresolved  
Bug DRILL-4872

NPE from CTAS partitioned by a projected casted null

Arina Ielchiieva Boaz Ben-Zvi Major Closed Fixed  

NPE SSL Handshake

Unassigned Célio Vasconcelos Major Resolved Abandoned  

NPE while calling KdcConnection.changePassword

Kiran Ayyagari Kevin Bulebush Major Resolved Fixed  
Bug CXF-5509

NullPointerException if class with generic-array parameters is set to rootClassNames

Unassigned Bright Zheng Major Open Unresolved  
Bug CXF-3539

NPE when sending packet to STS using default namespaces instead of namespace prefixes

Daniel Kulp Alistair Phipps Major Closed Fixed  
Bug CXF-2731

NPE when using wsdl2js

Daniel Kulp Björn Häuser Major Closed Fixed  

NullPointerException (NPE) during Compaction Cache Serialization

Unassigned Jason Kania Normal Resolved Duplicate  

NPE in system.log

Sylvain Lebresne Mikhail Mazurskiy Normal Resolved Fixed  
Bug AXIS2-4656

NPE from ServiceClient in method [public OperationClient createClient]

Unassigned Martin Minor Resolved Invalid