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T Patch Info Key Summary Assignee Reporter P Status Resolution Created Updated Due
Bug YARN-9655

AllocateResponse in FederationInterceptor lost applicationPriority

hunshenshi hunshenshi Major Resolved Fixed  
Improvement YARN-9563

Resource report REST API could return NaN or Inf

Ahmed Hussein Ahmed Hussein Minor Resolved Fixed  
Bug YARN-9285

RM UI progress column is of wrong type

Ahmed Hussein Ahmed Hussein Minor Resolved Fixed  
Bug YARN-9283

Javadoc of LinuxContainerExecutor#addSchedPriorityCommand has a wrong property name as reference

Adam Antal Szilard Nemeth Minor Resolved Fixed  
Improvement YARN-9282

Typo in javadoc of class LinuxContainerExecutor: hadoop.security.authetication should be 'authentication'

Charan Hebri Szilard Nemeth Trivial Resolved Fixed  
Bug YARN-9222

Print launchTime in ApplicationSummary

Jonathan Hung Jonathan Hung Major Resolved Fixed  
Bug YARN-9210

RM nodes web page can not display node info

Jiandan Yang Jiandan Yang Blocker Resolved Fixed  
Bug YARN-9206

RMServerUtils does not count SHUTDOWN as an accepted state

Kuhu Shukla Kuhu Shukla Major Resolved Fixed  
Improvement YARN-9150

Making TimelineSchemaCreator support different backends for Timeline Schema Creation in ATSv2

Sushil Ks Sushil Ks Major Resolved Fixed  
Sub-task YARN-9125

YARN-8472 Carriage Return character in launch command cause node manager to become unhealthy

Billie Rinaldi Eric Yang Major Resolved Fixed  
Improvement YARN-9085

Add Guaranteed and MaxCapacity to CSQueueMetrics

Jonathan Hung Jonathan Hung Major Resolved Fixed  
Bug YARN-9040

LevelDBCacheTimelineStore in ATS 1.5 leaks native memory

Tarun Parimi Tarun Parimi Major Resolved Fixed  
Improvement YARN-9036

Escape newlines in health report in YARN UI

Keqiu Hu Jonathan Hung Major Resolved Fixed  
Improvement YARN-8969

AbstractYarnScheduler#getNodeTracker should return generic type to avoid type casting

Wanqiang Ji Wanqiang Ji Major Resolved Fixed  
Bug YARN-8833

Avoid potential integer overflow when computing fair shares

liyakun liyakun Major Resolved Fixed  
Bug YARN-8747

[UI2] YARN UI2 page loading failed due to js error under some time zone configuration

collinma collinma Critical Resolved Fixed  
Bug YARN-8625

Aggregate Resource Allocation for each job is not present in ATS

Prabhu Joseph Prabhu Joseph Major Resolved Fixed  
Sub-task YARN-8549

YARN-5355 Adding a NoOp timeline writer and reader plugin classes for ATSv2

Prabha Manepalli Prabha Manepalli Minor Resolved Fixed  
Bug YARN-7794

SLSRunner is not loading timeline service jars causing failure

Yufei Gu Sunil Govindan Blocker Resolved Fixed  
Bug YARN-7266

Timeline Server event handler threads locked

Prabhu Joseph Venkata Puneet Ravuri Major Resolved Fixed  
Improvement YARN-7225

Add queue and partition info to RM audit log

Eric Payne Jonathan Hung Major Resolved Fixed  
Improvement YARN-7171

RM UI should sort memory / cores numerically

Ahmed Hussein Eric Maynard Major Resolved Fixed  
Bug YARN-7088

Add application launch time to Resource Manager REST API

Kanwaljeet Sachdev Abdullah Yousufi Major Resolved Fixed  
Bug YARN-6616

YARN AHS shows submitTime for jobs same as startTime

Prabhu Joseph Prabhu Joseph Minor Resolved Fixed  
Bug YARN-5714

ContainerExecutor does not order environment map

Remi Catherinot Remi Catherinot Trivial Resolved Fixed