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Component Lead Description
build phunt Patrick Hunt Build issues for ZooKeeper
c client akornev Andrew Kornev The c client interface to ZooKeeper
contrib-bindings Client bindings contained within src/contrib
contrib-bookkeeper fpj Flavio Junqueira Bookkeeper - reliable distributed transactional log.
contrib-fatjar breed Benjamin Reed FatJar for ZooKeeper
contrib-hedwig breed Benjamin Reed hedwig component of zookeeper.
contrib-zkfuse phunt Patrick Hunt FUSE for ZooKeeper on Linux
documentation phunt Patrick Hunt Cross cutting documentation, including docs/site/wiki.
java client breed Benjamin Reed The java client interface for ZooKeeper
jmx JMX Support
jute phunt Patrick Hunt Data marshalling code generator for ZooKeeper
leaderElection fpj Flavio Junqueira Leader election algorithm for ZooKeeper
quorum fpj Flavio Junqueira Quorum determination for ZooKeeper
recipes mahadev Mahadev konar recipes implementations that reside in src/recipes. also could be used for recipe docs
scripts breed Benjamin Reed
server mahadev Mahadev konar General issues with the ZooKeeper server.
tests phunt Patrick Hunt For issues with test cases