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Browser application to view and edit the contents of a zookeeper instance



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      An application which shows a tree view of the nodes currently in a zookeeper instance and allow the user to view and update the contents of the nodes as well as allowing users to add and remove nodes from the tree, similar in use to the Luke application in the Lucene project.

      I have a list of other features that I want to add to this application but I wanted to gauge the response before I implemented them all. I have found this useful when debugging my application and thought that it may be useful to others.

      I was going to submit this as a patch file but I have used some icon files and one library which isn't available in the maven/ivy repositories and these don't seem to work when creating a patch file using subversion. Because of this I have attached a zip containing this application to this issue. If there is a better way to submit this please let me know.

      The zip contains two directories, the src directory contains the source as it would be added to the contrib folder and the build folder contains a build version of the with a runnable jar.


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