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the watch function called many times when it should be called once



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    • 3.4.5
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    • ubuntu 14.04
      zookeeper 3.4.5, it's installed by apt-get


      We have a service A, which has 2 instances A1 and A2.
      We also have another 2 services, B and C. B has 2 instances B1 and B2. C has 2 instances C1 and C2.

      A1 and A2 both register child watch for B and C. 2 individual watches, of course.

      I restart B1 and C1 nearly at the same time. Then, theoretically A1 and A2
      both should receive 2 events about the child change of service B and C.
      However, the real result is, A1 received the 2 children changes of service B and C separately, A2 only received the children change of service B. Moreover, A2 got the children change of service B many many times when service B only changed once at that time (I add auto re-registration so A2 can receive the event more than once).

      Till now, it only happened once. If it happens again, maybe I will provide some logs.




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