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      Hi All,

      In my projects, I use three ZooKeeper server as an ensemble:
      zk1 as a follower on,
      zk2 as a follower on,
      zk3 as the leader on
      My two programs using ZooKeepers C client run on and

      When watched the ZOO_CONNECTED_STATE, my program will use the zookeeper to obtain a lock do the following:
      1. Create a ZOO_EPHEMERAL | ZOO_SEQUENCE node under '/Lock/'.
      2. Call getChildren( ) on the '/Lock/' node.
      3. If the pathname created in step 1 has the lowest sequence number suffix, the program has the lock and do something,then release the lock simply delete the node created in step 1.
      4. The program calls exists() with the watch flag set on the lowest sequence number node.
      5. if exists( ) returns false, go to step 2. Otherwise, wait for a notification(ZOO_DELETED_EVENT) for the pathname from the previous step before going to step 2.

      When I stop a follower such as zk1/zk2, everything is ok, my programs on and do its work orderly under the lock's control.

      When I stop the leader such as zk3(I have restarted zk1/zk2), my program on got the lock and release it normally, and my program on detected existence of the node
      created by the program on, but keep waiting and can't receive the ZOO_DELETED_EVENT notification.

      Does anyone else see the same problem´╝č

      1. The attachment is the log of the zookeeper on and when I stop the leader on
      2. Actually I have other more programs using ZooKeepers C client run on, and
      3. The system time on is slower 1 minute and 33 seconds than and so when I stop the leader, it's 2016-05-28 22:33:34 on and 2016-05-28 22:35:07 on


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