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      We should create a backup file for a static or dynamic configuration file before changing the file.

      Since the static file is changed at most twice (once when removing the ensemble definitions, at which point a dynamic file doesn't exist yet, and once when removing clientPort information) its probably fine to back up the static file independently from the dynamic file.

      To track backup history:

      Option 1: we could have a .bakXX extention for backup where XX is a sequence number.

      Option 2: have the configuration version be part of the file name for dynamic configuration files (instead of in the file like now). Such as zoo_replicated1.cfg.dynamic.1000000 then on reconfiguration simply create a new dynamic file (with new version) and update the link in the static file to point to the new dynamic one.

      Review place:


        1. draft.patch
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          Hongchao Deng
        2. first-try.patch
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          Hongchao Deng
        3. static-backup.patch
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          Hongchao Deng
        4. ZOOKEEPER-1994.patch
          37 kB
          Hongchao Deng
        5. ZOOKEEPER-1994-v2.patch
          38 kB
          Hongchao Deng
        6. ZOOKEEPER-1994-v3.patch
          52 kB
          Hongchao Deng
        7. ZOOKEEPER-1994-v4.patch
          52 kB
          Hongchao Deng
        8. ZOOKEEPER-1994-v5.patch
          52 kB
          Hongchao Deng
        9. ZOOKEEPER-1994-v6.patch
          56 kB
          Hongchao Deng
        10. ZOOKEEPER-1994-v7.patch
          61 kB
          Hongchao Deng
        11. ZOOKEEPER-1994-v8.patch
          62 kB
          Hongchao Deng
        12. ZOOKEEPER-1994-v9.patch
          59 kB
          Alexander Shraer



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