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Data inconsistency when follower is receiving a DIFF with a dirty snapshot



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      the trunc code (from ZOOKEEPER-1154?) cannot work correct if the snapshot is not correct.
      here is scenario(similar to 1154):
      Initial Condition
      1. Lets say there are three nodes in the ensemble A,B,C with A being the leader
      2. The current epoch is 7.
      3. For simplicity of the example, lets say zxid is a two digit number, with epoch being the first digit.
      4. The zxid is 73
      5. All the nodes have seen the change 73 and have persistently logged it.
      Step 1
      Request with zxid 74 is issued. The leader A writes it to the log but there is a crash of the entire ensemble and B,C never write the change 74 to their log.
      Step 2
      A,B restart, A is elected as the new leader, and A will load data and take a clean snapshot(change 74 is in it), then send diff to B, but B died before sync with A. A died later.
      Step 3
      B,C restart, A is still down
      B,C form the quorum
      B is the new leader. Lets say B minCommitLog is 71 and maxCommitLog is 73
      epoch is now 8, zxid is 80
      Request with zxid 81 is successful. On B, minCommitLog is now 71, maxCommitLog is 81
      Step 4
      A starts up. It applies the change in request with zxid 74 to its in-memory data tree
      A contacts B to registerAsFollower and provides 74 as its ZxId
      Since 71<=74<=81, B decides to send A the diff.
      The problem with the above sequence is that after truncate the log, A will load the snapshot again which is not correct.

      In 3.3 branch, FileTxnSnapLog.restore does not call listener(ZOOKEEPER-874), the leader will send a snapshot to follower, it will not be a problem.


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          Flavio Paiva Junqueira
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          Thawan Kooburat
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