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Enhance LogFormatter to output additional detail from transaction log


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    • Affects Version/s: 3.4.0
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      Current LogFormatter prints the following information
      ZooKeeper Transactional Log File with dbid 0 txnlog format version 2
      8/15/11 1:55:36 PM PDT session 0x131cf1a236f0014 cxid 0x0 zxid 0xf01 createSession
      8/15/11 1:55:57 PM PDT session 0x131cf1a236f0000 cxid 0x55f zxid 0xf02 setData
      8/15/11 1:56:00 PM PDT session 0x131cf1a236f0015 cxid 0x0 zxid 0xf03 createSession
      8/15/11 2:00:33 PM PDT session 0x131cf1a236f001c cxid 0x36 zxid 0xf6b setData
      8/15/11 2:00:33 PM PDT session 0x131cf1a236f0021 cxid 0xa1 zxid 0xf6c create
      8/15/11 2:00:33 PM PDT session 0x131cf1a236f001b cxid 0x3e zxid 0xf6d setData
      8/15/11 2:00:33 PM PDT session 0x131cf1a236f001e cxid 0x3e zxid 0xf6e setData
      8/15/11 2:00:33 PM PDT session 0x131cf1a236f001d cxid 0x41 zxid 0xf6f setData

      Though this is good information, it does not provide additional information like
      createSession: which ip created the session and its time out
      set|get|delete: the path and data
      create: path created and createmode along with data

      We can add additional parameter -detail and provide detailed output of the transaction.

      Outputting data is slightly tricky since we cant print data without understanding the format. We need not print this for now.


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